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Anonymous as Necessary Activists in a Digital Democracy

Digital activism has become a major form of political participation in the twenty-first century. At the forefront of the digital activist movement is Anonymous, a controversial international network of hacktivists who have gained both critics and dedicated fans through their unconventional tactics ( 1,968 more words

Berlin does civic tech. Großartig!

I’m back in the UK (is that still a thing?) now — but I have two more EuroTrip stops to blog about. 

First, Berlin. As you may know, Berlin is excellent. 2,545 more words


The day a PM quoted a troll in Parliament

It’s back to school day for the British ruling class. In every walk of life the first day sets the tone. A headteacher in UKIP-minded territory is battling incorrigible parents over wrong school uniforms. 276 more words

UK Politics

UK Labour leader commits to introducing a 'digital democracy'

UK Opposition Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has pledged that if elected under his leadership, the Labour Party will use digital advances to improve access to political information and engagement. 384 more words

Online Voting

Of Udta Punjab, JNU and Tanmay Bhatt –Why we should remember that freedom of speech is not absolute.

 With the advent of social media, today every individual has a platform to voice their opinion. All this noise is drowning out words. Digging deeper the issue is not just limited against the pervasiveness of social media but on the larger notion that exists in our culture where the right to free speech is imagined to be absolute and unqualified. 1,258 more words

Digital Democracy

Digital Literacy & Democracy

Technology is embedded into our everyday lives. In the Web 2.0 era, our use of multiply digital platforms has transformed they way in which individuals consume, navigate and produce information (Hartley 2009). 545 more words

Digital Literacy

The Media Wars.

When it comes to the media you consume, trust no-one, including yourself.

Let’s imagine for a moment a world without racism, homophobia and bigotry.  It would be like switching off the 24 hour coverage of the fear-and-hatred Olympics that broadcasts on a daily basis.   720 more words

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