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SURPRISE: Unsolicited Police Violence--NOW ON AUTO-PLAY!

We all have a thing that puts uss off our game sometimes–I didn’t know one of mine would come from Facebook’s newest feature: Auto-play.

They’re fun when they’re showing amazing stunts and kitties-and-babies yawning, but the feature can be a source of horror. 212 more words

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They Aren't All Digitally Literate

Are all college students digitally literate? The fact is, students are all different and come to us with different skill sets. Some students may enter the freshman year with tons of technology experience. 311 more words

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1.1.1 Character Traits Quest

The three most impressive character traits of a citizen within a digital learning community are listed in this quest: respect, connect, protect.  I believe a more accurate order of the importance of these traits would be connect, respect, protect, because without the ability to connect and engage within the community on a meaningful level the others suffer. 92 more words


Do you travel? Give something back to other travelers. 

I’m a traveller. I like nothing more than visiting new places and experiencing new cultures. It doesn’t bother me if I can’t speak the language or it is a bit uncomfortable, I just love the experience of being somewhere new. 150 more words

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Ask, Acknowledge, Add Value

What are your responsibilities as a creator and user of information? Whether you are participating in an online community, listening to music, or publishing your work in a classroom, you have a responsibility to use other people’s work respectfully. 28 more words


College Applications are closer than you think...

What is your child’s online “persona”. If a university admissions office were to search on his or her name, what would they find?

The simplest way to start getting to know your child online is to get accounts on the social media outlets your child uses and “friend” or “follow” them. 43 more words


Unsafe Digital Communities

97% of online teens ( ages 12-17) play computer, Web, portable, or console games. 27% of them game with people they first met online. Lenhart A. 73 more words