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The fate of digital democracy is linked to the fate of online voting

By Areeq Chowdhury.

What if we could get rid of politicians and simply vote on everything ourselves? Why limit ourselves to referenda on independence movements, and not have referenda on all issues affecting our lives? 1,067 more words

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On the Decline of Participation and Voter Turnout in Rousseau

Davide Vittori and Margherita de Candia have recently published an interesting analysis of the decline of online participation in Rousseau, the Five Star Movement’s participation platform. 1,251 more words

E-voting advocate appointed as the new Minister for electoral reform

The UK Government has appointed Chloe Smith MP as the new Cabinet Office Minister responsible for electoral reform following the Prime Minister’s January reshuffle. Her role is also known as the Minister for the Constitution, previously held by Chris Skidmore MP. 259 more words

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The Fake President shuts down participatory democracy. Of course.

The White House has said it will be shutting down its website for petitions from midnight on Tuesday until a new one is set up in late January….

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How effective is online communication between the elected and their electors?

In its early days, some considered the internet to be the silver bullet that could deal with the deficits of representative democracy. Others had been less optimistic vis-à-vis its potential to foster democracy. 964 more words


Idyillic Nightmares

Norman Rockwell, Whispering Sweepstakes (1963)

Connectivity benefits everyone. Those who have none will have some, and those who have a lot will have even more. To demonstrate that, imagine you are a young urban professional living in an American city a few decades from now. 863 more words


Write-up: Cost of Voting Report Launch

By Ben Pearson.

On November 6th, we held a panel discussion in the House of Commons to launch our latest report: Cost of Voting. The report is the first of its kind, and assesses the potential impact of an online voting system on voter turnout and the public purse. 1,091 more words

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