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Tattoo History and Digital Humanities

I’ve been more than a bit absent from actively publishing tattoo-history related research and news on both this website and its companion social media accounts. If you’re curious as to why, I decided to go back to school for a *very intensive* program in data science (like I-can-barely-find-time-to-shower intensive, if that’s any indication of the rigor of this program I’m in). 117 more words

Tattoo History

Antisocial, Under Informed, and Armed with a Keyboard.

Media literacy courses should be offered throughout the US and around the world; pretty much anywhere there is heavy usage of digital media technologies.

This is actually my official stance on how to combat the pervasive antisocial behavior, trolling, and spreading of misinformation/falsehoods in online spaces. 788 more words


23 of the Best Jobs for History Majors

Our friend John Fea recently shared a link to a post entitled “23 of the Best Jobs for History Majors.” Compiled by James Mulvey, an English major-turned-software marketer, it lists “careers that pay well, complement the skills taught in History departments and have long-term growth.” While some would probably come to mind quickly — journalist, museum exhibit designer, perhaps political campaign manager, several prizing research skills — others are much more surprising. 64 more words

Vocation And Career

Digital Cultural Heritage: FUTURE VISIONS Conference

On the 19-20 April 2017, members of the University’s Hunter Living Histories presented an overview of twenty years of work creating the 3D Virtual Newcastle Time Machine… 536 more words

Aboriginal History And Culture

Convocation Lectures 1980 - 1999

By Angelique Carr

Seventeen tracks featuring Convocation Lectures over two decades have just been uploaded to the Cultural Collections SoundCloud. These recordings were found in the University of Newcastle’s Oral History Collection.  129 more words


Full and Reverberating

My room has always been a mess. Today, when I say “mess,” I mean I have a couple piles of books and some empty spaces on a shelf—or, I have a shelf completely filled and an overflow collected on my bedroom floor. 882 more words

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