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Millennials are mobile first – what marketers need to know.

What is a Millennial?

Millennials, what are they? The first thing that popped into my head when I heard this word. Well, according to Wikipedia… 78 more words

Connected People, Devices & Data | The Results of Our Data and Analytics Innovation Forum

New technology is all around—fitness trackers count your steps, navigation apps steer you right, and the internet is everywhere. These and other tech trends have resulted in massive volumes of data being generated, stored, and analyzed at unprecedented rates. 290 more words

Science And Technology

Interesting reading this week:

You are not a digital native: Privacy in the age of the internet.  A really interesting post about how companies are getting away with invading privacy by saying “but the kids are digital natives so they know what they’re signing up for”. 168 more words


Digital Customer Segmentation: it's all about Trust.

Today’s customers (consumers and enterprise users) have increasingly one thing in common: they are millennials in their prime of spending, who grew up in a technology and service context where shared access is preferred over ownership business models, social media is used as a natural way for self-expression and keeping-in-touch, and sharing of private data is often used to pay for “free” access to services. 52 more words


Rooted Analogs, Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives

I remember when I first heard about this concept early in the new millenium, I recall discussing it with many of my peers and we came to an understanding that one could categorize individuals based on when they were born into three clear groups. 281 more words

Thoughts On Society

Life Online: access to the internet is changing us.

I said I’d be posting some more blogs about Cyberpsychology, this is one topic which turned into a really great discussion in class. Are we becoming lazy because of access to the internet, and is this constant access having a fundamental impact on human beings as a species? 1,714 more words