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Social media: why thirteen?

Those of you who follow my blog or know me professionally know that I love technology and that I’m a big believer in its ability to transform learning. 1,043 more words

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Finding your niche - 5 things to spruce up your personal Brand!

Today, everything requires marketing & selling!

Whether you are a student applying for a college application, a professional looking for that dream job, a new business owner pitching for that funding, a consultant finding new clients or an individual looking to build your network; one skill which every professional requires is the ability to market and sell themselves – making themselves, their company or their skills desirable for their potential clients, employers or business partners. 653 more words

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Ever Changing Technology, Ever Changing Information

Students of today are inundated with technology. It literally surrounds them. To ask a child to imagine their life without technology is akin to asking them to imagine not existing at all. 266 more words

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Protect Your Digital Footprint

Have you ever thought about your digital footprint?

It is a strange thought that not only do we leave behind what we have always been told like a carbon footprint, a legacy with our family, a memory of who we are, etc. 415 more words

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Video: creating an effective online presence

This short presentation (approx 10 mins) by Dr Louise Connelly, provides information on managing your digital footprint and creating an effective online presence.

Creating an effective online presence

Online Presence

Digital Communication: The New Frontier

It seems that communication has reached new heights and fallen to new lows in one fell swoop over the past decade. With communication literally being at the fingertips of most individuals in the modern world, people can snap and share photos, comments, and countless other personal tidbits faster than you can count to three. 240 more words

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To delete or not to delete?

It is Wednesday afternoon, 7th period. We are learning about digital footprints and their implications towards others’ lives. A digital footprint essentially consists of all the social media profiles you have, as well as other related ventures. 390 more words