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Educators, still holding on to old practices and struggling to accept digital technologies?

Employers are looking for new skills and traits, influenced by digital technology. Students and most of the rest of the population spend vast amounts of time connected in various ways and yet as Testerman points out in her article… 324 more words

Digital Education

The Online Revolution In Business Education -- And How To Thrive With It

The ever-accelerating pace of online technology has completely changed the way we work, entertain ourselves, communicate and connect. And now it is revolutionizing the way we learn. 1,001 more words

4 Ways to Lead the Younger Generation

Everyone who knows me, knows one thing about me- that I love standing in front of a group to tell them how smart I am.  That’s why I jumped at the chance to become an adjunct instructor at the Temple University Fox School of Business.  348 more words


Online Learning Is Going To Replace The Traditional Learning. How True?

Gone are the days when the customary instruction by attending in the classroom was an objective. The headway of science and innovation conveys you to the adjustments in each circle of life. 501 more words


Today I came across this succinct article by Katie Martin on why believing in our students matters, as this can have a significant impact upon a teacher’s practices and students’ uptake of learning regardless of where learning and teaching that takes place – whether face-to-face or online. 1,394 more words


Education in the Digital world

With the expansion of the Internet into almost every household in the modern world. It is inevitable that education will be available on the internet as an alternative to attending classes in a college or school. 67 more words

Digital Education


I believe that educators who aspire to help their students become digitally fluent should be able to use a wide variety of digital technologies and tools. 325 more words

Digital Education