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A Voice of Colorado No. 742:

Agreed: Until Albert Manzi, CEO of Prairie Mountain Media, which owns THE REPORTER-HERALD (Loveland, CO.), is fired for allowing his subordinate, the Managing Editor of THE REPORTER-HERALD, Jeff Stahla, to publicly advocate age-based discrimination, and until Jeff Stahla is fired for publishing an alleged comment in “The RH Line” supporting age-based discrimination a boycott against the parent company of THE REPORTER-HERALD and Prairie Mountain Media, Digital First Media is in effect. 72 more words

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A Voice of Colorado No. 737:

Age-based discrimination is against the law. For a supposedly professional newspaper to advocate it, to break the law, is inexcusable. If you believe age has worth do not do business with Digital First Media, the parent company of Prairie Mountain Media, which owns, among others, THE REPORTER-HERALD (Loveland), which advocates discrimination based on age.

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Sunday night memo dump II: Berkshire Eagle’s latest moves

OK, this isn’t really a memo—it’s a press release that was posted at the Berkshire Eagle Friday afternoon. And it’s an encouraging sign from the local ownership group that… 384 more words


A Voice of Colorado No. 587:

It is no longer a rumor but fact: Digital First Media, which owns THE DENVER POST, THE DAILY CAMERA (Boulder), THE TIMES-CALL (Longmont), and THE REPORTER-HERALD (Loveland), and Gannett, which owns THE COLORADOAN (Fort Collins) have started cutting jobs as an effort to shore up failing revenues. 105 more words

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Some links about fake news sites

I am teaching a class at Washington and Lee University today on news literacy.

We’ll be discussing fake news sites and I will be showing the students these links: 54 more words

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A Voice of Colorado No. 547:

It is official: Health insurance policy premiums will be increasing substantially.

Because of this undeniable fact many people will be cutting expenses, which include subscriptions to and advertising in newspapers. 144 more words

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The newspaper industry's colossal mistake was a defensive digital strategy

The worst part about bad “newspapers made this huge mistake” stories is they spend the next week clogging my FB feed. Ugh.

— Chris Krewson (@ckrewson) …

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