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Digital Revolution

It can be incredibly difficult , I have found, for the mind – or at least my mind – to disengage from the “media ” , once I allow myself to start following it, as a result of how present it is now, with the Internet. 1,290 more words


Digital Natives are Millennials

Millennials today barely go anywhere with out their phones, tablets, and computers. With that being said it only make sit right that they are the Digital Natives. 115 more words


Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants

In his article “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” Marc Prensky talks about the differences between “Digital Natives” and “Digital Immigrants”. He compares them speaking the language of the internet like people who have to learn a language to those speaking in their mother tongue. 176 more words

Millennial Field Notes - Vampire Verisimilitude

Am I really a Millennial?
Let’s compare the evidence to all of the so-called “traits.”

Cedarcrest Sanctum

Information Literacy Presentation 2

October 12-14, 2016 was this year’s Iowa Library Association conference (ILA). This is the second time I presented on “Digital Natives?: Basics of Information Literacy.” 523 more words


What is a digital world?

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In satisfaction of the assessment 2 requirements of the unit ‘Technologies to Engage Learners’, which is part of the Curtin Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education course, this blog will reflect on various aspects of technology in education in coming weeks. 510 more words