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Hinge showed us a way back from the Dating Apocalypse.

Hinge knows how we feel about dating apps. They know about the exhaustion, disenchantment, and harassment. And rather than ignore it, Hinge’s 2016 Dating Apocalypse campaign showed that the company was ready to listen. 692 more words

My favourite Digital Campaign: Stella Artois and water.org

Water.org, which is a charity co-founded by actor Matt Damon, were approached by Stella Artois for a partnership, and out of this partnership came an experiment. 392 more words


How Lynx became a digital success story

Let’s talk about digital marketing campaigns. We’ve all seen them, we all know what they are, in fact, we can barely get away from them! Advertising is the pervasive force in today’s commercial environment. 447 more words

Marketing Across Media Channels

What you’ll find: a sample promotion integrating print, social media, and blog content. This sample integrates key media channels for a promotion offered at Lena Craft Mexican, a former Mexican gastropub in La Jolla, CA. 269 more words

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