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Tools That Help Me As a Coach

This week’s #ETCoaches blog challengeWhat tools are you using that you are loving? What problems do they overcome? How can others replicate your success? 562 more words


Connection for Personalized Learning

This post is part of a series about the Building Blocks for Personalized Learning. By engaging in opportunities to make connections beyond the classroom to real-world learning activities and situations, students are better able to experience personalized learning. 1,334 more words

BYOT Strategies

Digital Literacy & Digital Citizenship: By Design

Dear Teachers,

This week’s topic for that grad program I keep writing about is “Creating Significant Learning Plans,” and I’m back in at least somewhat familiar territory. 1,446 more words

Digital Literacy

What Is Creative Commons and Why Does It Matter? | Common Sense Education

This article from Common Sense Education is an excellent primer on Creative Commons and how students can use web materials responsibly in the classroom.
Take a look at the desktop pictures on a few school computers and it’s easy to see children learn very quickly they can find images of the things they’re interested in on google. 155 more words


Interesting reading this week:

You are not a digital native: Privacy in the age of the internet.  A really interesting post about how companies are getting away with invading privacy by saying “but the kids are digital natives so they know what they’re signing up for”. 168 more words


New F2W Server!

Our very own Max Fickas just finished building a new Fidgets2Widgets server with the help of our Widgetarians. This server, named Widgetaria, can be accessed by both F2W locations for all Widgetarians to explore.  212 more words