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Days 35 and 36 - "In Dreams I Walk With You"

This design began as a portrait but after I’d got the main face lines drawn I started to doodle with the hair – it was super fun and relaxing. 16 more words


Rapid Sketches from Photos, Mostly of Birds, and Mostly During Call

During fellowship and shortly afterward, I spent some time moonlighting at a one-bed emergency department.  (Yes, a single bed.  It was great!)  One can only study so much while stuck in a call room waiting for patients to roll in, so I spent some of that time improving my freehand drawing skills by sketching birds from photos I found online and in magazines.   26 more words


iPad Art: Discovered Landscape

While browsing artwork I created with Procreate for iPad, I discovered this imaginary subalpine landscape that I had completely forgotten about.  I painted it on a whim more than two years ago, probably to experiment with Impressionism.   23 more words


(WebComic) TLOASALF: A Talk With Death - Your Greatest Achievement...

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I decided to start posting these every Sunday. More On My Patreon Page15 more words


Pretty Beach Girl...

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The last one did so well I decided to do another similar picture. These take more time to draw, but I like the way they come out. 19 more words


Working On Some Original Character Concept armor...

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Concept is subject to change quite a bit, this is still early work in progress. I only added color to make it easier to see. 12 more words