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Day 17: Ripper, tearer, slasher, gouger...

#Art #Illustration #EpicBattle #Shortstory #APictureADay

King Granzion finishes off the Windgod. Read the next epic chapter in my short story! 20 more words


Daily Graces #114

Adapted a fun Adobe Illustrator tutorial from Design Cuts for today’s Daily Graces.

Day 16: Meet Your King! Granzion Slashes Into Battle!

#Art #Illustration #ShortStory #FantasyMedieval

Chapter 3 For My Short Story Is now Up! Read It Here On My Patreon! 128 more words


Rainy Dawn - Magnetic Poetry Monday - 16 January 2017

why do we murmur
when dawn comes
cold and dark beneath
clouds thick with rain?
behold how beautifully
the wet earth shines
gently greening

~ kat – 16 January 2017

(Magnetic Poetry – Nature Kit)


Daily Graces #113

Another fun design from a Design Cuts tutorial!

Day 15: Granzion Vs The Windgod + Chapter 2 Short Story!

#Art #shortstory #illustration #Fantasy

King Granzion continues his journey to slay the Windgod, and now he finally comes face to face with the beast. But did he bite off more than he can chew? 23 more words


~The Spectacular Fennec Fox Gallery~

A Gallery showcasing allĀ of my art for my original character, Fennec Fox, and the supporting cast of characters.