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page4– trump

When I hear the words “unique voice” or “distinctive voice,” I think of none other than our very own President of the United States. After hearing about Donald Trump’s decision to run for president and listening to a minute of his campaign speeches, I scoffed at the thought of him winning the presidency- he had no background in politics, but most notably, he literally sounded like a child. 324 more words

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page3– self-advocacy

Growing up as a first generation child to Vietnamese immigrant parents, there’s always certain expectations to be met, whether as a kid or even as a young adult. 347 more words

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page2– open letter response

Dr. King,

While reading your Letter From a Birmingham Jail, it not only pains me to hear about the struggles and misrepresentations you experienced, it amazes me to see the precedent that you have set with your civil discourse and non-violent ideals. 414 more words

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page1– subversive images

As a young woman that believes in gender equality and stands for women empowerment, there are plenty of successful and inspiring female role models (now, more than ever) that I can look up to, and Zendaya is hands down one of them. 330 more words

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Professor Unn Røyneland gives MEITS lecture on language & identity

At the start of May, Professor Unn Røyneland, Deputy Director of the Center for Multilingualism in Society Across the Lifespan (MultiLing) at the University of Oslo gave a public lecture in Liverpool entitled ‘”Where the f*** am I from?” Negotiating language and identity online’. 282 more words


Anecdote to the Digital Flasher

One of the biggest complaints I hear about online dating has to do with unsolicited pictures genitals.  For straight women, it is the “dick pic”  and for gay men it is the “hole pic”. 616 more words

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