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Digital Identity and Digital Security

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Most of us have one, some multiple. A digital identity is almost inevitable when wanting to stay connected with friends in this intertwined world of communication. 468 more words

Digital Convergence and Transmedia

Wondering how R2D2, Luke Skywalker and co. could transform education?

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What is it? … 627 more words

Disruptive Technologies and the more Democratic Future of Education?

Nearly every education based report I read these days is reiterating in some form the message that change is needed. There is general acceptance that these changes need to support students to be able to function effectively in an unknown and rapidly changing world. 1,744 more words

Digital Education


“Oh what a shame, the picture is gone I cannot find it!”

“No it’s not Nan, it is saved under ‘your files’ in the ‘device storage’ folder. 557 more words

Imagine a world where driving education is not required for driving a vehicle

When driving education was not formal training, “new drivers were taught by family members, friends, or car dealers“. To make driving safer, driving courses were created and new drivers must now show evidence of vehicle operation, application of traffic rules on the road, and responsibility. 500 more words

Weekly Reflections

Multi-media Study


I would like to invite you to participate in a study investigating the use of multi-media formats for designing and delivering online courses.

The study will involve watching a presentation and answering four short questionnaires about what you read, watched and listened to. 292 more words

Digital Education

The Deep Think - Taking Hong Kong Education Into The Digital Age

Here is an article in the Comment / Insight and Opinion section of the South China Morning Post.  It talks about secondary education in Hong Kong and the benefits of embracing the digital age in a more serious way.  138 more words