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Nowadays, developing countries are using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to bridge the gap in knowledge access and social equality for their people. It is widely recognized that bridging the digital divide can promote literacy, democracy, social development, public services equality, and sustainable economic growth. 95 more words


Participation and the Digital Divide

Digital technology is apart of our everyday lives. There is not one day where I do not use technology. I use it according to the different contexts I am involved in such as a personal context to connect with family and friends, my professional context where at my workplace I frequently send and receive emails and also in my schooling context where I study completely online, which requires daily use of a laptop. 409 more words


Solving the Urban Digital Divide

I can remember talking about the digital divide twenty years ago. At that time the main issue was to get computers to low income households so that they could buy DSL. 720 more words

The Industry

Topic Four: The Digital Divide - Social Media Ethics

The past half-century of technological development have seen the adoption and use of technology like the Web, smartphones and more become common in our lives. They realise the dreams of a global information communication system that had previously only been bound to ideas and dreams in such concepts as Well’s ‘ 547 more words


Mobile-only broadband household rate is growing at all economic levels

I have so much Minnesota-specific broadband news happening lately that I’ve been trying to focus BUT I found the following results of a broadband adoption survey… 234 more words

Digital Divide

Teaching in the digital world.

What is a digital world?

The digital world is what we live in today, and comes as a result of many innovations and technology advances over the last several decades for example, “technological breakthroughs have revolutionized communications and the spread of information. 1,481 more words

Digital Divide

Education in the Digital Age

Digital identities and digital security

It is becoming increasingly evident to me that we live in a modern online world. Access to information, shopping and bill paying has never been easier. 1,568 more words