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Digital Vagabond

Are you a native in this digital world? Or have you migrated here in the past fifty or so years? As an actual immigrant to this country myself, and as a person raised in a digitally conservative household for most of my childhood, I’m caught between the two worlds. 266 more words


Am I a digital native after all?

The other day, I was looking at a Polaroid snap, and without thinking, I tried pinching outwards to zoom in and get a closer look…

Self Reflection


One day we will all be dead.  And that will be a good thing for everyone.  Those alive will then all have the same brain pathways and all technical words will be understood.   241 more words


Healthy Risk-taking for Boomers and Friends

What does risk-taking for boomers and friends look like? My current risk is this blog. As a digital immigrant I take technology challenges step-by-step and hope for a positive outcome. 85 more words


Be where your butt is

In this increasingly wired world, some have taken to dividing humanity into two camps: digital natives and digital immigrants. Today’s children are born into a world already saturated by microchip technology and Internet connectivity; they are the natives. 534 more words

Personal Reflection

Darling I'm Stuck..


I know you are in the middle of the Atlantic but this is important,

Are you there?




Did you get my email yesterday? 71 more words


"Let me Google that..."

Digital native, digital immigrant. If you’re in your early 30s and have grown up in the UK the chances are you know how to use a PC/Mac or at least the Internet, right? 286 more words

Just Saying....