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Hybrid Assignment

For my hybrid assignment I will be using a photograph of me without makeup and whiting out the background. Then I will print it out and add the makeup 3 dimensionally. 16 more words

Digital Media

Digital Media 5x5 Project

For my video project, I decided to record clips of the process of making a ring.  It does not include all of the steps, but I included the ones that I felt were more important and also interesting to film.

Hybrid Proposal - final project

For my final project I do not really know what I want to do.  My current idea is to get a basic frame and use embroidery thread or yarn to braid together and wrap in a pattern to create a “canvas” to project something digital on, probably created in photoshop.   34 more words

Digital Media

Why do I need marketing?

O&B one, intends to aware about why marketing promotions required for every company to those they are confused about investing in it. If early investment is not done in marketing then that pulls back their desired growth. 319 more words

Why Need Marketing

Reminiscing On My Digital Discoveries.

As the semester comes to an end, I must say farewell to my time spent learning and exploring digital communications.

My finals thoughts about digital communications revolve around what I believe it means to be… 587 more words

Multimedia Project

Iggy Pop's Brand of Experience

Iconic punk progenitor Iggy Pop is touring through the US this spring, and I caught his show in Portland, Oregon last month. As a huge Iggy fan, this tour was no small deal to me. 1,014 more words