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A critical thinking paradox

Okay… indulge me! Try this experiment:

  • Activity #1  – Think of a topic in which you have a strong interest, and broad, expert knowledge/skill. Then, search the web and find three really good sources of information for that topic.
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21st Century

Educational Bloggers

Through blogging I have learned that there are many things to blog about. Myself being a person that wants to become a educator and be able to work with special needs kids there are many blogs that i can learn from and take some ideas into account. 304 more words

Digital Citizenship

ILT the Importance of Social Media in the Classroom

                                                       via: Laura Fleming

Teaching in classrooms today can look very different than it did even five years ago. In my classroom half a decade ago, I remember the “big” thing (trendy) was connecting a projector to my computer to share my screen with students. 603 more words

ECI 831

Building identity using digital citizenship

If we were living in the past, say 40 years back, “identity” would probably be defined by physical markers; someone’s identity could stem from what they wore, how they spoke, what kind of music they listened to, and the like. 577 more words

Middle School

Week 4- The Internet and Education

In the vast majority of the schools I work with or have taught in, it is definitely not the case that the internet has transformed K-12 education in ways that were unprecedented by giving everyone access to all the knowledge of the world.  1,324 more words

Digital Contexts

The Wild Robot: Project 1!

The 3Js have been following the #GlobalReadAloud, reading The Wild Robot by Peter Brown. We tried creating our own interpretations of  the main character, Roz,  using Google Drawings.  45 more words


Social Media + Teaching = ????

When looking at social media, I took a moment to reflect on my first experiences with various networks. I had a MySpace account, I don’t think that anything that I had posted on it “about me” was true. 996 more words