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Reflector Exercise

No Reflector

Gold Reflector

Bent White Reflector

White Reflector

Process:¬†For this activity I had my assistant use the gold and white reflectors. Because the gold reflector was so bright in the subject’s eyes, I had her close her eyes while we got the light and camera ready, then had her open them as I took the pictures. 61 more words

Digital Imaging

Lighting with Reflectors

This week in Comm 300, we experimented with lighting by using reflectors! We learned that there are five different lighting options (in a 5-in-1 reflector): Silver, Gold, Black, Diffusion, and white. 192 more words


Using Reflectors for Portraits

Dannielle so willingly posed for our group as we demonstrated the use of reflectors in our pictures. Despite the VERY windy day, we were able to get a few good shots. 88 more words

Digital Imaging

Lighting with Reflectors.

This week I had a lot of fun being able to become more comfortable with lighting. I feel that it was a learning process that took a lot of time to kind of get the hang of! 91 more words

Digital Imaging

Composite Image Draft

I have a rough draft of what I want my composite image to look like. My plan is that I will take a picture that is portrait photo but mainly focuses on the eyes. 55 more words

Digital Imaging


I loved getting to work with people this week in shooting these portraits! I tried to implement what I have learned about aperture and shutter speed to get the right lighting. 215 more words

Digital Imaging


First I worked with my model without any reflector.

Then I took another photo using the silver reflector, bringing in lots of light!

I then used a white reflector to try a more gentle effect. 15 more words

Digital Imaging