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Educating digital muggles

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(Disclosure: I’m trying to win an argument with my brother  –  a hopeless cause for different reasons – that the word ‘electronic’, which was so big in the second half of the 20th century, having been shortened to ‘e’ and stuck on the beginning of other words, is soon going to disappear; completely displaced by ‘digital’.) 562 more words

What is a Digital World?

The digital world embodies the ever-changing technologies that influence our everyday life. These technologies such as computers, smartphones and IPads, have revolutionised communication and granted us the opportunity to navigate the world at the click of a button. 446 more words

Teaching And Learning In A Digital World

Participation and the Digital Divide

The term digital divide refers to the gap that exists between groups who have effective access to technology and groups who do not (Howell, 2012). People who are older, less-educated, come from a low socio-economic status or live in rural settings are more likely to fall behind. 394 more words

Teaching And Learning In A Digital World

Because we are living in a digital world

Saturday afternoon and I can hear my 12-year-old brother teaching my Dad how to set up ‘Netflix’ on the television and sync it to an App on his three Apple devices. 485 more words

What is a Digital World?

The phrase ‘digital world’ is a common one, but what does it really mean? More importantly, what does this mean for the classroom?

We live in a world full of technologies like mobile phones, tablets, iPods and laptops. 301 more words

What is a Digital World?

It doesn’t seem that long ago that handwriting was an art form, my children spent their free time riding bikes and playing in the dirt and the only twittering we heard was the birds in the trees. 333 more words


Dua Generasi di Dunia Pendidikan Kita

Rhenald Kasali
25 Maret 2016

Mungkin Anda sudah sering mendengar ucapan Marc Prensky, penulis buku Digital Game-Based Learning, bahwa kehadiran teknologi digital membuat dunia pendidikan terbelah dalam dua kelompok besar, digital immigrants dan digital natives. 682 more words

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