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Introduction To Teaching; Focus Questona

Introduction To Teaching
Focus Questions

INSTRUCTOR: Mrs. Rheaume

05 October 2017

  • What was the nature and purpose of colonial education

  • Colonial education was reserved for the wealthy white males of the community…
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Digital Footprints & Net Neutrality

It is becoming an expectation that all students use technology in some respect to complete assignments at school. Between digital citizenship, net neutrality, and the discussion of digital footprints, educators and parents have a lot to think about. 785 more words

Digital Learning

Sharenting, Bijak?

Duluuuu, waktu saya masih kerja di salah satu perusahaan ritel keperluan ibu dan anak terbesar di Indonesia, saya terinspirasi dari salah seorang mom blogger yang pernah saya ajak kerjasama. 1,821 more words

Cerita Seputar Si Anak Bayik

Social Media and High School

Yesterday, as many of you know, the ABC show Roseanne was cancelled after a very promising re-vamp.  This story in the news presents a perfect teachable moment for many middle and high school students.  383 more words


The Digital Footprint You Leave Behind

When I was a child, I became obsessed with the idea of leaving behind a piece of my life after my death. I thought seriously about time capsules, taking ample amounts of photographs, and recording the major events of life while I was alive from my own perspective. 471 more words


Relating to each other

This past week I have been trying to think of a theme or topic to write about. I thought about writing/posting about my last trip to Mackinac Island, or posting my running stats.  1,325 more words

Yes, the Mind (Still) Has No Firewall. "The Human Factor 2018" Report.

Human element, together with its all psychological and cognitive weaknesses, constitutes arguably the most vulnerable component of company’s attack surface. Recently released report “The Human Factor 2018… 448 more words