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Pedagogy for Digital Natives

As students evolve and technology advances, education (and especially higher education) has to step up to engage students who may feel disenfranchised by outdated instructional methods. 315 more words

Digital Natives

A portable professional life after two weeks

Now that road trip #1 has been over for nearly a week and I’m for a month ‘living’ out west 3,250 miles from home base, it’s real. 307 more words

Living In The World Today

“Things that annoy me about photography“ or “The flood of pictures“  

Photography is my favorite hobby. Capturing situations and scenarios and taking a look at them after many years is great fun for me. I’m particularly amused by persons who refuse to have their photo taken but complain after many years that there aren’t enough memory pictures of them. 394 more words


¿Cuáles son las consecuencas de implementar tecnología en el aula? ¿Existen los nativos digitales? ¿Qué ventajas y desventajas tienen?

Existen varias consecuencias de implementar tecnología en el aula.  Una es que si la tecnología no se implementa de manera efectiva puede resultar en la pérdida de tiempo en el aula, tiempo que se puede dedicar a otros materiales que el maestro/a sí sabe utilizar efectivamente.  232 more words

Is it really that deep?

It’s really not that deep…

I’m thinking out loud as I write this…

I was thinking about our formation of our online identities earlier and perhaps how our interactions online impact our interactions with others in real life scenarios, perhaps even ourselves. 246 more words

Best Blogs

I believe my two best blogs are Digital Native Shopping and The Spreading of Television.  They are my most recent blogs, so I feel for these blogs I had much practice that made me better at making blogs.  599 more words

Digital Natives

The Digital Divide: Digital Natives & Digital Immigrants

Marc Prensky’s theory on the substantial divide between “digital natives” and “digital immigrants” is a controversial one.

Digital natives are defined as being born after 1980 and fluent in digital literacy (Akçayır, Dündar and Akçayır, 2016; Prensky, 2001), while digital immigrants are categorised as “older folk” who did not grow up with digital media (Prensky, 2001). 475 more words

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