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Cyber Security Awareness... Why?

Online adventures leaves digital footprints. Like it or not.

Some people believe in just not being on Social Media (SoMe) and therefore in their opinion not at risk. 232 more words

Odin Eye Intelligence Solutions

My Education Technology Skills

Over the semester in EDTS325, we have learned a massive amount of skills we can use in the classroom. These skills are Smart Notebook, Google, interactive assessment, videos, coding, and social media websites that develop our personal learning network. 1,019 more words


Name of School, Check!

I literally (I try not to overuse “literally” like many folks do today) just thought of the BEST name for my school network. I can’t scream it out just yet because there is still some research and verification I need to do. 248 more words

Start A School

The art of tip-toeing – how to minimise your digital footprint

We all know what footprints in the sand look like but what’s a digital footprint? Well, it’s much the same thing except virtual. Consider the beach: billions of grains of sand across which you leave an imprint as you walk. 663 more words

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Digital Citizenship-The Riverside Way

Digital Citizenship & the Riverside way. One of the things that makes our school special is that we are a digital school with a bring your own device program. 332 more words

Digital Citizenship in and out of the Classroom

Everything is True on The Internet, Isn’t it?

In our EDTS325 class we did a neat activity to learn about Digital Citizenship. In this activity we were in groups of two. 666 more words