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augmented reality: sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.

the dea skinny on what’s happening:

reality is bad enough at times without bloody augmenting it, you say. agreed. now get over it. we get you don’t need more stuff to follow in this digitally cluttered world. 671 more words

the trans-media convergence future and "pervasive experience"...from Corning

(eyeball time: 5.3 minutes for the cool video clip…)

you may not know it, but corning was a stagnant usa rust belt glass company until they pioneered the development of high impact glass for mobile devices, large flat screen tvs…and yes, even that “telestrator” blackboard wolf blitzer and everyone at cnn uses non-stop to show you election results to earthquake data…today, they own the world…look at your phone…your computer…your video screen…corning is in your face… with practically bullet proof glass… and wait till you see the new flat screens we saw at ces this january in las vegas which will hit the market by june, 2011 at a best buy store near you… 126 more words