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Digital Transformation at Organizations - Connecting Boardroom objectives to IT re-platforming

Transformation is all the rage. The Board of Directors is probably interested.

Connecting Boardroom objectives to IT re-platforming is essential.

This video explores and identifies the connected themes across business and IT decision makers while collating the big picture on how digital transformations need to be all-inclusive across functions in organizations.

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Am I more powerful than I think?

And so … Seth’s wisdom is always helpful.

“You are more powerful than you think
It’s bigger than you
Leaders are made, not born
Leveling up is a choice… 84 more words

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Smart City 360

The Summit

It seems this fall is a celebration of the intelligent urban development. In 2017, Helsinki will host the 3rd edition of the Smart City 360… 267 more words

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The Human Conversational Model (Infographic)

In the report, Humanizing Digital Interactions, the Temkin Group decoded successful person-to-person interactions as a step in developing the Human Conversational Model. It’s the foundation for building compelling interactions with customers. 119 more words

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"Shun the non-believers and sell to people who want to go on a journey with you." ~Seth Godin

Will everyone but what I am selling?

  • There is a huge percentage of the market place that doesn’t buy what I am sell. They just don’t believe the value I am offering.
  • 62 more words
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Future of Work - Is AI being over-hyped?

Axios reports that we are in a robot-and-artificial intelligence bubble, and experts are starting to push back. Among their gripes: over-the-top hype of AI’s capabilities and its near-term danger to society. 222 more words

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Brian Solis on Innovation and Perspective 

Brian Solis takes a break from his X book tour to share his thoughts on innovation and why we need to shift our perspective to see and do things differently. 31 more words

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