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Participation and the Digital Divide

Children of the 21st century are born and raised within a digital world, where modern technologies are continuously infiltrating their everyday lives, for example social media, online gaming consoles and mobile phones, however as an educator it is imperative to understand that not all students have equal access to these technologies (Howell, 2012).  240 more words

Digital World

DIGITAL DIVIDE, a.k.a the division of access to tech around the world

Digital Divide is the gap between parts of the world where access to technology is very different, such as countries that have constant and non restricted access to all current tech in comparison to other places which have little to no access. 157 more words

Participation and the digital divide.

To make an assumption, if you are reading this blog, you must at least have access to the internet, whether it be your own high speed wi-fi, mobile 3G or 4G, Broadband, satellite or the National Broadband Network (NBN). 407 more words

Digital Divide

Participation and the digital divide

Digital technologies are creating a multi-literate world, as human societies everyday lives become

heavily saturated with technology, the role of an educator is to begin to incorporate these… 419 more words

The Great Digital Divide and Beyond

So what is the ‘digital divide’ I hear you ask?

Well, in essence the digital divide is the difference between households and students that do have access to the internet and mobile devices such as laptops and those that do not. 402 more words

Why I'm Giving Up on the Digital Divide

I’ve spent much of my working life engaging in one way or another with what is generally termed the “Digital Divide” (defined as the “divide between those who have Internet access and those who do not”). 1,749 more words

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Participation and the digital divide

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), those living in a capital city or in a high-income household are more likely to have internet access at home (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2014). 524 more words