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Let Sphero & Google Slides Support Math

Today I’m reminiscing upon my time spent in an Elementary School Math Class, and the teaching of angles. I wonder what would happen in this classroom if the students first watched the teacher model drawing acute, obtuse and right angles. 190 more words

Ed Tech

The RAVE Digizen Workshop

When it comes to effective parenting in this digital age and what your child is doing online, proactive parenting is an essential 21st century skill. 40 more words

3J Experiments for Sound and Vibration!

Sound is vibration.

This was the basis for our latest science experiments.  Students were able to  demonstrate and discuss this concept by the end of our action-packed lesson the other day.  Take a look!!!


Interclass Collaboration: An Experiment

Today’s Contributor: Kim Wine

Kim Wine teaches Child Development and Practicum in Human Services at Clifton Career Development School, where she has taught for 13 years. 391 more words

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Digital Citizenship: Digital Commerce

This video is a short intro E-Commerce, created by Technerd StepByStep published on YouTube on September 19, 2013.

E-Commerce is happening every second on sites like… 12 more words


Digital Citizenship: Digital Access

Guest Blog

10 Strategies Promoting Digital Access and Equity” by Tom Vander Ark was originally published on Getting Smart.

The printing press changed the world, fueling a global renaissance in learning, art and science and upending historical power structures. 1,689 more words