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Moved Website and Got a Smartphone

      I have moved this website to WordPress from Wix. The menu on my Wix website kept vanishing as I scrolled no matter what I did. Meanwhile, I have created other websites on WordPress with no glitches. 268 more words

Digital Divide

Information Accessibility & Upward Mobility

Technology can save the world! Can’t it?

The idea that technology is able to drastically change economical circumstances around the world is the running theme throughout the required readings for today. 788 more words

Social Informatics

Creating Opportunity for All

 CS is a “new basic” skill necessary for economic opportunity and social mobility. By some estimates, just one quarter of all the K-12 schools in the United States offer CS with programming and coding, and only 28 states allow CS courses to count towards high-school graduation, even as other advanced economies are making CS available for all of their students. 792 more words

Paying for Rural Fiber

I am in an interesting place in the industry in that our firm works for both municipalities as well as lots of small commercial ISPs like telcos, cable companies and CLECs. 769 more words

Improving Your Business

Low-Income Americans Face Internet Access That Is Slow, at Risk of Disruption

The good news is that the vast majority of Americans, even low-income ones, now have some access to the Internet. The bad news is that many are “under-connected,” with mobile-only access that is subject to data caps or interruption due to payment issues. 268 more words


Digital Divide

1:Why does the digital divide matter to children and their families

The digital divide matter to children and their families because a non-profit organization declared to give away one laptop per child at the World Economic Forum in 2005. 480 more words

Digital Divide