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5 years ago – a men’s body wash called OLD SPICE realised that due to competitors their market value was rapidly declining; so what did they do? 321 more words

Digital Campaign 4. Penguinator Design

It was quite hard to chose the specifics that would choose the book. I wanted the user to choose their story, their main character and the plot. 358 more words

Digital Campaign 5. Guerrilla Advertising

Since my advergame works as a campaign already I thought I might just enhance it by playing a reversed version. It creates a sense of  secret. 77 more words

Digital Campaign 3. Penguinator

As I was starting with the designs for this app I talked with the tutors and there was few gaos and glitches. I did not followed the brand values as much as I should have. 328 more words

Digital Campaign 1.

A digital campaign was another of our challenging briefs to widen our field of knowledge and show us interactive techniques. This projects aim was to create a digital interactive app or augmented reality for our chosen brand. 512 more words

Digital Campaign

Digital Campaign 2. Penguin Brand

Penguin is a book publishing company established at 1935 by Alan Lane with a simple goal to deliver quality books, well designed and at affordable price to readers everywhere – not just in the bookshops and libraries. 183 more words

Digital Campaign

9. Digital Campaign: Final presentation

Digital Campaign // Final Presentation 

I decided to then go back to my presentation and based on my feedback alter it so that it conveys my concept effectively. 494 more words