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Bannack Ghost Town-Creative

This was really fun to be able to capture different creative perspectives in photos. The first is a levitation photo. You take one photo with something or someone in it, and then take another photo without that thing. 123 more words

Digital Imaging

Bannack Ghost Town- Portraits

This was my favorite part of our Bannack Ghost Town excursion- photographing the different models. The first, second, and fourth photos shown are all taken using auxiliary lighting. 22 more words

Digital Imaging

Bannack Ghost Town- Fine Art

This was a fun project where we took several photos of things in Bannack Ghost Town without people, and edited them as fine art. Below each big edited picture I have the original picture taken in a small thumbnail size. 19 more words

Digital Imaging

February update from the Library and Record Centre

Lambeth Palace Library and the Church of England Record Centre regularly embark on new projects and acquire and catalogue new material, from rare books and manuscripts to modern publications.  1,764 more words


Digital Imaging: Close Up & Personal

Macro photography helps change your perspective of the world. You start looking at things on a smaller scale and even the smallest details take on meaning. 642 more words


Virtual travel

Arizona state brought a lot of representatives to the show, including this virtual mountain bike adventure experience.

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