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Reminders for our Final Exam

Good morning everyone. I hope your final exam week is going smoothly. A few quick reminders about our final exam for DMI.

When: Friday, Noon – 1:50 p.m. 156 more words

Digital Media Startups

Let the Presentations Begin!

Hi, all. Nice work for most of you in meeting today’s big deadline. I’m really excited to dive in and explore your final work.

For those who missed the deadline, don’t freak out. 228 more words

Digital Media Startups

$300 in Only 90 Seconds!

Hi, all. Alma mentioned this competition during our last class session, in case you’re interested… The Chico State Elevator Pitch Contest is Still Open for Submissions… 337 more words

Digital Media Startups

Schedule to Finals

Happy Friday DMIers! I hope you’re enjoying the rain.

I wanted to pass along a few more resources to help with your projects:

Digital Media Startups

Digital Tracking = Money in the Bank

Greetings DMIers. In tomorrow’s class, we’ll first review your product logos, then we’ll revisit one of the monetization techniques we discussed last week: collecting information from consumers in their digital spaces. 256 more words

Digital Media Startups

Guest Speaker Coming Monday

Greetings DMI. Monday, Oct. 23 we’re going to have our first guest speaker in class.

Sarah Koniniec graduated from Chico State in 2012 and has spent the past five years working with tech entrepreneurs, startups and venture capitalists in the San Francisco Bay Area. 117 more words

Digital Media Startups

DMI: How to Conduct Research with Your Market

Happy Sunday DMIers: Friendly reminder that Homework 5: Research Plan is due tomorrow in class. Do not publish it to your blog/learning journal. Instead, bring the electronic file to class since we’ll be workshopping these plans during our session. 140 more words

Digital Media Startups