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Hope vs. Hate - The media of being right vs. winning.

Human beings are not wired to find the truth, they are wired to win.  It’s basic human nature.  You defend what you believe to be true,  1,357 more words

Brett Lotriet Best

Digital democracy and user needs

I recently watched the following video from the Digital Leaders Programme.

BBC Click’s Kate Russell discussed Digital Democracy with Helen Milner (Tinder Foundation and The Digital Democracy Commission), Kulveer Ranger (Atos) and Anthony Zacharzewski (DemSoc). 475 more words

Digital Democracy

Immersive Storytelling.

It’s the 13 August 2017 and the world as you know it has changed.  

Today, the UK parliament will vote on sending troops into South Africa as the civil war that has raged since 1999 has reached a crisis point.   700 more words

Brett Lotriet Best

CEO's, serial killers and winning in the Media industry.

Hunter S Thompson wrote in Generation of Swine: Tales of Shame and Degradation in the ’80’s

The TV business is uglier than most things. It is normally perceived as some kind of cruel and shallow money trench through the heart of the journalism industry, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs, for no good reason…

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Imagine if democratic participation were as simple as a Facebook like – an everyday expression with real political weight. In times of strong anti-immigration and anti-welfare sentiment this is risky for some but to others it’s inevitable. 879 more words

What is gained in experiencing the pain of others?

My personal interest in creating Immersive projects is that you can fundamentally change people – their opinions, beliefs and ways of seeing others and the world at large.   636 more words

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Understanding our escape into "Reality"

Gaming and entertainment TV are two media juggernauts that are traditionally seen as forms of escapism – ways we get to “take a break” from the real world.   649 more words

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