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Education in the Digital world

With the expansion of the Internet into almost every household in the modern world. It is inevitable that education will be available on the internet as an alternative to attending classes in a college or school. 67 more words

Digital Education


I believe that educators who aspire to help their students become digitally fluent should be able to use a wide variety of digital technologies and tools. 325 more words

Digital Education

Digital fluency

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http://tinyurl.com/ke5ybjp (part 1)

http://tinyurl.com/mfebcto (part 2)

http://tinyurl.com/jwaa9js (part 3)


According to Howell (2014), digital fluency is the ability to achieve desired results through the use of digital technologies. 396 more words

Digital Education

Digital Identities & Digital Security

What is a digital identity? What does it really mean?

When talking about a digital identity, it often refers to your presence online, such as social media. 855 more words

Digital Identities and Digital Security

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Howell J. (2014a). Digital identities. . Retrieved from


Howell J. (2014b). 81 more words

Digital Education

What is a Digital World?

The term “digital world” refers to the modern world where different forms of technology transform people’s everyday lives. Today’s students are growing up in a world revolving around technology. 414 more words

Digital Education

Participation & the Digital Divide.

The term ‘digital divide’ refers to those with and without access to modern age technology such as computers and the Internet (Snyder and Nieuwenhuysen, 2017). This ‘digital divide’ can affect an individual, a single society, and even entire countries such as third World countries. 584 more words