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How do you make school interesting again?

How do you make school interesting again?
Come rendere ancora interessante la scuola?
Questa è la Driving question non googleabile che il mondo chiede a tutti gli insegnanti. 334 more words
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What is CLIL ?

Insegnare una materia in un’altra lingua? Sì, sicuramente è una risposta rapida e semplice. Insegnare una materia in una lingua diversa da quella materna? Anche questa è rapida e abbastanza semplice. 179 more words
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Unleashing the E-learning Storm

Remember the days when we were prone to use chalk and blackboard for studying, carrying slate with us. A decade ago or pre-digitalization era the sources of knowledge were big size heavily weighted books and distinguished faculties to whom, we always restricted ourselves to ask queries except the intelligent one.  713 more words


The Stretch Cycle

Experiential learning – and what other kind of learning is there? – relies at its most basic upon four components: a safe environment from which to launch exploration; the hunger to discover and learn new things; the occasion to experience new things within a measured, controlled space; the opportunity to reflect on those experiences in a way that permits us to incorporate the reflection into the enhanced place from which the adventure began. 1,607 more words


An Open Letter to the Netizens

Has social media reduced distances or increased them? It’s a pertinent question and has been debated for years. Dining table conversations belong to a bygone era since all family members are glued to their smartphone screens. 375 more words

Back to the emotions

The Building Blocks of Learning|by David Brooks

The ancient Greeks had different words for different kinds of love — like Ludus (playful love), Pragma (longstanding love) and Agape (universal love). 101 more words

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Tales of the unexpected

If you’ve looked at this blog before, you’ll probably know that I’m nearing the end of the wonderful MSc in digital education at Edinburgh University… 284 more words

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