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It is not about the data, it is about unifying the experience for the customer

This is not all about data. At the end of the day, customers will expect a great (unified) experience across multiple channels. While it takes data to know the customer and systems to remember them, only great experiences lead to amazing service. 348 more words

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Outsource digital functions? The answer is no, and yes

Any business today, large or small, needs to use digital channels across a range of functions.  Should you outsource to a vendor?  I discuss, in my column in The Mint… 10 more words

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Top 5 cybersecurity mistakes leaders make, and how to fix them

Cybersecurity teams are largely understaffed and underskilled. Security breaches are only going to accelerate and get worse. In general, most businesses are not prepared.

At a strategic level, in the C-Suite, what do we need to focus on right now? 269 more words

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Is it really "location, location, location" anymore?

We all have the “location, location, location” mantra emblazoned in our minds. While specific to the real estate market, we have tended to believe it applies to products and services as well. 112 more words

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Salesforce using Dreamforce to get personal

Salesforce is using Dreamforce to get personal. Here is a great summary from Axios.

At the Dreamforce 2017 conference, Salesforce will unveil Einstein Prediction Builder. 221 more words

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The elephant in the room is making a mess

There is an elephant in the room. It has been there for a while and everyone knows it. It doesn’t seem interested in going away. We keep hoping it will. 492 more words

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7 tips to get more out of your everyday technology...

… and 7 tips for the tech industry, to make our lives easier, in my Digit Spinner column in the Mint on Sunday.

Tip #2. Speak to your phone:  Siri on the iPhone does the job, but Google Assistant on Android truly shines here… 63 more words

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