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What is the point of blogging in education?

There is a drive to use digital technologies for learning in Further Education (FE) with the aim to encourage ‘learning presence’ not ‘physical presence’ (FELTAG, 2014). 332 more words


Join the discussion: "It's Complicated" by danah boyd

Join us this summer for a discussion of It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens by danah boyd. Published in 2015, this book explores how today’s youth, who are more constrained in their mobility, use technology to connect with peers. 40 more words

Danah Boyd

Digital Natives

So, this week we have been set the task of carrying out research on the term ‘Digital Natives’ using Google, Google Scholar and the University of London Online Library. 315 more words

Digital futures and Social Networking

Literature Review

Technology is ubiquitous, and intertwined with almost every part of our lives, communities, work, and homes. Research clearly highlights the instinctive nature of technology in student’s lives, particularly teenagers (Bennett & Maton, 2010, p. 1,247 more words

Digital Natives

Attn: Digital Natives and how to get through.

The communication explosion sparked by technological advances, information access and social media has drastically influenced Digital Natives (DNs) perspectives of the world. Of even greater interest to marketing professionals since the rise of the, now, “ 584 more words

Digital Natives

Dear brands, native advertising from a digital native’s point of view

Imagine you’re the average university student. You wake up in the morning and first thing you do is check your messages, check your social media. There are all these companies advertising… 381 more words


The Shortage of Flushing Loos - What a BIMmer

Kurzweil is a smart bloke. He predicted the internet. He predicted the rise of artificial intelligence and has set a date, 2029, when robots are smarter than us. 915 more words