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Privacy Paradox - 5 Day Challenge Results

Day 1 – What does your phone know about you?

So for the first day of the Privacy Paradox challenge, I was challenged to try turning off my microphone or location access in at least one app, if I could. 907 more words


The Fine Print

“We’re losing our ability to understand and control those trade offs—to choose, consciously and with awaremess of the consequences, what information about ourselves we disclose and what we don’t.” 204 more words


Thing 3: Digital Footprint

Googled and searched myself on DuckDuckGo, here’s what I found –

Yep that’s right. Nada.

The only thing I found about myself are a few Facebook posts I’ve been tagged in my previous work. 449 more words


Online Security Are You Playing Your Part?

Is online security only up to internet suppliers?

Just how secure are your online accounts? We all have them for banks, insurance, utilities, government services not to mention social media accounts but are you concerned for your online safety? 435 more words

Spinoff Digital

Transgenerational (Digital) Citizenship Education

“Digital Citizenship is more than just a curriculum to be taught in a classroom; it is an ongoing process to prepare youth for a society immersed in technology, personally and professionally.”  – …

701 more words
Digital Citizenship

Why Trump should use more emojis

Welcome back everyone! If you don’t know remember from last time, my name is Chase Brady and I’m a new media student at West Texas A&M. 363 more words

Encouraging your children to improve their digital footprint

On January 31, Nate Green and Melissa Turner led a session for our Upper School parents to help them encourage their children to improve their digital footprint. 51 more words