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Fire exit

This photo has 3 layers, (Photoshop CS6) 2 are B&W. I’ve added both shadow and light, and a soft filter.

Taken on Wed 25th 3rd 2015, back streets Sydney

Street Photography

Project LV one - Day 324 - Visiting the past

This is one of the most seminal images I have ever made.  It dates back to July 2003 and is one of the first ever digital images I created.   112 more words

Project LV One

Night Photography

For this assignment we had to take pictures of night. This includes artificial light that falls on the images. I went around campus and took these pictures. 90 more words

Digital Image

One Picture a Day…………….Day 599..... Landscape

March 19, 2015…Day 599

This shot is of the right mitten even though it appears to be the left mitten because the image was made from behind, 89 more words


Night Photography

Our assignment was to capture five photos at night without using auto exposure modes or any flash to add light. The assignment proved to be more difficult than I expected. 282 more words

Digital Exercise

One Picture a Day…………….Day 598..... Head Shot

March 18. 2015…Day 598

This is the same image as yesterday. After looking at yesterday’s image I though if I cropped it and altered contrast it might be a more effective image as a head shot, 139 more words


Night Photography

We were given the assignment to go out at night with a tripod where there was no natural sunlight and to take photos without using a flash or too much artificial light. 64 more words

Digital Image