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The National Training School


The advertisement argued that The National Training School was the best school for African Americans. It said that “in equipment and teaching it is not surpassed by any school.” What caught my attention was that words “surpass” “influence” and “destined.” The fact that a school surpasses the others really solidifies the argument that was originally stated. 106 more words

Who is for some Distant Reading?

Close text analysis is the primary weapon in your arsenal as a literature student, a skill which has be developed and finally tuned throughout your academic career. 536 more words


Writing the Digital Future: Dispatches from Bundaberg

I’m joining the team from Queensland University of Technology’s Writing the Digital Futures project to deliver a two-day creative writing event in Bundaberg next month. 69 more words



Hello everyone,

I haven’t written too much all these weeks, because I had to do so many things and I didn’t have time enough to write something fascinating. 661 more words


WEEK 2 - Complexity, simplification and networks



What is the story about? 

This story is about the number of refugees who have carried out a terror attracts on the U.S since 9/11, which is zero. 43 more words

Digital Humanities

Deformative Criticism at #SCMS17

At the upcoming SCMS conference in Chicago, I will be participating in a workshop on “Deformative Criticism and Digital Experimentations in Film & Media Studies” (panel K3 on Friday, March 24, 2017 at 9:00am): 289 more words