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UK signs up to the Tallinn Declaration on eGovernment

The UK Government, alongside countries in the EU and the European Free Trade Area, has signed up to the Tallinn Declaration on eGovernment. The declaration commits the UK to ‘digital evolution’ and the ‘digital transformation’ of public services. 244 more words


The 2017 New Zealand General Election: A Digital Review

By Frank Kibble.

The General Election that has just been fought in New Zealand was a deeply captivating and forever-shifting contest. Bill English’s National Party were looking to hold on to power for a fourth term but lost support due to voter fatigue with their supposed failure to deliver on promises. 1,108 more words

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Arena politics: Populism in the digital era

Today, electoral cycles determine the outcome of the developmental path countries take. Whether in democracies or dictatorships, in almost every country on earth elections are the most preferred way of enthronization. 491 more words

La Repartija to Democracia Digital: The Story of Digital Democracy in Peru

By Frank Kibble.

The discussion about digital democracy often focuses on how technology can transform the way people are engaged with politics here in Britain or in other strongly developed countries. 1,222 more words


Electoral Administrators tell Government to explore electronic counting

The Association of Electoral Administrators (AEA) has called on the UK Government to undertake a “full examination of the benefits of and issues presented by electronic forms of counting” and to “consider suitability for use at other types of elections” in their post-election report published today. 285 more words


UK Government should pilot online voting for the Armed Forces abroad

An online voting option in elections should be introduced for British military personnel posted overseas, according to a new report ‘Military Voting’ published today. The report, produced by digital democracy think tank, WebRoots Democracy, brings together voices of election experts and military representatives and outlines how members of the Armed Forces face significant barriers when it comes to voting in elections and referenda. 460 more words

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Electoral Commission: Online voter registration has "transformed" access to elections

The move towards online voter registration has “transformed” access to elections in Great Britain and should be implemented in Northern Ireland “as soon as possible” according to the Electoral Commission. 249 more words

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