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May I speak Openly about mass digitization?

This blog post, dated 2008, is a mantra for all who believe in open access to the wealth of knowledge rapidly being digitized (and, really, material that is digital native). 221 more words


NDSA National Agenda for Digital Stewardship

I was intrigued by this document, not only for it’s relevance to our course topic, but also for my own professional endeavors in dealing with digital content. 107 more words


reading notes: ADC reading group introduction!

It turns out that several of my colleagues are also interested in making time for professional development reading! The result has been the development of the Archives and Digital Curation (ADC) reading group. 491 more words

Reading Notes

This Week in NDSA: Professor Kim Schroeder Editorial

This Week in NDSA, Professor Kim Schroeder, discusses her experience working with members of Wayne State University’s Chapter of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance.  We appreciate all of the opportunities Professor Schroeder has provided for us! 107 more words

This Week In NDSA