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Hocus Focus

I think I’d be a great Bigfoot photographer, because 3/4 of the pictures I take are blurry. If he ever needs head shots, someone please send him my way. 135 more words


Channeling your creativity on photo shoots


I’ve had a lot of ideas over the past month which I’ve channeled into photography like never before. As a result this is going to be a much longer blog post than my followers might be used to. 652 more words


Digital Camera Ownership Still Rising

Owning a camera is a must for many families. This is understandable as a lot of people often want to keep memories either in a photo album or store them in their PCs and share them online.With this situation, it is no wonder why the rate of digital camera ownership worldwide continues to increase. 442 more words

The Histogram in Your Digital Camera Explained in Plain English

I admit I am a bit of a camera nerd however I cannot stress the importance of the learning how to interpret the histogram on your digital SLR camera.First of all, what is a histogram? 707 more words

Say Cheeseeeeee .......

Definitely, self-portraits have always been preferred. There are too many cave drawings (some self-portraits, others not) made by prehistoric inhabitants. Then it was very fashionable to have a portrait made by famous painters (the instances are really hundreds of thousands), on the one hand, and on the other hand, those masters themselves left their self-portraits. 504 more words

Punky Funky Stuff

How to Purchase the Right Digital Camera

Are you looking to purchase a new camera? We all know the digital camera is better than the film cameras because you can do so much more with them, you don’t need to pay for film and get it processed continuously, and it’s better quality than film. 452 more words

Leica's latest $6,000 digital camera drops the built-in display for a throwback look

Leica is known for creating some of the most aesthetically beautiful cameras and accessories on the market. On the other hand, consumers are also familiar with the company for its higher-than-average pricing. 375 more words

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