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@ The Open University dalam online class-nya:


yang berjudul “Childhood in The Digital Age” menyebutkan ‘digital native’ (atau ‘net generation’, atau ‘Google generation’, atau ‘millenials’) adalah anak-anak yang mengahiskan kebanyakan waktu mereka dengan online, atau selalu connected. 146 more words

Welcome to Work, Generation Z—Now Learn to E-Mail! ... College Grads Lack Communication Skills, Employers Say ... Half of New-Hires Make the Same Huge Career Mistake

Welcome to Work, Generation Z—Now Learn to E-Mail!

Generation Z—those now in their teens and early twenties—have been described as even more tech savvy than millennials. 381 more words

1. The Scoop

Watch your Step

AR (Augmented Reality) games like Pokémon GO solve one of the most important concern of the digital immigrant parents that their kids do not go out and play and stay glued to their smartphone/tablet.For those who have been living under a rock and do not know what Pokémon GO is – Its a augmented reality based mobile game . 267 more words


Reflection on Prensky’s ideas

Technology – a must, not an option?

Prensky (2001) in his work “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” took a step further in exploring the differences and connections between those born into technologically advanced world and complete novices on the other hand. 969 more words

Am I missing out?

Last time I wrote around here, I was talking about appreciation. How important it is that we remember to appreciate the people around us and the things that we do have. 439 more words


Where Does Technology Fit In Play-Based Learning?

Personally, I am part of Generation Y; I grew up surrounded by technology. Computers as well as cell phones have always been a part of my daily life. 317 more words