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The Hidden Levels #2: The Digivolution

The Hidden Levels has returned to talk about the rise of digital distribution in the game industry and how we’re mere years aways from discless consoles. 63 more words


Swift VS Spotify

Haters gonna hate, (hate hate hate hate)

The Players

So Taylor Swift is the most recent in a string of Uber Artists to take her music off… 480 more words


The Future Of Resident Evil's Past

Capcom seems to be pleased with the digital sales of its latest Resident Evil HD remaster which already has fans giddy. I think I want to put out what I’d like to call some realistic expectations for how Capcom might or might not build on this. 777 more words


Wednesday Editorial: Digital Distribution

It’s interesting to watch technology evolve. I remember growing up with Gameboy, VHS, dial up internet, etc. Now we are at 4k video, handhelds with touch screens and 3d. 838 more words


Thoughts on Digital Distribution

I’m normally the first person to advocate for new technology.  But, let me give a quick anecdote showing how sometimes the future sucks.

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned offhand to some friends while discussing the Matrix that I hadn’t seen the Animatrix.   134 more words


An Interview with Andrew Shaw of PRS for Music on Negotiating with Google, a guest post by Jonathan David Neal

An interview by composer Jonathan David Neal with Andrew Shaw, Managing Director of Broadcast and Online of PRS for Music.


In the summer of 2007 PRS For Music, the UK PRO, licensed You Tube, owned by Google, for music use on a per download basis. 3,834 more words

Artist Rights

The End And Future Of Club Nintendo

I’d been meaning to say something about the end of Club Nintendo for a while. Nintendo’s loyalty program has not been an insignificant subject on this blog. 608 more words