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In Development: a Digital Library for a 9th Century Library in Morocco

In development: a digital library for a 9th century library in Morocco. “The al-Qarawiyyin library in the former Moroccan capital, Fez, is home to some of the rarest and most unique manuscripts in the world, with access limited to just the curator in some special cases. 30 more words

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The legal world around American slavery

Early October 2016 came a surprising announcement from a firm known for its licensed digital law collections which most users will visit only through on and off-campus access at university and research libraries, national libraries and law firms which can afford the costly yearly subscription rates. 3,219 more words

Legal History

Computational Text Analysis #InternetLibrarian

Cody Hennessy, UC Berkeley

Slides are available here: http://conferences.infotoday.com/documents/259/A204_Hennesy(1).pptx

Not exactly my line of work, but interesting.

Group of people at UC Berkeley who do or are interested in text analysis/text mining/distant reading (as opposed to close reading). 65 more words


Digitizing #InternetLibrarian @CybrarianViews

Charlotte Spinner and Christine Rasmussen, AARP

Presentation here: http://conferences.infotoday.com/documents/259/A203_Spinner.pptx

Staff needed to be able to find articles in back issues of AARP: The Magazine, which goes back to 2003.   275 more words


Transforming Our View of Roles & Services, part 2 #InternetLibrarian @RebeccaJonesgal @desertlibrarian @stembrarian

Rebecca Jones, manager of branches for a large public library

Has worked in corporate libraries. Skills: project management, training (i.e., adult learning), knowledge management, I.T., consulting. 322 more words

Promotion For Librarians

Transforming Our View of Roles & Services, part 1 #InternetLibrarian

Teresa Powell, Raytheon

Has been there 1 month.  Formerly archive manager at Rochester Electronic, before that at Boeing library.

Slides: http://conferences.infotoday.com/documents/259/C201-202_Powell.pptm

At Rochester, in charge of design documentation. 388 more words

Promotion For Librarians