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The Avocado Burger- Is this a new craze?!

There has been a new food sensation on Instagram that has turned quite a few heads of late… The Avocado Bun Burger.

Yes, believe it or not this is actually a thing. 304 more words


Social Media for Your Business

The infamous social media….. This blog could be an entire  book in itself. I will
however touch on the most important ones and aspects to focus on. 555 more words

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Digital Media: Postcard Project Revisited

Digital Media: Postcard Project Revisited

The above images are of my Postcard Project for my Digital Media course at Kent State, that I originally blogged about on October 10th. 296 more words


Why blogs are dying

Blogs are losing subscribers every day. People just don’t care anymore. A lot of this has to do with the fact that information can be found consolidated into other forms via social media and such. 167 more words

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Google made their search ads even better.

Google announced that the deadline for their transition would be the end of January 2017. It is almost that time and ads have been popping with the new format for some time now. 169 more words

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Self Magazine: The Death of Print

When examining the future of magazines, it is easy to see the power of digital media. While some publications will remain powerful and influential on newsstands, the digital publishing era seems to be just beginning. 195 more words

The death of Vine

One of the greatest social experiments to grace the digital world, Vine, has come to an end, as announced by the company in late October. As declared by many technological apt individuals years ago, Vine is a dead app (well not right now, but soon). 318 more words

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