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Is it a bird? Is it a plane?! No – It’s a UFO!! (Or Ultra Fibre Optic in other words!)

Very recently, the City Fibre/Sky/TalkTalk joint venture had a successful low key launch ahead of what should be one of the most exciting years in York’s recent digital history. 557 more words

Travelers rejoice! Smartphones turned into real-time voice and sign translators

An updated Google Translate application, seen January 12, 2015 in San Francisco, enables smartphones to translate signs, menus and more into English. (AFP Photo / Glenn Chapman) 433 more words

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Venues Bloody Venues

Another week has passed! We’ve seen snow, sleet, frozen blood and I unclogged a sink filled with some kind of fat build up. Overall, an average week. 112 more words



Another week at Gig Source HQ has passed, and it’s been.. a journey. We’ve had some great news though, we are finally registered as a limited company! 538 more words


3D Visualisierung - Digitale Stadtplanung

Die digitale Stadtplanung macht Stadtentwicklungen erfahrbar noch bevor diese Wirklichkeit sind. Durch das Visualisieren und die frühzeitige Veranschaulichung geplanter Projekte werden die Folgen für das Stadtbild verdeutlicht sowie die Kommunikation zwischen Stadtverwaltung und Öffentlichkeit sowie Planern und Investoren vereinfacht. 64 more words

3D Visualisierung

Time for BIM Minecraft

The video link above shows a Minecraft construction challenge: a virtual, neutral environment. Six players, four active and two that may join the group later.  Different skills, different ages, collaborating from remote location across the globe. 712 more words

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