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Why is “Patient Experience” bad?

I have seen a lot of articles, blogs and posts suggesting that the term “Patient Experience” is inherently bad because it is derived from the term “Customer Experience”. 353 more words


How can you use the new Facebook features to increase sales?

You may have heard that Facebook has rolled out 6 new features as they continue to evolve their product offering.  I don’t think all changes will be useful & relevant to all businesses but I wanted to chat about a couple that I think are pretty cool & useful. 348 more words

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The Slow Demise of Another Much Ballyhooed Digital Education Venture

Last week, in the New York Times, Michael J. de la Merced reported on News Corp.’s plan to sell off its unprofitable education unit. 273 more words

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Prevention, health, wellness and education should be top priority…..

The question is why did you get into medicine? The answer should be to make a difference in your patient’s health.

However with healthcare constantly changing, focusing on symptoms rather that the cause, you need to have something to help providers get a better, clearer picture to your patient’s health history and learn about you as a potential patient. 282 more words


Take the Time to Show Your Patients You Care

Almost every ad for a health system, individual physician, or healthcare provider states that they love their patients.  Some print up buttons, t shirts and other swag to brainwash the patients into feeling this love.  297 more words


Five Ways Halo Health Enhances the Patient Experience

Did you ever go into your physician’s office and think to yourself “how long am I going to be waiting” or that you really do not want to watch a show about people fighting with each other over clothes or walking into each other on the same side of the street or how their relative dated the same person you are. 251 more words


Will The Online Learning Revolution Benefit Learners?

With the rise in tuition fees and stricter selection process in universities and colleges across the globe, more and more people are now opting for online education courses. 668 more words

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