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Nikon D7000 Vs Nikon D90 - Should You Upgrade?

The Nikon D7000 was initially thought to be the upgrade replacement for the Nikon D90 but it seems that Nikon is still keeping the Nikon D90 in its line-up. 557 more words

Your Guide to Buying the Perfect Digital Camera

You’ve probably read a dozen of articles talking about what features to look for in a digital camera, or which models are the best. This article, however, will focus on the several factors you need to keep in mind when shopping for one, since camera features and models change regularly.What Camera Do You Need?It’s a very common mistake for most buyers to get carried away into buying cameras they don’t really need. 457 more words

My Photo: Red Zinger Hibiscus Flowers

Okay, I took these photo shot a few weeks ago. I am happy to say this was the first time, I got a chance to plant this type of flower. 63 more words

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Tips For Taking Good Photographs

Photography is a boon to capture delightful moments of life and the captivating things around us and recall in future. It has also turned out to be a good hobby and an enthusiastic profession. 733 more words

My Photo: Sunset Over Water

Okay, I took these photo shots a few weeks back.  Now, this first photo shot, I had to get in an angle where I could zoom in for a closer view. 39 more words

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Tren kamera setelah tahun 2016 nanti

Era fotografi punya periode tersendiri. Sebutlah di awal kehadirannya, ramai dengan kamera film, lensa manual dan berbagai format kamera klasik. Di awal era digital hadir (sejak tahun 2000-an) ramailah dengan kamera saku hingga kamera DSLR, tentunya sudah memakai format digital dan populerlah istilah megapiksel. 638 more words