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Testing Out Me Camera Mount

I recently got a new bicycle/motorcycle camera mount to be be used with my old Pentax adventure digital camera.  I was actually considering getting one of those small action/sports camera like a Go Pro (well not exactly like a Go Pro cuz those things are mondo expensive but a cheaper but still decent alternative) but then I thought that I could just use my old camera.   190 more words



Outdoor lounge – not a permanent home!

The Soothing Chair By Dorja Benussi
Croatian designer Dorja Benussi has created the Soothing Chair, as part of her Sensorimotor Educational Equipment project. 58 more words


End Stage Creativity (once back to Lightroom that is where I find it easy and fun to play)

1/125 sec at f/10 ISO 50 50mm

Can Adobe Lightroom be a creative tool? While “hardcore” Photoshop users will beg to differ, I find for me personally Adobe Lightroom can be what I call a great “end stage creative editor.” I say this because I will always start my edit in Lightroom with basic prep adjustments preparing the image for Photoshop. 186 more words

Just Blogging

Party Zebra

Party Zebra

Long Island, NY

Lumix DMC-lx100  | 24mm Lieca Lens | f1.7

(35mm Equivelant)


If you are a nature photographer, you should take pictures of people.

Photographers are often confused to be good at taking pictures of anything. At least people who know nothing of cameras. Others might be convinced the only reason photographers have good pictures is because of their nice cameras. 587 more words

Review : Canon EOS M10

Kali ini saya sajikan sebuah review kamera mirrorless murah meriah dari Canon yaitu EOS M10. Walau kecil, kamera ini punya fungsi dasar yang lengkap diantaranya memakai sensor sama seperti DSLR (APS-C 18 MP), mode Manual, RAW, built-in flash, WiFi dan perekaman video. 625 more words

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