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Digital Media, Online Democracy, Participatory Culture, and Convergence....

In our final week of class we take a look back at the ideas surrounding digital media and discuss our thoughts on where it may go ten years into the future. 1,232 more words

Media Criticism

Future of the Convergence Culture

In the final chapter of Convergence Culture, Jenkins discusses the fact that Al Gore helped produce a new cable news network that promoted citizen journalism. This is something that is only made possible because of the technological access that we have today. 339 more words

Different with Digital: Opportunities and Challenges for Local Democracy

Guest blog by Sonia Bussu

On Tuesday 28th March 2015, the Local Politics standing group (part of the British Political Studies Association) hosted a innovative panel at the PSA general conference in Sheffield. 969 more words

Local Democracy

No Trust In Politics- 18-25 Year Olds Say!

A poll has shown that young people have no trust with politics and politicians. The poll found that an overwhelming majority of the participants are intending on voting on May 7th (see post 3 ).   496 more words


New poll finds most support for online voting amongst women, Londoners, and 80's kids

A new survey by Mancunian marketing agency, Tecmark and polling company YouGov has found that 63% of adults in the UK believe that the introduction of online voting would boost turnout in elections. 345 more words

Online Voting

A More Digital Democracy...What?

More young people are spending time online. Social media has had impact on politics and the way in which young people interact with politics and politicians, Dr Matthew Wall, a lecturer of Politics at Swansea University, explains. 424 more words


We all need to read On Liberty

On Liberty, a text which is over 150 years old, was penned in 1859 by John Stuart Mill. One may think that we can learn nothing new from this Victorian piece, or indeed from any Victorian writing. 740 more words