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Create 4 - Aggregating Lesson Material

A When teaching online it is very important to have a good way of collecting materials so that students can easily access them. Ideally the platform would allow for the inclusion of videos, Google docs or Word documents, slides, websites, pdfs, ways to present interactive materials, discussions, collecting assignments, email, grading, and testing. 541 more words


Communicate Reflection

The iNacol standards for quality teaching address communication in many of their standards. This post will look at those standards and how they are being met through the materials covered in the Communicate lessons. 599 more words


Digital Citizenship Primer

You may be wondering ” What is Digital Citizenship? Who do I have to learn about it, teach it or even worry about it for my kid?” Well, we have put together this blog post for students, teachers and parents alike to give an understanding of the term and why it is important. 25 more words

Basic Information

Communicate 1 - Communication Laws

In an online environment where classwork is completed it is important to be aware of the different communication laws that have been enacted. This is true in an online school as well as a brick and mortar school that has students working online. 250 more words


Communicate 1 - Communication Definitions

I found the video “Connected: But Alone?”, a TED Talk by Sherry Turkle very interesting. I hadn’t really thought about how texting breaks everything into small pieces and, usually, isn’t real in-depth communication. 858 more words


Create 3 - Locating Resources

I decided to look for information related to the geobiochemical cycles. This is a difficult concept to get high school students to pay attention to. They all know the water cycle and are not much interested in the other cycles. 128 more words


Create 3 - Open Educational Resources

I know that I should always use creative commons materials but I don’t have a consistent way of finding them and when I’m in a hurry, I just don’t always check. 205 more words