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thx to this dude’s creative streak i post some selfies…


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Had a go at mucking about with a picture of Jerry, my writing partner on Starship Gypsies, and he posted the rather bizarre results...

Deconstructing the selfie...

Selfies, the ubiquitous personal identifier for millions of people all over the world.
Never really been one for them myself, but I thought I’d try a few and see if I could “art them up” a bit. 6 more words


Autumn as art...

Sometimes it’s interesting to see what I can do with photos, just for the sake of experimentation.
So today I thought I’d have a go at making the Autumn countryside look more like… 6 more words


Why CG Sucks (Because Sometimes It Does)

Freddie Wong recently uploaded a video on why computer-generated imagery (or CG) sucks.  “Except it doesn’t,” he qualifies.  I’m a big fan of Wong’s work, most of which is available on YouTube.  754 more words

ADP's VFX Practice: Testing After Effects Jet Strike and Smoke Trails

Adobe After Effects smoke trail missile launch test sequence. Jet Strike from Video Copilot. Thanks to Andrew Kramer and Video Copilot, I’ve been able to learn over the years how to incorporate VFX shots into my films. 48 more words


Maxon features our work

Over in Friedrichsdorf, the makers of Cinema 4D have profiled our work on Sydney Opera House. Read the article here, which delves a little into what we do. 6 more words