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Digital Media Unit 6 - Security & Copyright

In this unit I learned what a computer virus does to your computer and did a summary of good password practice and ways to prevent your computer getting a virus e.g installing an anti virus package on your computer , which you have to pay for but it is extremely worth the money , not going into pop-ups , downloading an ad block and not going into untrustworthy e-mails . 261 more words

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Are you looking for ways to increase your social media reach? Have you considered using live streaming apps like Periscope to amplify your message? 63 more words

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Sweat with the Best: "What Would You Do?"

ESPN’s commercial lineup is always targeted to reach an audience who loves sports. The Gatorade Sweat with the Best commercial spot proves this point, as it is full of celebrities from all types of sports, including NASCAR racing. 357 more words

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Is Twitter Obligated to Preserve Politicians' Deleted Tweets?

Politicians everywhere are probably celebrating like crazy this week.

The Sunlight Foundation, an organization dedicated to making politics accountable and transparent, was just told by Twitter that it would no longer have access to its developer API, which enabled the site’s “Politwoops” app to track politicians’ deleted tweets.  501 more words

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Texting and Tweeting to Improve Communication Skills

Jun 8, 2015 02:07 PM By Lecia Bushak

Gone are the days when kids would get in trouble for passing notes in class. Today’s youngsters are much more sophisticated, technologically speaking, than those who grew up in the days of flip phones and CD players — let alone those whose only access to a phone growing up was a spin-dial one. 236 more words

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DMU1 - Mobiles & Smartphones

In this digital media unit I learned each of the area codes for Limerick , Galway , Cork and Donegal and also a few international countries . 124 more words

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Family Storytime: Heroes, Flight & Gravity

This summer, we’re celebrating heroes in our summer learning program along with many libraries across the US. It’s quite a fun theme because it incorporates superheroes and comics on the one hand while also providing a great backdrop on which to celebrate the hero within. 1,673 more words

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