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Video Project: Bryce Meredith

For the video storytelling project Landon and I decided to do a video on a wrestler at the University of Wyoming, Bryce Meredith. We wanted to do a feature video on him because he is one of the best wrestlers at the 141 pound weight class. 490 more words

Video Remix

What are the limitations of remix, especially in relation to how it is being defined and deployed by different scholars? Like you pointed out, Horwatt’s article defines remix according to different categories. 515 more words


Media Stylo

The issue of how we create media and for what purposes seems to be one of the central questions that Faden tackles. Faden’s work is extremely provocative, and when he says, “Thus, this is the last essay I’ll ever write,” I am struck by his faith in media that seems to have an almost evangelical tone to it. 308 more words


YouTube and Copyright

 Kuhn focuses on YouTube, how they regulate user generated content, and fair use. Students used pieces and clips from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report… 209 more words


Ways of Seeing

The Ways of Seeing’s emphasis on oil paintings is particularly interesting when juxtaposed to cotemporary advertisements. In chapter five, they write, “Oil paintings often depict things. 468 more words



Reading Jerome McGann’s “The Rationale of Hypertext” sheds light on the connection between scholarship from the pre-digital to the digital. While it may seem as though there is a complete break between these two forms of research (especially with articles like  339 more words

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