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Your Digital Footprint

Honestly, I have never paid that much attention to my digital footprint. I have my site hosted on WordPress like many of my followers and readers do. 398 more words


Digital Footprint - Video Created!

My video I created on “Your Digital Footprint”

Have you ever finally gotten freedom only to realize that you really aren’t that free? Well, follow a student as she finds out through a classmate about her digital footprint. 112 more words


How to be a smartphone

1. Connect to hundreds (or thousands, if you can) of other smartphones through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram. For the definition of a smartphone, read the rest of this list. 188 more words


What does you digital footprint say about you?

Have you ever googled yourself? If you have not done so, please do. For those who have done it, what did you find? Is it not scary that this is what the world sees when they search for you? 347 more words

What is your digital footprint and the true cost of using the internet

Your digital footprint is all the stuff you leave behind as you use the Internet. Comments on social media, Skype calls, app use, browsing websites and your IP Address form part of your online history and can potentially be seen by other people, or tracked in a database. 411 more words

Digital Conversations


You may, or may not, have heard that the French have got their pantalons in a bunch over the whole ‘posting images of your kids online’ thing as they pass a law allowing kids to sue their parents for posting pics of them online. 869 more words