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A.1. Sauce’s Re-branding: Social Media Campaign

This year, A.1. Sauce decided to remove the word “steak” from its name. The idea was to reflect “the dining habits of A.1. fans who enjoy saucing many different foods.” For a product that has been around since the 19th century, that was a bold move. 67 more words


Mustard brand only accepts fans with good taste (and good spelling)

How can the world’s most discerning Dijon help people celebrate good taste once again? This case study looks at how Grey Poupon to the risky strategy of only allowing ‘classy’ people to like its brand page on Facebook via a profile scanning app. 53 more words

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Peacock's Plume or Hockey Puck? Paint Brand creates Colours for Men

Tutti Frutti, Cuddles, Peacock’s Plume, Pansy Violet. These are not paint chip names men will be thrilled about. On the other hand, Beer, Bacon, Dry Wall and Hockey Puck will likely get a mighty two thumbs up and an eager, “When can we get started?” In the interests of helping women get the colour they want with a name men will agree with, CIL Paints’ created a Facebook app and media campaign, ‘Paint Chip Names For Men.’ 71 more words

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What's really in that taco?

If you aren’t craving Taco Bell right now, surely you will be by the end of this post!

In 2011 Taco Bell’s parent company, Yum! Brands, was being sued over the contents of their meet. 233 more words

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Good bye New Age Nana

Well folks its over!

Its exciting and also bitter sweet! Not only are we done our digital campaign, we are also done our Digital Media class. 300 more words

Save the Children ‘Second a Day’ ad is shocking!

A fundraising campaign by the relief organization Save the Children includes this striking video depicting a crisis like the one in Syria happening in England in an effort to raise money for Syrian child refugees. 94 more words


Digital Media is EXHAUSTING

I’m exhausted. Keeping up to date with my New Age Nana blog has been tough. There have been a few times where I’ve seriously thought to myself I need to make a post and I throw something together fast and I can’t even tell if it was real quality. 73 more words