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What is Content Identification and Why Do You Need It?

One of the services that the music streaming sites offer is content identification service. However, you need to know what that is and how it can help you before you can realize how important it is. 181 more words

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A to Z Challenge: R is for Recipes

Healthy recipes, that is! I wanted to share some wonderful healthy food blogs with you today. These are blogs I follow and regularly search when I am looking for inspiration! 22 more words


Digital Distribution: Get Your Music To Over 300 Stores And Streaming Service Globally

Sell, stream and license your music in the largest network of online music stores, streaming, video, and mobile providers in the industry.  From commercial to niche, from cloud to streaming, exploit your music’s reach and connect with more fans. 455 more words


K.Otic Apresenta… “Instrução Mental Vol.1”

“Instrução Mental Vol.1” é o trabalho de estreia de K.Otic. Composta por 20 instrumentais, a beat tape saiu no passado dia 16 de Fevereiro, com o selo da Cash Rules, editora que fundou juntamente com o rapper  146 more words

Digital Distribution

Cost Per Stream In Korea

In the west there are many articles on how little the musicians are actually getting per stream. Is it the same in Korea? What is the average payout per stream? 419 more words

Xbox Game Pass, The Business of AAA Games, And Singleplayer Games

The big news this week seems to be that Microsoft’s future first party video games will be included in its Xbox Game Pass service right when they launch. 725 more words


Quid apresenta Ex-Passos ao vivo e em edição digital

O LP “Gramática de Ser”, que foi editado há um ano pelo grupo Os Quad, apresentam agora o single “Ex-Passos”. Este tema tem edição mundial marcada para o dia 03 de Novembro e será apresentada ao vivo pelas 19:00 nas Escadinhas de Santo Amaro, em Alcântara. 54 more words