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Digital Identities and Digital Security

Our identity is who we are. In the real world we choose what we share, with who. However, a digital identity is not so simple. Everything we put online is added to make up our digital identity (Binary Tattoo, 2017). 394 more words

Digital identities and digital securities

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“Digital identity and security are all about who knows what about me when” (Heuer, 2013) 552 more words

Have you Googled yourself lately?

              Googling yourself sounds conceited, however our digital presence in some cases is just as important as our physical appearance. Years ago my mother took courses to be a real estate broker, and one of the pieces of advice the instructor gave was to never disclose political opinions. 798 more words


Digital Identities and Digital Security

Digital Identity Definition

According to Allison et al (2005), a digital identity is an online or networked character used by a real-life individual, organisation or electronic device in cyberspace. 541 more words

Digital Footprint

Thoughts on my own Digital Footprint.

As a Future Teacher, I know that we are not only known as essentially one to teach, but also in a way role models or leaders. 365 more words


Digital Citizenship/Social Media Digital Footprint

Part A Digital Citizenship

In my Education Technology class we participated in an “information race” where we were given certain things to look up provided by our teacher and the group who could find all the answers online first won. 595 more words


Digital Citizenship - Digital Footprint

As someone who is in their 20’s I like most other people my age am on multiple social media platforms. When thinking about my digital footprint, I have to think about all my posts, comments, photos, and anything else that I have put out there into the internet world. 292 more words

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