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Diversity and Digital Distribution

[Originally published May 5, 2016]

Both movies and video games are in the throes of a battle over diversity. In a wash of white everymen, minority protagonists struggle to find a voice. 914 more words

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My Music Distribution Dilemma

I am almost done with my album. One more track to record and some finishing touches and the sound engineer can do what he does best and get the tracks mastered. 342 more words


Disabusing digital distribution delusions: the industry's digital holy grail myth

October 2005

Digital distribution has long promised but consistently failed to revolutionise the traditional computer and video games supply and value chains. The disintermediation of retailers, distributors and even publishers which promised to allow content developers to sell directly to consumers was always seen as the inevitable consequence of the internet revolution. 609 more words


Distributers and Label Services

With the invention of streaming platforms such as, Spotify the music industry has had to quickly adapt, as music is no longer a product, but rather a service. 513 more words


1 - Label Services and Digital Distributors

Label services and digital distributors

Today in class we have learnt about Online digital distribution and Label services. As a class we discussed the positives and negatives of each one and how they worked. 1,348 more words

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The Nintendo Wii 10 Years On: What Was And Could Have Been

The original Nintendo Wii turned 10 over the weekend, I haven’t seen many retrospective articles about it but I haven’t really been looking. Maybe they’ll be up this week. 984 more words


Digital Music Distribution

Music can’t just be uploaded to Spotify, it has to go through procedure to filter out all the rubbish that’s online. You must have metadata which ensures laws are all fulfilled. 501 more words