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UK Government should pilot online voting for the Armed Forces abroad

An online voting option in elections should be introduced for British military personnel posted overseas, according to a new report ‘Military Voting’ published today. The report, produced by digital democracy think tank, WebRoots Democracy, brings together voices of election experts and military representatives and outlines how members of the Armed Forces face significant barriers when it comes to voting in elections and referenda. 460 more words

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Electoral Commission: Online voter registration has "transformed" access to elections

The move towards online voter registration has “transformed” access to elections in Great Britain and should be implemented in Northern Ireland “as soon as possible” according to the Electoral Commission. 249 more words

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The sn-app general election?

By Areeq Chowdhury.

The 2017 snap general election was called to bring about a “strong and stable” government but as we know, this did not quite go to plan with the incumbent Conservative government losing their existing majority. 1,322 more words


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Every ordinary mortal is a potential giant killer
In the last week of 2016 when the world was busy making New Year resolutions or was out celebrating on the beaches or in the hills, a low ranking Indian para-military officer stirred the proverbial hornet’s nest. 2,531 more words

Tuesday Terror

To avoid emotional paralysis I turn to my blog for an outlet and some calm. Steady steady, you are a grown-up: pointless hand-wringing will do no good. 684 more words

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how we ate Facebook (or did it eat us?)

Cast your mind back to your first experience of Facebook. Remember the Easter Egg Hunts? I loved finding the little eggs hidden in other people’s profiles. 1,209 more words

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E-voting: beyond traditional elections

Hoy día, más de un tercio de los votantes del mundo votan electrónicamente por sus autoridades gubernamentales. Sin embargo, este número está en franco aumento, ya que la tecnología electoral está siendo aprovechada por innumerables organizaciones civiles y políticaspara elegir autoridades, aprobar o rechazar iniciativas, dar el visto bueno o detener propuestas comunitarias, sancionar u objetar proyectos de Ley, así como otras múltiples actividades. 566 more words

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