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A brief history of the 'D' word: Part II

Check out Part I here.

Welcome to the Digital Revolution!

Well actually this ‘revolution’ has been happening for the last half century and more; it is the… 730 more words


A brief history of the 'D' word

As the demigod that is Mr J Timberlake once sang, “what goes around, comes all the way back around”, and even in the ever-evolving world of tech there are certain terms that reappear in re-appropriated fashion from time-to-time. 804 more words


Is it a bird? Is it a plane?! No – It’s a UFO!! (Or Ultra Fibre Optic in other words!)

Very recently, the City Fibre/Sky/TalkTalk joint venture had a successful low key launch ahead of what should be one of the most exciting years in York’s recent digital history. 557 more words

Travelers rejoice! Smartphones turned into real-time voice and sign translators

An updated Google Translate application, seen January 12, 2015 in San Francisco, enables smartphones to translate signs, menus and more into English. (AFP Photo / Glenn Chapman) 433 more words

Moscow News

Venues Bloody Venues

Another week has passed! We’ve seen snow, sleet, frozen blood and I unclogged a sink filled with some kind of fat build up. Overall, an average week. 112 more words



Another week at Gig Source HQ has passed, and it’s been.. a journey. We’ve had some great news though, we are finally registered as a limited company! 538 more words