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Best Android App: Ninja SMS

Have you ever wanted to text and do other things at the same time on your Android device without leaving your game, movie, or app to close text and come back to what you are doing knowing that in a few seconds someone is going to respond to you. 6 more words

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What is the Best distribution for kids?

Would you like to install a operating system that is cheap (free) and kids can browse and play in the internet without slowing our computers with viruses. 231 more words

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Would you replace I-Movie or I-Photo with linux software?

First of all, before I write anything else. I am a Mac, Linux and Windows power-user, in that order. With that said the sole purpose me choosing Mac, is that everything works outside the box. 306 more words

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Ubuntu 13.04 is the best!!!!!!!!

By far the best stable distribution in Linux. Try it with a HDMI cable, what a good looking distribution. Forget KDE, a good distribution to “distribute” to business sites. 9 more words

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Best Linux Music Player

So you are looking for the best Linux music/media player. So let’s see RhytimBox is simple but is simple but it does the job very well. 98 more words

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Best Linux operating system

If you are like me. You are looking to use a computer for fun, work, and research. My best advice is to buy a Mac……….just kidding……..well kinda. 240 more words

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What is the best operating system for me?

Ask yourself a few questions?

What do I want to do?

How much do I want to spend?

How much time do I have available? 281 more words

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