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Language Variation Suite and Interactive Text Mining Tool - QR Code

Our Language Variation Suite and Interactive Text-Mining Tool are now accessible via SmartPhone and iPad.

Use QR Scanner App to scan the following QR codes, open them in your browser on Smart Phone or iPad. 40 more words

Data Visualization

“Poor Impulse Control”: Remediation as a Decolonial Reading Practice

In my Indigenous new media and digital storytelling class, my students and I use remediation as a means to interrogate text and to consider what sovereignty might mean in terms of art. 964 more words

Southern Jaunt #2 -- Meeting IRL

I’m on a 2-3 week trip through the South, visiting family, attending a workshop and conference, and enjoying some time away from Indiana. I’m call the excursion my Southern Jaunt. 760 more words


Additional Narrative

Whilst it would be super awesome to get stuck straight into learning the code and getting all, well, code-y, there’s a few other things I want to think about before I get motoring with it all. 376 more words


What's Next?

After thinking about the project concept and getting a warm reception from the people I’ve talked about it to, the next bit was to see if it would be approved for the go-ahead. 599 more words