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The Digital Education

The traditional education system started with a”SCHOOL SLATE” and a “SLATE PENCIL”. Now, we have traveled a lot in the educational techs and trends and everything is getting digitized. 149 more words

First year of the iPad in my art classes

One of the motivations for starting this blog eighteen months ago was that the school where I work had decided to make the step to a more digital rich form of education with every pupil ultimately working with an iPad.   1,309 more words

New Partnership Yields Integrated Waiting Room

Halo Health just forged a partnership with Unicomp Corporation of America (UCoA) that integrates UCoA’s patient registration kiosk with Halo’s HDTV digital patient education system.  For Urgent Care Centers, multi-practice specialties, single practitioner offices, and health systems, this means that once a patient registers using the iQ Kiosk system, their first name/last initial and an expected wait time will be broadcast on Halo’s education systems in conjunction with Halo’s health and wellness information. 165 more words

Digital Patient Education

Halo Health Helps Your Patients Beat the Heat

One of the great things that Halo Heath’s digital patient education systems can do is help your patients with timely issues in their health and wellness lives.  181 more words

Digital Patient Education

Non-Profits Must Embrace Digital Education Platforms

Many Non-Profit Associations and Foundations struggle to get their message out to potential donors, researchers, and partners because they are understaffed, underfunded and “old school”.  Their ability to speak to people who can make a difference is compromised and their mission’s reach is not as great as it could be.  256 more words

Digital Patient Education

Digitale Bildung sollte so wichtig sein wie lesen und schreiben

Das zumindest fordern einige prominente Vertreter der IT-Branche im Vereinigten Königreich. Nachdem ein geschäftsführender Direktor der Mozilla Foundation dies bereits 2013 gefordert hat, scheint sich… 460 more words

Prowise Meets Innovative Australian Educators

During a recent visit to Australia Martin de Fockert International Channel Manager for Prowise met with a number of Australian National Galleries, Libraries, Museums, schools and universities. 271 more words