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Remembering the Diggers

Though often forgotten, the Diggers of the English Revolution were egalitarian radicals well before their time. No account of socialist history is complete without them.

Source: Remembering the Diggers

There is a digger in my garden!

OK, so it was only a small digger but it still came as a bit of a shock.

Our initial intention had been to install a garden room and then we decided to sort out the drainage problems we have with the patio, which involved a new soak away and patio slabs. 135 more words

A new day, a new way...

I had a gentle reminder from a friend this week… she said: “I haven’t had a notification of a blog post recently. Are you still doing them?” Such a nice way to say: “Get on with it – we are waiting”! 867 more words

Domestics Of all Sorts: Days Eighteen, Nineteen and Twenty

As with any holiday break, when you get home there are always things to do, laundry that has accumulated both from the travels and at home, food that has to be sourced for the days ahead and long forgotten toys that have to be re-discovered and spread around the floor. 1,399 more words

2019 Scotland And UK

The Civil War Diggers on Film - 'Winstanley' (1975)

                              Winstanley (1975, British Film Institute Player and DVD)

This is a fine film, best suited for people who know a little about the civil war before they watch it. 800 more words

English Civil War

A California genocide vignette

On June 18, 2019, California Governor Gavin Newsom made headlines with an executive order apologizing for a past “war of extermination”, emphasizing the state’s commitment (via AB 52 and executive order) to tribal consultation (including many non-federally-recognized tribes), and establishing a “Truth and Healing Council”. 457 more words


Ground Force Team in action

Week Commencing 13th May 2019

Whilst the rest of the country and the immediate vicinity seem to have been experiencing heavy rain showers, we appear to have missed them totally except one on Thursday morning last week.  1,998 more words