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Self Portrait Project

For our self portrait project I know we need to find images that represent something about or all about our lives. The project is centered around us and the things we face in life, or that’s what I took from the description of the project. 149 more words

Digital Media

CPD vs. CPM. Why Not? That’s What Digital is Yielding

Absent any improvement in the digital media industry’s ability to deliver the viewable impression levels being purchased by advertisers, perhaps changing the currency used to value those impressions would make the most sense. 516 more words


Folded Book

Front and Back Cover

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Folded Book: Deconstruction

For my folded book I focused on one word, deconstruction. It has multiple meanings, and I express the differences through different pieces. Most everything is composed of something else, and a lot of these pictures show that. 216 more words

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folded book project

For my folded book project my idea was to think about nature and the different ways it could be used. I decided to use nature as something you could wear simply because I feel like no one ever thinks they could make nature into something wearable other than like putting flowers in your hair. 204 more words

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Leveraging Word of Mouth Communication

The early signs of oral communication dates back to pre-historic era. One of the greatest epics of Hindu civilization is based on word of mouth communication, it is said that Mahabharata was written by lord Ganesha based on the narrative of Sage Vayasa and Sanjay the advisor and charioteer of Dhritarashtra narrated complete battle of Kurukshetra” including the Bhagvad Gita, to his blind king. 599 more words

Brand Ambassador

You're only a Multimedia Designer?...No you're much more than that

So you’re a Multimedia Designer huh? have you taken notice of your abilities and knowledge? how can I explain this as a Multimedia Designer you can own a numerous amount of job titles what you though you were just one occupation? 725 more words