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Some Tips for Instagram

1 with a short chain to track your Instagram traffic volume

So far, all third-party sales platform such as ebay, amazon can not track the source of traffic, google analytics also track not instagramtraffic source, so here we recommend a tool called bitly.com, put the link into you Of the personal information, after your traffic can be seen. 289 more words

Autumn Haiku

Spices in the air

Pumpkins waiting in the patch

Tricks and treats await

Digital Media

Traditional Media Or Digital Media: The Future Of Media Industry

Digital media VS Traditional media. Used with permission. Source

In the 21st century, we prefer reading news by digital media rather than by traditional media. Gradually, the dominant status of traditional media is replaced by digital media. 799 more words

Digital Media

News Consumption In China: Digital Media Platform Is Winner

Digital media section bar. Used by permission. Source

The traditional journalism industry is under threat in China because of the rapid development of digital media platform. 796 more words

Digital Media


My best friend, Sonya, and I started a feminist-equality-based-social-justice podcast together called “Sex Drugs and Sustainability: where equality is sexy.” Neither of us had podcasted before, but we were pretty sure we could figure it out–and we did. 647 more words

Raw Audio Profile

The interview experience with my interviewee went very well. I interviewed my roommate and he had a lot of good information to share. Nothing felt different to me interviewing with a audio recorder because I used my iPhone and I have done multiple interviews with my phone. 318 more words


As a rule of thumb, RGB (Red, Green, Blue) tends to be used for web-based, or computer based graphics, while CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key ) tends to be used for print based media. 238 more words

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