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TPL Maps launched Pakistan’s First Street Vision Map

How cool it will be to see any street of Lahore on your smartphone while sitting in Karachi or roaming around Lahore?(Atleast you don’t have to say that never ask for directions in Lahore. 396 more words


Mapping Legends of Vancouver

I decided to do a digital map of Legends of Vancouver stories “Siwash Rock“, “Deadman’s Island“, and “The Lure in Stanley Park… 443 more words


New Age Maps & Models with Their Outstanding Features

The modern age has entered a new phrase, where everything gets digital including maps that are known as digital map or maps. These maps contain elaborate information that has been acquired directly by man-made satellites, that easily takes pictures of the landmass and sends them to the database computers. 312 more words

Wirtualna Baza Wiedzy Regionalnej jako miejsce zaawansowanej bazy informacji o terenie. (The Virtual Regional Knowledge Database as a place of advanced terrain information database).


           The Virtual Regional Database is my brain child about a collection every kind of  the information about a random area. Nowadays we are everywhere surrounded by information technology and we have a huge accessibility to the information from almost every place in the world. 4,264 more words


3-D Maps Have Reformed Outlook Of Viewing Maps

Time has seen so many significant changes which surely cannot be penned down so easily. The present era of digitalization has brought a major significant revolution to the mapping world. 290 more words


Role of Digital Maps & 3D Models in The Current World

Maps are long known for shaping the world as well as paving way and showing directions to numerous travellers of the world across the time. But times have changed and those times are long gone when hand-held maps were used.Now, we are living in a world that is being ruled and controlled with the likes of a… 283 more words


Planning of Cities & Towns with The Help of Digital & Radio Frequency Maps & Planning

As ordinary people we are always amazed on how these great and huge cities are planned before getting established on the ground. It is not like it was planned overnight and work got started. 316 more words