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Debashish Irengbam | Book Release Video for Me Mia Multiple

Watch Book release video for Me Mia Multiple by Debashish Irengbam for Harper Collins India.

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It's time to recognize Verizon as a player in digital sports media

Yes, the photo on this article is old, but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective in showing that Verizon has been involved in sports media for some time and is now a major player in the digital sports rights game. 302 more words


Twitter corners sports digital media market with deals to carry every big-four league

MLB and the NHL have come to deals with Twitter on streaming live games, and now the social media site has deals with all big-four major leagues in the United States. 385 more words


How Often Are Games Actually Lost To DRM?

Since the last time I talked about DRM here we’ve had more time to see the effects of Denuvo. Instead of going through all the usual DRM talking points like sales or quality of services for paying customers versus pirates, I’m gonna focus on one thing: the perceived affect of DRM on the future preservation of games. 929 more words


Was Bundling The Best Way To Distribute Demos?

In the past few weeks a couple of high-profile demos have appeared for DOOM and the remake of System Shock. This is understandably getting some people nostalgic about game demos and contemplating their almost total disappearance from the big publisher scene. 733 more words


YouTube's Five Lies Redux: Here is a Sixth

We are grateful to eagle eyed MTP reader asdfasdfasdf who posted this comment that I thought was important and warranted its own post.  (asdfasdfasdf is known to us for you MTP comment policy mavens, so don’t start with me.)  This would qualify as Lie #6 or at least #5A. 274 more words

YouTube Bad Acts

Digital Media is Convenient, But Transient & Unsustainable

I’ve written in the past about some issues with digital distribution of media, and how it’s not convenient for those without fast & stable internet. Even ignoring that, however, I’ve recently found myself musing on some other issues with digital distribution of media. 551 more words