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Just ask Google

by Karen Bywater

The Roundhouse, London – On a Monday night, in a former Victorian railway shed, Madeline Wright, “Maddie” to friends, thinks anything is possible. 295 more words



Remember back in the old days when we could spend days without needing to watch TV or even listen to the radio? But what would happen TODAY if we had to spend even a day without technology? 553 more words


My Digital Ball and Chain

The concept of digital dependence is nothing new. To me. And probably to you. I know I am tethered to my laptop, iPad and especially my iPhone more than I’d care to admit.   559 more words


The World is Trying to Tell Me Something

On Saturday, E’s computer crashed.

Today, my phone can’t decide if it wants to receive a signal or not (usually not). And before you all go blaming AT&T, my cousin who also has AT&T had service in all the same exact places I did not. 124 more words


Thesis: WTF is the Internet Doing to Our Wiring?

Each graduating strategist is required to write an article on anything that fascinates us. We then publish a magazine called Cultural Standpoints that features all the articles, and our professor, Caley Cantrell, sends them to planning directors across the country. 234 more words

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Planner's Delight: Making Up Words

Here’s a few terms we’ve concocted to use throughout our paper.

1. digital dependence

The state of mind we’ve slipped into where we think in terms of tabs and links, when walking without our trusty devices makes us feel naked and like we’re missing out on something potentially magical. 94 more words

Ashleigh Edwards

Now, we need your help:

We are only two brains and now we want to pick yours. We want to find out how the increasing number of hours spent online has affected the way you feel/think/sleep/interact online and offline. 308 more words

Ashleigh Edwards