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We want to hear from you: tell us how you manage your digital footprint/online presence

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We want to hear from you! 117 more words


Week 4.0: My Digital Footprint

This week’s lecture was quite the informative one. Prior to the lecture, I had heard about the concept of “digital footprints” and how everyone online has one. 335 more words


Week Four: Your Digital Footprint


To put it simply, my digital footprint is enormous. I use so many social media platforms, I rely on the Internet to solve most of my problems (how to take care of injuries, mostly), and I don’t try to hide who I am, either. 273 more words

One Week, One Post

Valuable information on your digital footprint

In one of my recent blog posts I briefly discussed privacy issues, focusing mainly on Facebook to demonstrate how important it is to customise your settings so you can control who sees what within your virtual space. 58 more words

(ICAWEB417A) Integrate Social Web Technologies

EdTech 543: 10 Tips to Create a Positive Digital Footprint

I have had some sort of presence on social media for over a decade, but as I have “grown up” I have definitely become more aware of what I am posting online, especially as an educator. 170 more words

Digital Identities and Security

Creation of a digital identity and the use of digital media in a secure manner is a vital topic in the modern world. Each individual has the freedom and responsibility to create an identity for themselves in the digital world. 590 more words

Technology In Education

Thing 3: On Digital Footprints

Thing 3, post 2, week which? Keeping going, keeping going – this feels like one of those things that I’d regret not making it to the end of. 587 more words