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Close Reading Practice - Brief Encounter (1945)

Close reading:

A man and woman, stood closely in the shadows. They are hidden away from others, their close embrace is one that could be seen as romantic or has a strong sexual tension. 93 more words

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Distant Reading Practice: Metropolis (2001) - Rooftop Scene.

Binary opposites:

  • Light and Shadow,
  • Robot and Organic,
  • Angelic and Mortal,
  • New and Old,
  • Clean and Used,
  • Innocent and Corrupted,

Tima begins sat in the shadows, and is suddenly enveloped in light, her body glowing. 125 more words

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Critical Analysis - Concergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide by Henry Jenkins.

  • Jenkins, H. (2006) Convergence Culture. Where Old and New Media Collide. New York University Press. New York.

Henry Jenkins is considered to be at the forefront in the realm of transmedia storytelling, being the man who first coined the term. 950 more words

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Webcomics: The Influence and Continuation of the Comix Revolution by Fenty, Houp & Taylor

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Random Comic Footage

M.Laird-Wilding (2016) Random Comic Footage. November 16th. Available from:

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Generative Art - Adding Panels

The next test, required attempting to clone the Javascript function to have multiple images on the screen. For this, the cloned code had to be slightly modified for each div box required. 38 more words

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Generative Art - First draft

With the database collected, I moved to Adobe Dreamweaver and experimented with both HTML and JavaScript. I added a Java function to the Body of the script, and created a random image array. 82 more words

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