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Its a new dawn its a new life... not really

Hi guys and welcome to my blog, for those of you that are new, welcome,  I am glad you could join me. For those of you that have been following me for a while now, you have been asking me why the blog name and look changed. 226 more words


Why there has never been a better time to trust journalism

The polemic “Why you can’t trust journalism” should have given every journalist pause for thought. It certainly made me pause. But a reanalysis of the facts—something the author of the polemic Felix Salmon recommends that others should do often—brings me to the exact opposite conclusion. 1,505 more words

The All About Series - Manga, anime and Mangaka

What is anime and manga? What is The History & Evolution of Anime and Manga? How do you Differentiate Anime & Manga? Who are Some of the world’s best Mangaka? 254 more words


When It's At

The only thing I’ve learned in the last few weeks is to stop stretching myself so thin! Seriously, you would think there’s an actual workaholic gene at work here… 84 more words

All-Star Squadron Vol 1 32

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Digital Media

All-Star Squadron Vol 1 31

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”’Vehicles:”’ 72 more words

Digital Media

Crack Comics Vol 1 20

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