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Finding the link: Fangirls and feminists

I’ve mentioned this before and I’ll say it again: I’m a fangirl. My fandoms are many and varied, but I am passionate about each and everyone. 1,360 more words


Spoiled Issue 3 :To νέο τεύχος του Spoiled είναι εδώ !

To Spoiled έρχεται μετά το Πάσχα με νέο τεύχος λαχταριστό λαχταριστό . Η ομάδα μας μεγαλώνει μέρα με τη μέρα και ευχαριστούμε όλους για αυτό ! 22 more words

Spoiled Magazine

The #BoycottLimeCrime Campaign

If there was one company that can win a “How Not to Handle Your Business’ award… the first prize would undoubtedly go to the once very respected online make-up company, Lime Crime! 541 more words

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Learn to love the ebook

I have had a interesting relationship with eBooks, one that might look like this:

Yes, those are the five stages of grief. And, yes, I know that is kind of crazy if you think about how coming to accept something – say, ebooks – through the stages of grief is generally preceded by a death, in this case of books. 573 more words


The Curation of Content [Summary]

As defined by Wikipedia (2015), content curation is the process of collecting, organising and displaying information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. It’s such a weird name to explain the simple act of sharing information on the internet (e.g. 306 more words

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What is a Trusted Content Management System?

Often when technology is involved, we think of a “system” as the hardware and software: as in a computer system. However, when the drafters of AIIM Recommended Practices -1 (section 5.3.3) and ISO 15801 used the term “Trusted System”, they had more in mind than just the technology driven definition. 322 more words


Review of Preserving Complex Digital Objects

Janet Delve and David Anderson (eds), Preserving Complex Digital Objects, London, Facet, 2014.

In Neil Grindley’s introduction to Preserving Complex Digital Objects he explains that it aims to set out what is currently understood about dealing with complex digital objects and offer a broad framework for starting to manage and address relevant issues. 1,653 more words