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Digital Identity and Security: Explained

As the digital world develops, as avid Internet users we consequentially increase our digital footprint. Our digital footprint is the information we leave behind when we browse the Web. 346 more words

Creating Digital College Student Citizens Versus Leaders

I recently came across this graphic posted on TeachThought which comes from the minds of Sylvia Duckworth and Jennifer Casa-Todd (blog).  The graphic highlights the distinction between two concepts: 221 more words


My Get Out Of Jail Free Card

My exploration of MOOC’s continues; specifically with cMOOCs.   I have set aside the xMOOC I was taking at the start of the semester,  the timing just wasn’t right for me to be taking another o… 650 more words

831 Major Project

Digital Citizenship in the Classroom

ISTE Standard 4: Digital Citizenship

According to the website www.digitalcitizenship.net, digital citizenship can be defined as “the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.” The moment one connects to the World Wide Web they become digital citizens; no passport required to travel and stay connected to the world! 563 more words

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cMOOCs - Welcome Home!

Deeper connections – this is what I have been looking for, although I did not realize it at the beginning of my #edtech journey into… 700 more words

831 Major Project

The Culture of Connectivity: A Critical History of Social Media

Social media has come to deeply penetrate our lives: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many other platforms define many of our daily habits of communication and creative production. 302 more words


This Privacy Blog

Why is it important to protect your privacy? I argue that the importance comes from moral, philosophical, and perhaps it may surprise you, but also some sobering and serious economic reasons. 1,211 more words

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