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And now for Something Completely Different: Mathematica Based Blog Analysis

At the start of this month I began to learn how to use Wolfram Alpha: Mathematica for more advanced digital research and textual analysis. To practice the skills which I am developing I am constantly seeking out new data sets. 393 more words


Missiles of Outrage and Anger

In the early pages of his memoir Known and Unknown, Donald Rumsfeld described boyhood memories of an America struggling to come to grips with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. 772 more words


Blog Post Analysis

I was able to apply Mathematica to a project outside of History 9877A for the first time. It was in the smallest possible way, but I will take my wins where I can get them. 503 more words

Digital History

Crafting Effective Visuals

A great deal of time is spent by digital historians discussing how to incorporate digital technology into the public history world. At times the subject is rather polarising. 875 more words

Digital History

Harrisburg Giants documentary, "There Were Giants"

The eagerly-awaited documentary about the Harrisburg Giants will premiere tomorrow at the Midtown Cinema. For a sneak peak, you can watch this preview.

Digital History

Word Frequency and Text Search

I am not sure if practice will ever make perfect, but I do know that practice is required. I have recently been introduced to Mathematica’s ability assist in analysing machine readable text through assessing word frequency and text search options. 327 more words

Digital History

Building a Toolbox/Why learn Digital History?

As I progress deeper into the world of digital history, and public history more broadly, I am continually reminded of my eleventh grade math class. The lesson from that class which has made the greatest impact on my life had little to do directly with mathematics. 871 more words

Digital History