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"Hats off" to Smart Fabrics, But Are They Really Revolutionary?

Of all the new terms that have entered the lexicon as part of the tech avalanche that is the Internet of Things (IoT), ‘wearables… 461 more words



An image or a short video helps to engage with your audience, give you the chance to say more on a Tweet and also give a professional look to your sites. 24 more words

The Difference Between Social Media and Social Media Channels

You hear social media…You think… Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest…Yep, I know it all.

Social Media Isn’t All About The Channels

Well guess what, social media is actually a whole array of things, from social media channels (the above mentioned), blog marketing, foring (yes, it’s actually a term meaning to have live forums), SEO, public relations, client attention, social bookmarking (which are platforms that allow the segmentation and sharing of content) and, finally, monitorization is all part of social media. 512 more words

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Words That Are Killing Your E-Commerce Conversion.

In previous articles, we shared how onsite copy can powerfully influence customer conversion, retention, and buying behavior. Onsite copy is powerful, so much so that it can backfire for your e-commerce. 319 more words


Daily Digital & Print Suggested Reads: Monday, June 12, 2017

Hi everyone, here are our suggested daily recommended titles for today.

Our digital suggestion for today is the e-book:

The Other Einstein by Marie Benedict: 627 more words

How to Define Distribution Channels

Let’s just jump right in! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest. These are all on your devices, right? Read on to find out how to choose and distribute content across digital channels. 438 more words

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