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Under the influence of becoming Digital Citizenship

Nowadays, most people would prefer using computer or gadgets to make their work easier and faster. It also help them to communicate with other people as long as you have unlimited load for cellphones or you can access any online communication sites or any social media sites as long as you have an internet connection. 778 more words

Digital Citizen

MLB's #THIS Campaign: Same Old Game with a New Media Strategy

Baseball is long.

Veryyyyy long. 162 regular season games. Spanning from April to October, baseball is unavoidably present.

Considered as an “old school” sport with a rich American history, there’s been talk about implementing new rule changes to try and speed the game up to attract younger audiences. 610 more words

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Digital Citizenship

The concept of Digital Citizenship helps in defining how teachers, technology users and parents should know how to use modern technology appropriately. Digital citizenship is defined as the norms of appropriate and responsible technology use. 503 more words

Digital Citizenship- Responsible Online Posts

Digital citizenship is an important topic to learn about in today’s digital world. One component of digital citizenship is responsible online sharing. Below are a few questions for students to ask before they share online. 239 more words


Audience Engagement & Living "Hardcore"... Clippers Rebrand Means More Than Just a New Logo

“Change is always hard on some people…But the truth is people get through change. If you love the Clippers, you’ll love the new Clipper logo.” 1,505 more words

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SURPRISE: Unsolicited Police Violence--NOW ON AUTO-PLAY!

We all have a thing that puts uss off our game sometimes–I didn’t know one of mine would come from Facebook’s newest feature: Auto-play.

They’re fun when they’re showing amazing stunts and kitties-and-babies yawning, but the feature can be a source of horror. 212 more words

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They Aren't All Digitally Literate

Are all college students digitally literate? The fact is, students are all different and come to us with different skill sets. Some students may enter the freshman year with tons of technology experience. 311 more words

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