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Back to the Future (in 3D)

Despite living my professional life on the bleeding edge of digital advancement (ahem) I’m a bit of an amateur tech historian/enthusiast with a healthy collection of old bobbins; from the obvious Sinclair ZX Spectrums (all hail Sir Clive) to the slightly more obscure valve-driven reel-to-reel recorders and other long-extinct hifi formats. 997 more words

Digital City

As patterns seem to form

Starting to pull together strands of activity around digital inclusion and digital literacy today. My aim is to have a digital inclusion action plan before March, coordinating existing activities and identifying some strategic direction for further work. 308 more words


Map that leads to you

An odd week so far. Monday spent talking apps with a (mainly) Armed Forces audience who had a specific take on the subject that makes my sector look simple. 372 more words


A brief history of the 'D' word: Part II

Check out Part I here.

Welcome to the Digital Revolution!

Well actually this ‘revolution’ has been happening for the last half century and more; it is the… 730 more words

Digital City

A brief history of the 'D' word

As the demigod that is Mr J Timberlake once sang, “what goes around, comes all the way back around”, and even in the ever-evolving world of tech there are certain terms that reappear in re-appropriated fashion from time-to-time. 804 more words

Digital City

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?! No – It’s a UFO!! (Or Ultra Fibre Optic in other words!)

Very recently, the City Fibre/Sky/TalkTalk joint venture had a successful low key launch ahead of what should be one of the most exciting years in York’s recent digital history. 557 more words