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Pinning vs. Layering: Qualifying Modes of Digital Time Travel — Intro to Digital Public Humanities

After class ended, I stayed behind and was finally able to successfully pin my Berg photos to the Newark350 collection on Historypin. Like all subpar digital cartographers behind their time, I celebrated my tiny victory alone.

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Digital Humanities

DIGITAL: Rankin Maps the Spread of Slavery in United States

A digital project by Bill Rankin visualizes the spread of slavery in the United States in maps. Rankin uses dots, black space (to render county/state lines nearly invisible), and color gradations to mark the changing population of slave and free: 397 more words


All about my unessay

The inspiration for my unessay was spurred by an article entitled, Reading environment(s): digital humanities meets ecocriticism, co-written by Stephanie Posthumus and Stefan Sinclair.  I am interested in how our new global environment is impacting the humanities, and how this is captured in literature.   301 more words


Director's Corner (NEMLA Blog Post #9)

Greetings from Chicago!  The spring semester is almost over and faculty and students are preparing for summer break.  Of course, it feels more like winter here today as the temperatures in the city will be lucky to reach 48 degrees.   1,045 more words


Flexbox Layouts

In flex-grow property “flex-grow: value;” the value express the growth of the flex item relative to the growth of the other item in the flexbox. 121 more words


RA Interviews: Experiential Learning and The Stainforth Project

Because I have been so lucky to employ fantastic researchers here at Dartmouth and at CU-Boulder to work on the Stainforth Library of Women’s Writing, Dartmouth’s Digital Humanities librarians asked me to present on experiential learning in DH. 3,110 more words