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Are You Being Followed?

I’ve heard it said that just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean that you’re not being followed. That sentiment certainly appears to ring more true today than ever before with ever-smarter algorithms and burgeoning artificial intelligence capabilities. 673 more words

Social Media

Reading Review #2

Last week I positioned myself at the edge of the rabbit hole that is critical digital literacy (CDL). In digging into my research a bit further, I am realizing just how vast this particular rabbit hole is! 1,612 more words


Book Review

College (Un)Bound: The Future of Higher Education and What it Means for Our Students by Jeffrey J. Selingo (2013) was a resource used by many educators since its release in 2013. 1,174 more words


Contemporary Cultures of Reading: Apps and Online Platforms - Facebook as an educational platform

‘Most universities now have student portals and web based learning systems as a central part of course delivery. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to understand the effects of online learning practices, including social media, on student engagement.’ 1,203 more words

Pedagogy for Digital Natives

The majority of today’s students are considered to be digital natives. Prensky (2012) defines a digital native as someone who was born into the digital era, a person who grew up using technology and who has independent skills when learning new technology.   406 more words


Designing a Survey Study to Measure the Diversity of Digital Learners

Pengiran Shaiffadzillah Pengiran Omarali
School of Education, Environment and Development, University of Manchester,
United Kingdom


This article describes the design of a quantitative study that aims to gather empirical data on the different types of digital learners in a student population, inclusive of the elusive digital natives who purportedly exist in settings laden with digital technology. 78 more words

Digital Learners

Digital age: generation conflicts or peaceful coexistence?

How we are imagining the life without internet?

Do you remember the time when we did not have internet, access to any information you are searching, watching videos whenever we want and from whoever we want, using video conversation functions, etc, etc. 1,826 more words