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Lighting with Reflectors

For this project I was able to work with reflectors for the first time and had a blast. The first image you see if my “after” photo of my friend Janae. 124 more words

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This picture was taken when the clouds were out (for a minute) and it was without any reflectors. There is a bit of shadowing on her face in random areas and not a lot of light. 172 more words

Up close and personal

I had a lot of fun with this project, it was fun to learn how to take really close and detailed pictures. It was also challenging though to get enough light into the photo and to get it in focus. 398 more words

Digital Imaging

Macro Photography

This project was super fascinating! It’s really amazing how different the world looks when you’re up closer to it than normal. I didn’t edit these ones much, just a little contrast adjustment and saturation adjustment. 177 more words

Digital Imaging

Creativity: Close up and personal

This was one of my favorite projects. I love getting close up with objects and showing the many details they have within them. I had a harder time getting pictures with the water droplets. 45 more words

Digital Imaging

Photography Tutorial

This is a tutorial post about poses for portraits. I chose to do a tutorial on portraiture because I have very little experience doing portrait photography and wanted to learn how to do it. 126 more words

Digital Imaging

Up Close

These images were really fun to take but a lot harder to make look good than I originally imagined. These are my first attempts at macro photography and it is difficult. 42 more words

Digital Imaging