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Top CRM Metrics and KPIs

So, you’ve been considering getting your CRM strategies off the ground and into action, but you are wondering what KPI’s and Metrics you should be looking at first.   602 more words

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User Testing Lab

If you have the opportunity to build a User Testing Lab.  You should.

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Should Your Business Be Online? Nine Convincing Reasons Why It Should, And How to Get Started.

I hear people proclaiming, with some pride, “I’m such a technophobe – I don’t even have a mobile phone.” Well, if it’s Bill the brickie saying this over a pint in the Red Lion, it’s probably no big deal. 440 more words


The Complete Guide On How To Build A Massive Following On Instagram

Originally written by Johnny on MassPlanner

Most of you are already familiar with Instagram in one way or another. This photography and, out of late, video centered social platform made a boom in 2010 and has been burgeoning ever since. 2,782 more words


4 Social Selling Tips in Honor of the 4th of July

In honor of independence day I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy 4th of July!

Before the holiday officially starts and the food and drinks start flowing, here’s 4 Tips that can help Small Businesses take advantage of the benefits of “Social Selling.” 373 more words

New England

It’s quite often I find myself educating people on the difference between an Interstitial, a Popup and a Modal.  So much that I thought a quick and easy definition of each could help others.   348 more words

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Are You Mobile Marketing? Here Are 4 Tips To Help.

If you missed the memo, marketing has gone mobile. ComScore reports that more than 1.8 billion people worldwide use mobile devices and this includes your customers. 337 more words