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I’ve had such an incredible time over this semester learning and capturing images that I can be proud of. I’ve learned a lot about my creativity, composition, and being intentional in capturing my photos. 15 more words

Digital Imaging

Finished Photobook

My past few posts have been about my final project for my photography class, which is a photo book. It seems only right to post the finished product! 33 more words

Digital Imaging

Additional Images

This semester I’ve had some fun working on a photobook featuring some of the work I’ve done. These are additional images I plan on inserting into sections of my final photobook.

Digital Imaging

Photobook Photos

This semester for my photography class the final project is a photobook. Since it is the final, the only photos that can be used are the ones from this semester and those that are posted to this blog. 47 more words

Digital Imaging

Phone Photography

Here are some examples of what you can do with your cellphone, and Snapped.

Shot on Google Pixel

Digital Imaging

Week 11: November 13-17

7th Grade Art: 2nd, 3rd and 5th hours

Essential Question: How does Art shape our view of the world?

Content Standards:

ART.VA.I.7.3      Demonstrate the use of successful visual vocabulary at an emerging level. 402 more words


November 11: Surface

November 11: Surface poses a problem to photography. To look at a photograph is to slip right through, into it. Make a print, project a slide, open it on a computer monitor; there are differences, lighter, darker, more or less detail or range of hue or tone, but where is the photograph itself? 1,614 more words

Photography History