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Epiphany Bulletin Cover - 3 Gifts by Stushie

The three wise men bring their gifts to Christ. Bulletin cover art – based on Lewis Chessmen pieces.


Rose art: Cosmic Rose by Stushie

A pink rose beneath a starry sky

Markers and crayons


Comic art: Joker's Wild by Stushie

Sometimes the cartoon comic in me just wants to be drawn..:)


St Patrick's Day art: St Patrick's Night by Stushie

A jolly leprechaun, ready to dance a jig, beneath a magical rainbow in the night sky…:)


Winter art: Moon Glow by Stushie

Mountain trees silhouetted by glowing full moon – crayons and paper sculpting


Snowman art: Winter Cheer by Stushie

A jolly snowman who is happy that winter is here…:)

Also available as an ACEO card on Ebay


Bible art: Tears of Noah

Van Gogh type drawing – Noah’s grief as he watches the world being destroyed by the Flood