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Comixology's third annual holiday giveaway is on!

Comixology’s third annual holiday giveaway is on!

It’s a digital based 3-years tradition rooted to the classic annual holiday season. Comixology has begun resuming its 12 Days of Free Comics. 148 more words

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I Buy Digital Comics, and Here's Why You Should Too

Hi, my name is James, and I recently converted.

I now believe in the digital.

I’m a late adopter (that’s for sure), but I’m here now. 852 more words

Image Comics


The creative team of writer Brandon Easton and art-team Sendol Arts return to bring us this conclusion to this series. I’ll admit that I thought that in the last… 149 more words



THE MYSTERY OF ROBOY IS REVEALED! The mad cyborg Gepetto tells Roboy the story of his creation and how Gepetto tragically lost his humanity. Now, Gepetto wants to turn Roboy into the ultimate weapon of vengeance and only Aiden’s soul stands in the way of Gepetto’s diabolical plan. 298 more words



There’s a new Roboy in town and it’s not Aiden. But if it’s not Aiden then who is it? Worse the new Roboy leads Aiden right into an epic confrontation with Bolt Mighty. 318 more words



Aiden battles it out with the powerful Mecha Eel while a mysterious man from his past observes his every move. Meanwhile Bolt Mighty attempts to deal with no longer being the only super hero in town and he’s not taking things well at all! 236 more words



Aiden discovers the secret of his origin and powers but will an encounter with two shady men in black and the monsterous Boo Hoo derail his search for the truth? 366 more words