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The future of employment

I was tasked with watching and reflecting upon the videos below as part of my studying Self-Leadership at QUT. I was well aware how the job market needs to evolve due to the advances in technology and that careers available now may not exist in the future. 254 more words


Menyesuaikan Pola Pendidikan di Era Digital

Tepat satu tahun yang lalu saya menulis ini di akun FB,

Seklise apa yang dikatakan orang, waktu memang terkadang tidak pernah terasa berlalu. Sudah satu tahun kami lewati dari sejak anak kami berumur 3,4 tahun pada saat itu. 287 more words


The 6 Learning Spaces - my Weebly website

After much blood, sweat and tears – and plenty of borderline neglect to my own family, I have published my 6 Learning Spaces P.D. Artefact (Assessment piece) with thanks to the magic of Weebly. 99 more words

A glimpse into "The Future of Advertising"

This post is a direct response to Danielle Sacks’ 2010 article, “The Future of Advertising” nearly 6 years later.

There’s no doubt the advertising world is changing, our entire world is rapidly evolving every second at speeds that used to be deemed unfathomable. 558 more words

About Advertising

Digital immigrant.

Bertahun-tahun terekspos & mengerjakan kebaruan-kebaruan teknologi, seperti perpindahan 2G ke 3G, Nokia symbian ke BlackBerry RIM, BlackBerry RIM ke Smartphone Android & IOS, 3G ke 4G LTE, Friendster ke Facebook ke Twitter ke Path, KCM ke Kompas.com, WAP ke APP, beli barang di toko ke beli barang online e-commerce, mengalami dan berperan aktif (sedap!) di booming social media dan rising of digital platform 2010-2015, saya jadi mikir: Masa depan adalah milik digital. 481 more words

In the dark about "Learning Online?

Hello, pleased to meet you, I’m a “Digital Immigrant“… A child of the 60’s, primary and secondary schooled in the 70’s and 80’s…tertiary educated in the early 80’s, with nought a computer in sight, just a blank exercise book, a text book,  a blackboard, a pencil case, and the school/university library to get you through. 376 more words

Online Learning