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Social Media and Brand Imaging

This week we learned about the different social media channels and how brand marketing and identity is affected by each one. As a Media Director, I use social media platforms on a daily basis, but it was nice to learn some new things about the channels I use so much of. 486 more words

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Email Campaigns

This week for class we had to design an email campaign. I design and layout emails on a regular basis fr work but had never done it using Photoshop, as I usually use a template from Constant Contact or MailChimp. 251 more words

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The art of digital drawing - flipped lecture review

In Jenny Weight’s second flipped lecture on the techniques of digital drawing (see link) http://geniwate.com/?p=3832 she talks about the current software available and some of the basic knowledge and skills behind creating a digital drawing. 581 more words


Banner ads and GIFs

This week in class we learned about banner ads and how different elements can be effective. We also learned how to make GIF images, which are the rotating images that appear on a site. 293 more words

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Wireframing in Photoshop

I really enjoyed the connection in Web Design with this week’s Photoshop assignment. We were asked to create a wireframe for a local restaurant that in our opinion needed some help. 465 more words

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Let's Design a Moodboard

Starting off any project can be taxing but an easy way to get started and organize thoughts is with a moodboard. This helps to display colors, photos that inspire the campaign/logo/design, or words that can be used in the final project. 370 more words

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Integrative Marketing Commucations is an Important Part of Design

This week we learned about IMC (Integrative Marketing Communications) and how important it is in design. By bringing all of the traditional mediums together, IMC ensures that all communications are contained. 345 more words

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