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Vlogging Is Actually Rad

But, just as is suggested in this video, it is awkward at first, too.

I got really excited about this whole vlogging thing so I made another one. 109 more words

Google yo'self

For last week’s assignment we were tasked with stalki-…. cyber-sleuthing a fellow classmate to check out what it is like to leave a digital footprint all up in the internet’s business. 290 more words

Digital Footprints

For the recent Safer Internet Day, the 8 year old taught me about my digital footprint. The personal markers I leave all over the internet like our dogs pissing at the park. 142 more words


The Importance of Personal Online Presence

For millennials, we have been told: “Think about your digital footprint. What does it say about you?” We were asked this in high school, and we are continually forced to think about what our Facebook or our Twitter feed is saying about us and if we are responsible and professional enough to hire. 461 more words


I Still Don't Like This

A year and a half ago, my friend Crystal and I wrote guest posts for our respective blogs about an experiment we conducted on social media. 777 more words


Rethinking "Digital Footprint"

Last week, we learned that we have to completely rethink how we teach critical thinking on the web.

Today, as I dig into the idea of digital footprint, I realize we have to completely rethink our approach to this as well.   472 more words