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Of Udta Punjab, JNU and Tanmay Bhatt –Why we should remember that freedom of speech is not absolute.

 With the advent of social media, today every individual has a platform to voice their opinion. All this noise is drowning out words. Digging deeper the issue is not just limited against the pervasiveness of social media but on the larger notion that exists in our culture where the right to free speech is imagined to be absolute and unqualified. 1,258 more words

Digital Democracy

The Media Wars.

When it comes to the media you consume, trust no-one, including yourself.

Let’s imagine for a moment a world without racism, homophobia and bigotry.  It would be like switching off the 24 hour coverage of the fear-and-hatred Olympics that broadcasts on a daily basis.   720 more words

Brett Lotriet Best

Paris, j'aime votre civictech projets

The French are precious about French. It’s fair enough. Gotta watch that creeping Anglicisation. Courriel, for example, is the officially designated French translation for email.  2,424 more words


What does Brexit mean for digital democracy?

Democracy Club was asked by a journalist where it would go post-referendum. I attempted to write a quick response…which turned into a not-so-quick response. Unsurprisingly, the journo ditched it — but I think it’s still worth publishing here. 1,055 more words


It's not what we decide on Thursday that's worrying me. It's how.

By Nathalie Hulbert.

Young people are being wrongfully underrepresented, and for no good reason.

With the EU referendum fast approaching, it would appear that the younger and older generation are becoming increasingly polarised. 918 more words

Online Voting

What referendum? How the credibility of British politics pivots on a developing democracy

By Joe Carton.

It’s Thursday, 23rd June 2016. 7:00am. Two weeks into the European Championships and four days before the start of Wimbledon. The alarm on your phone rattles the room. 691 more words

Online Voting

Hope vs. Hate - The media of being right vs. winning.

Human beings are not wired to find the truth, they are wired to win.  It’s basic human nature.  You defend what you believe to be true,  1,357 more words

Brett Lotriet Best