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Life Online: access to the internet is changing us.

I said I’d be posting some more blogs about Cyberpsychology, this is one topic which turned into a really great discussion in class. Are we becoming lazy because of access to the internet, and is this constant access having a fundamental impact on human beings as a species? 1,714 more words

Easy, motivating and meaningful ways of using digital tech in the classroom

James Styring taught English and Spanish to students of all ages and levels. He also ran teacher-training sessions and was an oral examiner for the Cambridge PET, FCE and CAE exams.  573 more words

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Digital Natives in a Digital World

Technologies to Engage Learners  //  Week One


The world has undergone many changes in the last few decades. The ways in which we understand learning and teaching have shifted with the emergence of technologies we are able to use to assist in both areas. 466 more words

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Digital Natives

@ The Open University dalam online class-nya:


yang berjudul “Childhood in The Digital Age” menyebutkan ‘digital native’ (atau ‘net generation’, atau ‘Google generation’, atau ‘millenials’) adalah anak-anak yang mengahiskan kebanyakan waktu mereka dengan online, atau selalu connected. 146 more words

Welcome to Work, Generation Z—Now Learn to E-Mail! ... College Grads Lack Communication Skills, Employers Say ... Half of New-Hires Make the Same Huge Career Mistake

Welcome to Work, Generation Z—Now Learn to E-Mail!

Generation Z—those now in their teens and early twenties—have been described as even more tech savvy than millennials. 381 more words

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Watch your Step

AR (Augmented Reality) games like Pokémon GO solve one of the most important concern of the digital immigrant parents that their kids do not go out and play and stay glued to their smartphone/tablet.For those who have been living under a rock and do not know what Pokémon GO is – Its a augmented reality based mobile game . 267 more words