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Time and Time Again

TimeLineJs created by The Northwestern University Knight Lab is an online tool that creates visually appealing timelines. For ENGL 256-B, my teammates and I were tasked with creating a digital timeline about the famous imagist poet… 597 more words

Bike culture

The thing you learn from being a cyclist is you don’t give up, you keep fighting and it’s funny how that transitions over into other things in life.   453 more words

“What more does the Traveler want of Me?”: Destiny 2, Ghaul, and the Sci-Fi Villain

[7-10 minute read]

As its title screen fades to black, Destiny 2 (2017) sets itself up to follow the familiar science fiction trope of moral disambiguation. 2,090 more words

Popular Culture

 "No one talks like that. Sorry": What are people doing when they discuss accents in film and television?

The Language and Communication Research cluster is delighted to welcome the distinguished linguist and literary scholar Professor Jane Hodson (University of Sheffield) for a presentation on what people are doing when they discuss the representation of accents in film and television.
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Middlesex University

Illustrated Excerpt of Peterson's 'Indians in the Family' in 'Southern Spaces'

Dawn Peterson, Assistant Professor of History, published an illustrated excerpt of the introduction to her newest book in Southern Spaces. The book is titled  132 more words


VR and humanities - a 5 minute talk

Last week at the Digital Media & Learning conference at UC Irvine – my first Ignite talk, and the perfect format in which my high-speed delivery is totally appropriate.

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