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Filelock Holmes

In the first lab session of Digital Curation (2018), we were given the task of uncovering the answer to three questions. For the first two questions a UTF-8 converter was used, and for the third question, a Base 64 string decoder. 741 more words

Digital Curation

Understanding File Formats: Filelock Holmes, digital detective

As another part of our first Digital Curation lab, we had to use online software to ‘decode’ various digital codes. What follows are the questions, as well as our answers. 287 more words


How do you say 'Holy mackerel!' in binary?



This is completely new territory for me. My only previous experience with binary numbers was the binary solo from ‘Robots’ by Flight of the Conchords. 829 more words

Digital Curation

Understanding File Formats: Shoot the file

For our first lab of Digital Curation, we were tasked with experimenting with different levels of corruption on digital records and then reporting back on what we thought the most resilient file formats were. 222 more words