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How effective is online communication between the elected and their electors?

In its early days, some considered the internet to be the silver bullet that could deal with the deficits of representative democracy. Others had been less optimistic vis-à-vis its potential to foster democracy. 964 more words


Idyillic Nightmares

Norman Rockwell, Whispering Sweepstakes (1963)

Connectivity benefits everyone. Those who have none will have some, and those who have a lot will have even more. To demonstrate that, imagine you are a young urban professional living in an American city a few decades from now. 863 more words


Write-up: Cost of Voting Report Launch

By Ben Pearson.

On November 6th, we held a panel discussion in the House of Commons to launch our latest report: Cost of Voting. The report is the first of its kind, and assesses the potential impact of an online voting system on voter turnout and the public purse. 1,091 more words

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Democracy, Public Spheres and the Internet: a Tangled Relationship

In this period, I am reading plenty of things about the concept of public sphere (Habermas in primis) while reflecting on the very complex relationship between ICTs, society and politics. 504 more words


UK signs up to the Tallinn Declaration on eGovernment

The UK Government, alongside countries in the EU and the European Free Trade Area, has signed up to the Tallinn Declaration on eGovernment. The declaration commits the UK to ‘digital evolution’ and the ‘digital transformation’ of public services. 244 more words


The 2017 New Zealand General Election: A Digital Review

By Frank Kibble.

The General Election that has just been fought in New Zealand was a deeply captivating and forever-shifting contest. Bill English’s National Party were looking to hold on to power for a fourth term but lost support due to voter fatigue with their supposed failure to deliver on promises. 1,108 more words

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Arena politics: Populism in the digital era

Today, electoral cycles determine the outcome of the developmental path countries take. Whether in democracies or dictatorships, in almost every country on earth elections are the most preferred way of enthronization. 491 more words