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Born digital

You see them everywhere. The teenage girl with the iPod, sitting across from you on the bus, frenetically typing messages into her cell phone. The eight-year-old who can beat you at any video game on the market—and types faster than you do, too. 403 more words


Marc vs Mark-The Digital Native vs Digital Immigrant debate

I learned something new about myself last week. I am a digital immigrant. As I scanned the learning lab at college I could count the number of digital immigrants in my class on one hand, that is anyone born before 1980. 439 more words

Are Digital Natives Our Special Butterflies?

I’m so proud of myself. Through skill and perseverance, I landed on a gold mine. Long hours, sleepless nights, anxiety and heartache. It’s amazing, really, to think I made it through the other side. 1,054 more words


Do you identify as a "Digital Immigrant" or a "Digital Native"?

Digital Native: One who was born into the age of technology and has grown up using it.

Digital Immigrant: One who has not grown up in the age of technology but has taken a shine to some of its uses. 358 more words