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Lunea Chibi Persona

Lunean Chibi Persona

Lunea Chibi Persona

Made with Autodesk Sketchbook on my Samsung Galaxy S4.

This took me so long to make. She is my original character, my persona, and a character for a story I am working on in my head. 12 more words


One color self-portrait

I’m taking a design class at Northwest Arkansas Community College and this is the first design I’ve done in it.

I hope to be posting more from my design class soon!

Digital Drawings

Project 3: Picking and Portraying

To continue the plant drawings for this Project, I took inspiration from my latest research on drawing, and Russell Crotty‘s drawings on three-dimensional surfaces. 481 more words

Punch fear in the face

I have so much to say about fear, that I don’t even know where to start…I’ll start in your face.

Fear is a clue.

A clue to deal with something you neglected to look into. 361 more words

Digital Drawings

Bestiarium: Rompo

Name: Rompo
Mythos of Origin: African(?) and Hindu mythology
Type: Mammalian, Skeletal, Chimæra, Vermin, Scavenger
Habitat: unknown

Imagine if you will that instead of being the product of thousands of years of emergent storytelling, coming up with mythology was somebody’s job, presumably at some sort of firm. 457 more words


Stay curious

This is how it feels like when i’m being curious. How does it feel and look like to you?

But when I lose it, it takes me a little while to notice, because I get numb like a drunk lizard in the winter.  272 more words

Digital Drawings

Exposed troll

There’s a thing about creation or any form of art. Putting your art out there into the world may seem like a narcissistic thing to do. 110 more words

Digital Drawings