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The Digital World

Written Summation

Week 1 topic ‘What is the Digital World

Everyday, all of us are surrounded and engaged by modern technology, it is ingrained in almost everything we do. 475 more words

Digital Education

Participation and the Digital Divide

Auditory Summation

Click here to view my Voki presentation focusing on the Week 4 topic ‘Participation and the Digital Divide’.

As referred to in my Voki presentation, watch this presentation for further discussion on bridging the digital divide: 591 more words

Digital Education

Digital Fluency

Visual Summation

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This summation is focusing on the Week 6 topic ‘Digital Fluency’.

References are included at the end of the Prezi.

Digital Education

Smart Teacher Smart Class: promoting an audio-visual technology based learning environment in Bangladesh

By Mostafezur Rahaman*

In Bangladesh, because of government and other organization’s are using ICT materials as key tools their education program especially in the classroom teaching-learning process, educational administration, educational monitoring and evaluation, library management, admission and so on. 342 more words


Teachers Need to Be Smart about Technology.

We must begin teaching young people how to use IT in a positive manner which will not only aid their learning process, but also teach them how to use devices safely and even manage their own well being. 680 more words

Digital Education

Digitalization in education sector will minimize dropout rates

Digitize the education to control dropout rate. The Modern and digital era is inviting us heartily to face the new dimensions of growth. Fortunately the students are ready to welcome the new trend but with the rusty education system and worn out teaching ideologies. 282 more words

Digital Education

Effective use of technology in the education

In an era where technology has become very influential, it is really not surprising to learn how education has been changed by technology. In spite of the fact that education technology (EdTech) has become quite an exhausting market lately, experts still believe that technology’s role in changing the ever-evolving field of education is critical. 361 more words