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I'm Not Worried About Teenagers Taking Selfies at National Parks

The National Park Service recently began debating the merits of adding free public wi-fi to its various units throughout the United States. At Yellowstone, for example, park officials in 2014 discussed the possibility of adding a $34 million fiber-optic line to the park’s facilities, and Director Jon Jarvis made a pledge to have Wi-Fi up and running in all NPS Visitor Centers by the end of 2016. 1,116 more words


Between Two Digital Divides

Recently, I published a post dealing with the potential use of digital diplomacy among African MFAs. It was my contention that African foreign ministries may use social media to improve their national brand, reach out and strengthen ties with Diasporas and practice network diplomacy. 927 more words

Urban Legends

I’m sure you’ve heard about Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to give away $4.5 million to Facebook users who share a “thank you” message, right? Or, maybe you read about Facebook’s plan to start charging a monthly fee for using their social network. 630 more words

Stop calling them Digital Natives!

Stop calling them digital natives! They are digital immigrants, just like we are.

Years ago I was fond of the phrase, “Digital Natives vs. Digital Immigrants.” In 2001, … 867 more words


Information Literacy Presentation

January 21, 2016 was this year’s ILOC (Innovative Libraries Online Conference) conference. I did a new presentation called “Digital Natives?: Basics of Information Literacy.” 435 more words


IN THE PIPE (Phase I) - video installation & mini-residency 20/1/16 - 20/2/16 #Sheffield #timelapse

New work by Richard Bolam, made from timelapse video shot around Park Square roundabout, Sheffield, UK. It will be showing in the window of… 68 more words

Before I began working in the marketing field, I was a youth camp program planner.  I planned and implemented programs for 50 – 300 children, ages 5 – 18.  

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