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Creative Commons and GPL

“Copyright law has got to give up its obsession with ‘the copy.’ The law should not regulate ‘copies’ or ‘modern reproductions’ on their own. It should instead regulate uses–like public distributions of copies of copyrighted work–that connect directly to the economic incentive copyright law was intended to foster.” 309 more words

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06/ Digital Manifesto Archive

The Digital Manifesto Archive is an online catalogue of manifestos in the area of the digital arts and humanities with the aim of preserving these works for future research and teaching. 102 more words


The Glamorous World of Data Modelling


This semester, I am enrolled in a Digital Humanities seminar. I wanted to get a theoretical foundation for how evolving technology is shaping attitudes about research and special collections in other disciplines. 858 more words


From infancy to early childhood: A story of the Digital Humanities — Hurricane: A Storm of Digital Humanities

The field of Digital Humanities has grown from infancy to a stumbling toddler. Sure, its been around for a little while but we’re talking baby steps.

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Digital Humanities

Should humanists learn to code?

Earlier this week, I gatecrashed an excellent talk by Nick Montfort, who was visiting Northwestern’s Computer Science Colloquium. I recommend cross-disciplinary gatecrashing whenever possible, if only to see what pastries the other folks have. 884 more words