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Online Exhibits Just Got Easier and Now There's No Reason Not to Make Them

This week for class we created an exhibit on Omeka based on the collection we uploaded last week.

You can choose from different themes, add labels, position the image (to an extent), and even make a gallery within a single page of the exhibit. 359 more words

Digital History

Video Didn’t Kill the Radio Star and Digitized Collections Won’t Kill the Physical Museum Either

When people first watched a movie in the theater, many feared that the train on the screen would fly out and hit them. When the VCR was invented, film companies worried that it would mean the end of their business. 802 more words

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Short history of the digital communication trap

Un-inventing the printing press

Printing co-evolved on different places at different times. Woodblock printing originated in China 220 yrs before Christ. The world’s first movable type printing press technology was also developed in China by the Han Chinese printer Bi Sheng between the years 1041 and 1048. 3,697 more words

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Interactive Legal Issues

So I’m just beginning my journey in a digital, or interactive, career.  I’m most likely to start working for someone else as an employee.  So why do I need to know about legal issues/concerns?   308 more words

Creating an Omeka Collection

For class, we all had to create a small collection on Omeka. The site’s clear layout and simple uploading process made this project very easy. 450 more words

Digital History

What's the Deal with Archives? Does Anyone Really Know?

Disclaimer: I am not an archivist and I have minimal experience with archives. However, I thought that I at least knew what an archive was. Boy was I wrong. 818 more words

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