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Video: Running was for weirdos

This format for video is more creative than many that are released from most news outlets. Vox has used a technique similar to white board drawing videos… 34 more words


Long Form: Stereotypically Queen's

You may be surprised to learn that The Queen’s Journal does a surprisingly solid job when it comes to long form stories. “Stereotypically Queen’s” incorporates interactive graphics, video and an engaging story within a beautiful interface. 69 more words


Video: Hillary Clinton & Hot Sauce

Now This is very strong when it comes to short-form videos that rely heavily on quick graphics and subtitles on the screen that briefly explain a story or issue.  65 more words


Visual Communication

Paul Rand, American author and graphic designer, defines design as “the method of putting form and content together.” A good design requires good content, because “content is king”, but also an attractive visual design that optimizes the effect of the message and makes the consumption of it a good experience for the user. 370 more words

Blog Post 2: What Website Elements Stand Out Most?

The objective of this post is to analyze the “visual characteristics” of three of my favorite websites. That is to say, I am going to identify where my eyes take me while browsing the webs, which elements of them stand out more, and the reasons for that. 1,024 more words