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A sweet campaign for Mother's Day #flybabies

Mother’s Day is the celebration day in honor for every mother in the world. People just finished celebrating the day last week. Lets take a look the brand campaign that have successfully engaged consumers by creating shareable visual content, in line with their own image. 255 more words

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Dumbs way to die

A public transportation company “Metro Trains” in Australia using a creative campaign to communicate with their publics. The problem started by many young people in Australia had foolish behaviour around trains that resulted in injury and death. 309 more words

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In cloud-based business, it's always now for Bluewolf

A dynamic brand story captures the essence of “It’s Always Now” and rallies a tech leader and its clients.

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Malaysia's PM Twitter Campaign Fails

In spite of well-documented social media fails when even mildly controversial brands try to shore up their popularity by inviting Twitter users to favour their hashtags beginning with #My… they keep repeating the mistakes. 373 more words

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As the fast-paced lifestyle gradually took over our lives, people are always busy for study or work and ignoring the importance of physical activity. A realistic reflection of general people’s lives is that they are more willing to spend time staying in front of the screen instead of moving their bodies. 438 more words

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Ice Bucket Challenge & Social Media

Since the summer of 2014, when “Ice bucket challenge” became one of the most famous campaign on social media, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclersis (ALS) has been known by public. 508 more words

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How Creative Strategy Impact on Digital Campaign

CNN Freedom Project, a year-long campaign which was launched in 2011, aims to end the modern day slavery and illegal practices. According to my classmate Jason Were, this campaign has succeed in using digital strategies that have combined digital tools and creative ideas. 502 more words

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