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This is a link to my photobook

This is my photobook I have created for my digital imaging class. I took this class in the Fall of 2016 up at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg. 152 more words

Digital Imaging

Photobook Layout


I created all of this in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. I found a really cool metallic silver and black texture that I use throughout my entire portfolio. 282 more words

Digital Imaging

Tasteful Typography

For this image I found a cool textured image that I liked for the background. I then created 5 black boxes and equally distrubted them. I then added my wagon wheel image at the same dimensions as the composition. 334 more words

Digital Imaging

Bannack - Creative


For these images, I took the same picture twice, one with the background and one with the subject in the same setting. I then put them both into Photoshop and masked out the items that were supporting the subject. 93 more words

Digital Imaging

Bannack Best - Fine Art

These were some of my favorite shots I got on the excursion using a variety of different camera settings.


For the HDR image, I set up a tripod and took the same picture 3 times with different exposures. 29 more words

Digital Imaging

Bannack Best - Portraits

Natural Lighting

All of the above images were taken with natural lighting as the light source, either from being outside or from light coming through a window. 267 more words

Digital Imaging

Portraits & Enhancements

Edits: + Temp, + Exposure, + Contrast, – Shadows, + Vibrance, + Clarity.

Edits: + Exposure, + Contrast, – Shadows, + Clarity.

Edits: -Temp, – Exposure, + Contrast, + Clarity. 133 more words

Digital Imaging