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Type & Shape with Ai

Today, we learnt about how to put type in the shape or on the line and making shape with a easier way  as your request. 42 more words

Digital Media

Digital storytelling and why it matters...

Digital storytelling is like breathing purpose into creation. In regards to video games, Digital Storytelling is incredibly vital to an immersive experience.

Without purpose, content creation would likely be pointless or without identity. 265 more words

Week One: Digital Convergence

Hi everyone, week one of “Intro into Digital Communications”.  One of the hardest parts so far was just figuring out how to use WordPress and set up this blog!   271 more words

Digital Media

Reflection #1 - How has digital convergence affected your life?

I didn’t get a Facebook until I was 16, the summer between sophomore and junior year of high school. My parents were old fashioned, and didn’t understand too much about the internet, thinking it was too dangerous for kids. 974 more words

Digital Convergence

Facebook delivers deathblow to ad-driven media models; how publishers can fight back

Facebook was always going to screw over its media partners. We were fools for ever believing otherwise. Now that it may be happening, the media industry, particularly newspapers, will be forced to face the reality that the era of ad-driven media businesses is dead. 2,615 more words


How does data-driven marketing and political campaigns influence the development of digital societies?

Data-driven marketing refers to the efficient strategy of analyzing customer information provided online in order to create relevant information such as advertisement to targeted consumers. According to research, in the last decade, social media namely facebook, Instagram and twitter have become a main platform for this kind of marketing. 292 more words

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Spotify launches 'Spotlight,' a new podcast format with visual elements

Spotify has been working on building out its podcast business, and now offers a large catalog of shows (including our own Original Content, which you should definitely check out). 314 more words