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Carnivorous donkeys and "Binsenweisheiten". A conference report.

The presentations and subsequent discussions at the 129th conference of the Verein für niederdeutsche Sprache (VndS) in Stendal presented a colourful and inspiring mix of perspectives on new methods in Low German studies. 569 more words


The Challenges of Fitting TEI Tags to a Medieval Dictionary Manuscript

When I started planning my digital edition of a 15th century Latin-German dictionary, I did not expect that choosing the correct XML tags would be almost as much of a challenge as deciding which phenomena to encode. 2,616 more words


About the Engelhus-Vokabular

WHAT Is the Object of Research?

My research intends to produce a digital edition of a 15th century dictionary called “vocabularius quadriidiomaticus”, “Vokabular”, or “Glossar” (there is, as yet, no universally recognised name), based on two out of 19 surviving manuscript copies. 237 more words


Sorry Professor, I Was Playing Pokemon... Again

By: Connor Lenahan

And just when I thought my academic career was on an upswing. The Pokemon Company has made a slew of announcements recently celebrating the 20th anniversary of the franchise and – wait, what? 274 more words

Personal Favorites

GQ February is out!

With the man of the season decorating our cover – Eddie Redmayne! I’m really looking forward to seeing him in The Danish Girl soon…


Digital Edition


Shakespeare’s King Lear revolves around relationships between parents and children. These relationships carry grand implications: wealth, land, even murder. For Edmund, Goneril, and Regan, the desire for land and power supersedes any instinct for paternal love. 2,135 more words

Up in smoke: The New York Times lowers its standard for the front page

No less an institution than the New York Times has begun violating the traditional separation between news and advertising on what used to be considered sacrosanct space – the front page. 309 more words

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