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Google Adwords Exact Match Expansion

In the current setup if your keyword match type is an exact match, your ad will appear for the exact keyword or the close variants- a close variant being a misspelling, singular and plural forms, misspells and acronyms. 178 more words

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Success through Proactive Media Strategies - Dicomm Media

A media strategy is a plan of action or route map to help organizations reach their target audience and enhance the overall conversion rate. Building visibility in a general consumer or niche market is a complex process requiring a thorough understanding of the demographics and means to generate attention in the most effective ways. 445 more words

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DPE 8- Q and A Questions

What grade do you believe you have earned? Why do you believe that?

I believe that I’ve earned a low A to high B. I’ve been really focused and on task, working hard on the different assignments we’ve had, but I keep forgetting to upload some of my completed photos and blogs…which is the actual grade. 469 more words

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Advantages Of Social Media Marketing Agency In London

Social networking marketing, can it provide results for my company? It’s obvious that social media marketing has developed dramatically throughout the last few years and that with more than 800 million productive users, how many Facebook people is quickly significantly more than twice how big the whole populace of the United States. 709 more words

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#DIGC310 GUEST TALK: Game Design Process (ft. Expose Yourself)

Just in case you missed it, I had a little guest presentation in the 2017 DIGC310 class to talk about my process of creating a game – how I approached it and what techniques I used to get to the end product. 1,554 more words

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Squatter: how to simplify farming for the family to enjoy

So I’m back at it again at the dry humour that is guaranteed to go over your head thanks to my sub-par joke telling skills, also more media blogs and whatnot for the forth year running, and this sessions major topic is Gaming Culture. 568 more words

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