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Preserving presidential lives and legacies

How can you put the inauguration of a new president of the United States in a sensible perspective on a blog dealing with legal history? Is it the historian’s duty to say something about the near future or should I refrain at all cost from making predictions? 1,273 more words

Legal History

Tuned Into Tech: OverDrive

WAND-TV Air Date: 8/09/2016

Reporter: Tori Stukins

Photographer/Editor: Eric Harrold

Tuned Into Tech

The existence value of a Kindle library and a real library

I was wondering other day that if we were locked out of our Kindle, which has about 300 books on it, would this be as devastating as if our library of real books was lost such as in a fire. 126 more words

Economics Of Media And Culture

Exploring Multilingual Information Access in the International Children's Digital Library (ICDL)

As I began conducting my research on multilingual information access, specifically in digital libraries, I quickly discovered that the amount of research performed on this particular topic was lacking.   411 more words

KindredSpaces: Beyond Anne of Green Gables

LM Montgomery is probably best known for her books series featuring Anne Shirley. However, many don’t realize that work goes beyond her Anne stories.

KindredSpaces… 114 more words

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Digital Libraries

What is a digital library?  There is no single definition for this term, for it can be defined in a variety of ways.  To start off, I will provide my own definition of what a digital library is: an online collection of digitized materials. 213 more words

Implementing Ideas for Improving Software Citation and Credit [IMA]


Improving software citation and credit continues to be a topic of interest across and within many disciplines, with numerous efforts underway. In this Birds of a Feather (BoF) session, we started with a list of actionable ideas from last year’s BoF and other similar efforts and worked alone or in small groups to begin implementing them. 58 more words

Instrumentation And Methods For Astrophysics