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Are mind-reading algorithms stealing our democracy?

Political advertising has got smarter – but have we? Lush and Fat Rat Films have released a quirky drama-documentary, combining expert interviews with the likes of Guardian journalist, Carole Cadwalladr, and old-fashioned alien invasion melodrama. 1,053 more words


From Italy to Iceland: The Promise of Digital, Direct Democracy

Originally printed on www.occupy.com on May 8, 2013

Reprinted on Truthout

Reprinted on Mint Press News

The use of the Internet as a means of spreading political ideas and organizing social movements has sent shock waves throughout the political establishment over the last few years. 891 more words


The sn-app general election?

The 2017 snap general election was called to bring about a “strong and stable” government but as we know, this did not quite go to plan with the incumbent Conservative government losing their existing majority. 1,323 more words

Digital Democracy

Did Russia hack the referendum?

By Ben Pearson.

On January 22nd, WebRoots Democracy hosted a public seminar to explore claims about Russian interference in the EU referendum. To assess the evidence and shed some light on how interference could have taken place, we were joined by Sky’s technology correspondent Alexander J Martin and UCL’s Dr Gianluca Stringhini. 1,360 more words


The fate of digital democracy is linked to the fate of online voting

By Areeq Chowdhury.

What if we could get rid of politicians and simply vote on everything ourselves? Why limit ourselves to referenda on independence movements, and not have referenda on all issues affecting our lives? 1,067 more words

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On the Decline of Participation and Voter Turnout in Rousseau

Davide Vittori and Margherita de Candia have recently published an interesting analysis of the decline of online participation in Rousseau, the Five Star Movement’s participation platform. 1,251 more words

E-voting advocate appointed as the new Minister for electoral reform

The UK Government has appointed Chloe Smith MP as the new Cabinet Office Minister responsible for electoral reform following the Prime Minister’s January reshuffle. Her role is also known as the Minister for the Constitution, previously held by Chris Skidmore MP. 259 more words

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