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Minnesota Customers of TerraCom’s Lifeline Phone Service May Be Eligible for One Year of Free Credit Monitoring

A little bit off my beaten path – but I wanted to help spread the word and I figured some regular readers may be in a position to share this info with folks who may have been TerraCom customers in 2013… 432 more words


#ANZSOG2015 Plenary 7 - Digital Strangers, digital natives: Managing our workforces' generational divide

“This discussion will focus on the consequences of the generational divide on the public sector workforce in terms of the gap in digital literacy between senior executives and their workforces. 622 more words

#ANZSOG2015 Plenary 5 – Innovation and Empowerment: How citizens and technology are reshaping government

“International and local perspectives on how innovative technologies can transform the relationship between government and citizens in achieving better policies and service delivery.”

Dr Tanja Aitamurto… 1,051 more words

Digital divides

As I laid in bed, the clock at the top of my phone screen read 00:17. A new text message notification popped over the little numbers. 314 more words


Where's the digital liferaft?

We think of technology as an enabler, empowering people to better their lives through the wonderful new tools and resources that we take for granted every day.  592 more words


Federal ConnectHome looking for staff to enhance broadband in HUD housing

ConnectHome is an effort to extend affordable broadband access to families living in HUD-assisted housing. It’s a new effort and they are looking for someone to head up the program. 616 more words

Digital Divide

Digital Divide, part 2

What can we do to bridge the Digital Divide?

This question becomes one that pits the haves against the have-nots, with the caveat that the have-nots may not realize what they don’t have, so it perhaps really is a question of whether we can provide the opportunity for everyone to have the same access (but whether or not that opportunity is seized will depend on the individual). 285 more words