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As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, Recommended for you I have decided to challenge my digital footprint.

My new venture can be found Here

I will be concentrating on this site for a week and seeing where it leads.. 10 more words

Blog Introduction

Snap Now, Slip Later: Why Your Digital Footprint Seriously Matters

Snapchat. Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. WhatsApp. Kik. Tumblr.

The majority of our teenagers have these apps installed on their phones, and often they are used under the naive assumption of privacy – “I only add people I know!” “It’ll delete in 8 seconds!” But what many fail to realize is that every click, swipe, or tap leaves a traceable trail to everything you have  501 more words

Digital Footprint

How to stay safe online

“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. 554 more words


Demystifying Marketing Automation ~ Was ist Marketing Automation

Warum sollte dich das kümmern? ~
Why should you care?

Du brauchst nicht mal ein Konto bei Amazon – wenn Du ein Smartphone mit seinen Fabrikeinstellungen hast, dann hast du bereits eine Email / Facebook Werbung / Twitter Post / Google Werbung (…) bekommen, die von einer Marketing Automation Software an dich verschickt wurde. 1,550 more words


Week 9-Digital Citizenship

When is it better not to know something?  What does it say about you when you truly believe ignorance really is bliss?  How instructive is it to know the extent of your digital tattoo? 1,589 more words

Digital Age Learning Experiences And Assessments (TIE 524)

How to manage your online identity

Join now – create an effective online presence and manage your digital identity.

The Digital Footprint – 3 week online course (free or £39 for a certificate) from the University of Edinburgh, … 25 more words

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