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Magical Companion Maltea

A cute magical puppy with wings!

I found this buried under a bunch of computer folders. She was supposed to be the main character of that… 21 more words

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FRIDAY: Rushing Water

Rushing water.

The sound of it overwhelmed the senses.

Drowned out every noise.

It reminds you of its power.

It speed.

Especially as it claps against rocks in it path. 20 more words



Think, in mounting higher, the angels would press on us, and aspire to drop some golden orb of perfect song into our deep, dear silence.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Through Worldview and Politics Darkly!

It seems to me that, more and more, today we mostly see the world through our own personal worldview and politics.

This, I feel, distorts and obscures our thinking process and provide an imperfect vision of reality. 19 more words


Autumn is coming...

Might be too early for Autumn/Halloween posts for a lot of people but certainly not for me. August has been super rainy and I am enjoying it 100 percent. 154 more words

Art Post Friday + post schedule update

Happy Friday! I’ve really been neglecting my posting on here. I’ve been a bit busy; I’ve been drawing up Redbubble designs almost daily, setting up and trying to learn how to use Twitter (I still have yet to actually make a post), and trying to be active in liking posts on Instagram and Artstation. 581 more words

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