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Will The Online Learning Revolution Benefit Learners?

With the rise in tuition fees and stricter selection process in universities and colleges across the globe, more and more people are now opting for online education courses. 668 more words

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Helping the Underserved in Your Waiting Room

The health centers, clinics and practices around the country that help the underserved do a great job of helping as many people as they can with limited budgets. 279 more words

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MIT Wants to be the Boss When it Comes to Digital Education

MIT looks to maintain its status of “the most prestigious technical college in the whole bleepin’ world,” but specifically in the world of digital education: 147 more words


What is really on Your Waiting Room TV

One of the most common reasons offices do not have HDTV digital patient education systems is the belief that patients want to be comforted by cable TV versus learning how to live healthier and manage their ailments. 364 more words

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3 Ways to Enhance Your Patient Experience in Your Waiting Area

The new buzzword is Patient Experience.  Everyone is trying to understand it, measure it, and improve it.  Most of this effort is focused on the back room and post care treatment and communication.  277 more words

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The future of education is digital-based….This is why.

Digital education is the use of desktops, laptops or tablets and e-books for learning coupled with / without the use of internet. The e-books can either be online -based where you have to be connected to the internet to access and read them. 313 more words


Reduce Stress in Your Front Office

Phones are ringing off the hook, you are running late, the waiting room is jammed, computer systems are slow, and the fax machine is jammed.  Referrals, insurance verifications, and payments are at a standstill.  274 more words

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