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"Side by Side" Reflection

Side by Side chronicles the evolution of film making. Film itself is a 19th century invention. To capture an image on film, light passes through a lens and hits the film behind the lens, causing crystals to react chemically to form a photographic image on the film. 820 more words


Chapter 2: The Production Process

Introduction to Media Production: The Path to Digital Media Production
Chapter 2 Response

The three production stages are Preproduction, Production, and Postproduction. The goal in preproduction is to outline the broad scope of the production to determine costs and goals through the planning of project proposals, premises, synopses, treatments, scripts, script breakdowns, production schedules, budgets, and storyboards. 467 more words


Chapter 1: Producing

Introduction to Media Production: The Path to Digital Media Production
Chapter 1 Response

Due to lower cost and accessibility, filmmakers have more freedom of production in home, business and in entertainment. 468 more words


How digital convergence has changed us

Digital convergence is coming together of multiple media entities over time. This combination of media platforms allows us to view content in many ways. For example, we no longer get the news just from the newspaper or television; we can get it on social media and mobile applications, too. 762 more words

Explosive Growth Leads to Digital Media Startup Opening Office in Downtown Orlando

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 19, 2017 / — MyArea Network, Inc. has opened a new office in Downtown Orlando after a surge in audience growth in their Orlando market. 268 more words

What's New In Business

Why Digital Media?? (Or any Media Really)

I can’t speak for anybody, but myself so I will tell you my experience with digital media and how it has helped me.  I will start with this question: 287 more words