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Learning in a Digital Environment

Practising the values of good citizenship!

Over the past month, our class has been developing skills and understanding of the ICT General Capabilities. We have been applying this to guide and inform us when using the digital technologies within our Health Education lessons. 137 more words

Digital Citizenship

ICT General Capability: Intellectual Property

Cyber Ethics

 Today’s society relies heavily on the internet to guide us and inform us about issues. When using this information, it is important that students understand the legal standards, rights and restrictions (Internet Keep Safe Coalition, 2009). 128 more words

Digital Citizenship

ICT General Capability: Personal Security Protocols

Cyber Safety

To make the most of the wonderful learning opportunities ICT provides, we are learning how to make safe choices by promoting positive online behaviour in order to protect students’ wellbeing. 78 more words

Digital Citizenship

Welcome Back!

As we look forward to our year of learning and innovation, Mike and I will be working to share tech tips that will support your efforts. 187 more words

Micro:Bit - Tinkering with a Micro Processor

The Micro:Bit is a very interesting microprocessor that was gifted to all Year & students in the UK in 2016 – it is said that many were given and never turned on as there were rafts of teachers and students who did not have the time, curiosity or ability to get them working. 246 more words

Digital Citizen

Tweens & The Cell Phone Conversation

Back to School shopping has started. Here in Florida, we kick off “tax free weekend,” which allows parents and students to purchase back to school items and pay no sales tax. 907 more words


Create 4 - Aggregating Lesson Material

A When teaching online it is very important to have a good way of collecting materials so that students can easily access them. Ideally the platform would allow for the inclusion of videos, Google docs or Word documents, slides, websites, pdfs, ways to present interactive materials, discussions, collecting assignments, email, grading, and testing. 541 more words