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Voyant's Version of Your Digital History Response Papers

While we’re playing around with Voyant, I thought I’d have it analyze a HIS290 corpus: all your response papers from Wednesday.

Digital History

Notes on running the DH-USB

Our digital archaeology textbook will be intertwined with an instance of the DHBox. One of the participants in that project is Jonathan Reeve, who has been building a version that runs off… 702 more words


Digital History Project

Starting next week, you’ll be working on your first of two group projects. You’ll have until noon on Friday 3/3 to work with 2-3 other HIS290 students to create a digital timeline of a relatively narrow topic in history. 813 more words


When our digital history unit starts tomorrow, we’ll be considering how digitization does — and doesn’t — change the discipline of history. For example: how do technological changes not only help us to preserve and share primary sources, but give us new ways of analyzing and interpreting them? 83 more words


History in a Digital Age: Accessibility

One theme from Cohen and Rosenzweig that many of you picked up on in your response papers was that of accessibility, that they expected (rightly, it seems) that digitization would make history (and historical sources) more widely available to more people. 404 more words

Digital History

History in a Digital Age: Passivity

For our first blog post stemming from your “History in a Digital Age” responses, Lauren and Andrew reflect on the problem of passivity. Did you encounter this in your own exploration of the Bethel Digital Library or other digital projects? 375 more words

Digital History

Digital Identity in Graduate School

Last week, the Arts & Sciences Graduate Center at William and Mary hosted a Digital Identity Roundtable to discuss the benefits, pitfalls, and protocols for graduate students who currently use social media for networking and scholarship, and for those who would like to start. 613 more words