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Blogging Basics: Online Component

Hi folks! Today, you will be completing Blogging Basics Part Two, which requires you to get online and start looking at blogs.  Use my page, … 21 more words


Blogging Basics Continued

DP #8: A “given” first line (from William Kittredge)

Begin a story with the line: Why did you say that?

Write for five minutes.

Today, we are going to continue working on the Blogging Basics packet.

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My Digital Life - Traditional Media

With the new year came “the changing of the guard” or, rather the changing of what the guard is guarding. For me, that meant transitioning from teaching a population of fifth graders to students in grade six. 150 more words


Social Media in your Classroom

Some classrooms have already made the move to include social media as part of their learning but others are more reluctant.  There is, certainly, a fear factor that students photos and names will be published for all to see but there are also ways to allay these fears. 258 more words

Technology In Education

Blogging Unit: Digital Citizenship

Daily Prompt #7: Senses Exploration

Practice utilizing all the five senses in your writing: see, hear, feel, taste, smell.  Write for five minutes describing this classroom and all the five senses you’re experiencing at this exact moment.

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Educators, Social Media and Networking: A Serendipitous Relationship

“We need, first, to take charge of our own learning, and next, help others take charge of their own learning. We need to move beyond the idea that an education is something that is provided for us, and toward the idea that an education is something that we create for ourselves. 1,437 more words


Etiquette, Netiquette & the Digital Divide

Yesterday, I joined my girlfriends for a morning run. Prior to setting out we were catching up on our lives. I was describing the course called Digital Citizenship in a Global Community I am currently enrolled in and the challenges of educating others about what it is and means for behavior on line. 609 more words

Digital Citizenship