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Pokemon Go… Catch some #DigCit Advice #digcitPLN

Just as I’m catching my breath from all the resources that were shared during ISTE, this whole Pokemon Go thing comes along.

My first thought with this global phenomenon is that with all the edtech tools that have been around for a while but have struggled to gain traction…you’ve got to wonder about what the Pokemon Go development team have done differently? 160 more words

Digital Citizenship

Simplify, Standardise, Share (2)

What does this mean

A strap line that my own council, and my professional body SOCITM has adopted at various times but what does it all mean.   739 more words

PLN: Staying Connected When It's No Longer Required

The concept of a personal learning network (PLN) was, at first, an enigma, a vague entity looming in the constructs of my edtech vocabulary list. I first began one as a requirement for a class, but I can’t say that I wasn’t a bit wary to connect with such amazing (and unfamiliar) people. 841 more words


Check Your Digital Privilege

Not all access is created equal.

Technology can be a useful tool in the classroom and is perfect for doing fun projects with your students, but what happens when your students don’t have access to the same resources at home that they do at school? 836 more words


Digital Citizenship with Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is still going strong and there are already many educators and administrators who are finding ways to integrate Pokemon Go with their students this fall. 1,119 more words

Ryan Read

Interesting reading this week:

The WHY of libraries and librarians. I haven’t watched the video yet – but I will come back to it and also the exercise at the end. 328 more words

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Technology and the Digital Footprint you Leave Behind

This week I took a look at technology and how it effects our digital footprint. Technological advances, the Internet and the proliferation of digital devices have created a digital society in which we all participate. 519 more words

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