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Spectral Imaging of Codex Boernerianus

Project Goal: using various tools in the spectral analysis software ENVI and then touch-ups in Photoshop, reconstruct damaged areas of the Codex Boernerianus so as to make them more legible. 473 more words


Illuminated Initials on Revelations

Project Goal: to observe, learn, and recreate techniques used in the writing of illuminated initials in 15th century French manuscripts.

Thoughts: This was an incredibly fun project to work on. 74 more words


3D Scan of a Room

Project Goal: to use ASUS ZenFone 3D scanning software to capture the internal layout and texture of a room.

Thoughts: I was curious as to the level of detail that something like a phone could capture. 97 more words


Botanic Gardens 23 April 2018

Yesterday was a 10 hour day, we left home before 8.00 Am and caught the bus to Taylor Square near to St. Vincent’s Campus. Jessica had an appointment with her neurologist ( 338 more words


Week 31: April 23-27

7th Grade Digital Art: 1st, 2nd and 3rd hours

Essential Question: How does art impact our place in the world?

Content Standards:

ART.VA.I.7.3      Demonstrate the use of successful visual vocabulary at an emerging level. 427 more words