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Know the usefulness of Radio Frequency Map

Two way communication systems are revolutionizing the world today. New applications are being invented to enhance the communication properties and to ensure secured data transfer modes. 236 more words

Digital Map RF Planning With the Best Option on Radio Frequency

Well, radio wave propagation is a complex process, it is impossible to precisely predict. Use of radio frequency bands of the electromagnetic spectrums is regulated by governments of the in most countries. 255 more words


Consider our company for the 3d map RF planning

As the time running new technology develop with time to provide more comfortable to the users. Radio frequency map is one of the most popular technologies at this time. 244 more words

Explain the concept of digital “visitors” and “residents” drawing upon your reading and your own online experiences to date in support of the points that you make.

In the past, Pretsky’s (2001) distinction between digital “natives” and “immigrants” had been used to understand computing competence and age. He argued natives were those who had been brought up in digital world and were technology adept, as opposed to those who had been brought up prior to this, called immigrants. 492 more words


Panaji Visitors' Map

A detailed map of the Panaji City Centre of the scale 1:3500 has been painstakingly drawn to include every narrow winding alley, cul-de-sac and structure that makes Panaji the beautiful city it is… 104 more words