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"Alone Together" - MIT Research on People and Technology

“Alone Together” is the result of MIT technology and society specialist Sherry Turkle’s nearly fifteen-year exploration of our lives on the digital terrain. Based on interviews with hundreds of children and adults, it describes new, unsettling relationships between friends, lovers, parents, and children, and new instabilities in how we understand privacy and community, intimacy and solitude. 181 more words

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“Collaboration on the Digital Humanities Playground” Workshop (Part Two #LANS2016)

In the Digital Humanities, collaboration is key! The following workshop will give you experience with collaborating to create a group timeline using the tool TimelineJS… 761 more words

Digital Humanities

"Who, What, Why?" Getting Acquainted with the Digital Humanities (Part One #LANS2016 Invited Talk)

The following material corresponds with a talk I’m giving at the Leadership Alliance National Symposium in Stamford, CT on July 30, 2016. Students present at the talk can follow along and explore various DH projects via this blog post. 649 more words

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My experience in becoming a Digital Citizen with Eco-Tech

It’s been two weeks, two weeks of experiencing what it means to become a Digital Citizen. One thing that I can honestly say is that, I’m enjoying every minute of it, minus a few minor setbacks, (I really should stop procrastinating with my homework, sorry Carlos.), like, stop focusing on people who have absolutely nothing to do with my success, & following through with my the expectations and goals I’ve set for myself. 347 more words

Beatrice Gilbert

Experience and Storytelling Behind Stealth VR

The experience behind media and technology is far superior to the content and/or platform that delivers it. From movie theatres to a Netflix binge, the feelings drawn from any event create an overall essence that sticks with you far beyond its duration. 473 more words

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