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History and an Online Persona

Until recently, I did not present myself professionally online, through social media or a blog. I tended to use social media to keep up to date on popular culture happenings, and to stay in touch with friends and family. 527 more words

Digital History

Entry #7: History and Social Media... Two Peas in a Pod!

History is making its way into today’s web 2.0 culture and it is being more readily available to the public because of said transition. That is to say that in today’s standards for historians is to have an online persona. 418 more words

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Playing with Fusion

At the moment, I’m writing a chapter on voluntary contributions from Indigenous communities in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand during the First World War. Any discussion of First Nations enlistments in Canada is bound to include a discussion of the 114th (Brock’s Rangers) Battalion, raised in Haldiman County in Southwestern Ontario. 1,742 more words


Mourning Lincoln in Sherman’s Savannah

Editor’s Note: The Georgia Historical Society is pleased to contribute items from its collection to the Remembering Lincoln digital collection (going live on March 18). The majority of items are clippings from its newspaper collection responding to President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. 620 more words

Abraham Lincoln

Exploring and Sharing the Past with iGIS

This post is long overdue but better late than never!

About a year-and-a-half ago, I started using iGIS, an iOS app that allows you to visualize geospatial data on your mobile device. 732 more words

Prisoner Of War

Entry #6: The Age of Jstor and the Push for Free Scholarship

In the last twenty years the internet has helped to spread knowledge. And as that knowledge has spread the people who use the information, have begun to demand that the works online be available to all for free. 551 more words

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Copyrights and Free Scholarship

Whether you are writing a book, a blog or creating music, it is important to think about copyright and how it affects you. Any and everything you write or create should be yours, and you should get your due credit when others decide to use it. 491 more words

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