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Moore's Law of Media

“The observation made in 1965 by Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits had doubled every year since the integrated circuit was invented. 591 more words

Gamification: Enhancing User Engagement

Featured Image, Gamification by Jurgen Appelo (CC BY 2.0)

Let’s talk Gamification in classroom learning! 

What is gamification, and where is this method used?
‘…gamification of education is a developing approach for increasing learners’ motivation and engagement by incorporating game design elements in educational environments’ 742 more words


Question Week 9

Aesthetic-Usability Effect Article Evaluation


Lidwell, W., Holden, K., & Butler, J. (2003). Aesthetic-Usability Effect. In Universal Principles of Design (pp. 18-19). Massachussets: Rockport.

Information Organisation

A Charming Package for all new Verity of Advertising Trends.

Do you know what are the latest trends in branding and advertising industry?

Branding and Advertising a product or service require more ideas and the support of emerging technologies and trends, always find some most modern ideas that help you to create most idealistic branding and advertising with more user and customer attraction. 228 more words

Branding And Advertising Companies In Cochin

External Downloads

As an introvert, I’m a big believer in going within myself to find information and to process those ” internal downloads.” As a curious student, I love to research. 717 more words


5 Interesting Digital Marketing Statistics From This Week!

It’s Monday, and what better time of the week to review the past week’s digital marketing trends that have resulted in 10 very interesting statistics! Every week there are new trends, news and statistics that become apparent and illuminate new and interesting facts about how Digital Marketing is being used. 458 more words

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