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Classroom silence and digital natives

Svetlana Kandybovich recently wrote a post about allowing students thinking time. It’s full of useful ideas for the classroom and well worth a read. 464 more words


Richard Guerry: "File Deletion" Missteps in Age of Data Recovery

Richard Guerry helps educators navigate the ever-evolving realm of social media platforms that often give students a false sense of privacy.

Watch Richard Guerry illustrate why deleting files does not eliminate digital abuse. 61 more words


Our attitude towards young people drips with hypocrisy

At 45, I am working in what’s widely regarded a young people’s game – the media industry. As such, I am intensely aware of my looming decrepitude and the approaching brow of the hill, no matter how many selfies with my skateboard I take and other youthful shenanigans I pursue. 402 more words

On Reflection

Don’t Forget The Offline Experience

Video via National Retail Federation. All rights reserved.

This a clip of Lee Peterson’s talk at Retail’s BIG Show 2017. The unique point of the video to me is that, not necessarily for digital products and services, it taps into the use of technology and digital natives (millennials) marketing strategy for some traditional retail business, such as Nike and Starbucks. 533 more words

Business Strategy

The Youtube Game

Hi again,

So today I was sitting in my room, probably on my 2nd (more like 5th lol) hour of watching Youtube. Click after click watching all my favourite Youtubers travel the world thinking “wow, I want a life like theirs”. 642 more words

What is the Digital World?

“Brave New World” (Adcorp, 2017)

Our world is constantly being changed, shaped, driven and enhanced through the advances of our electronic devices, the internet and mobile technology. 385 more words

21st Century Learners

What is a Digital World?

The term “digital world” refers to the modern world where different forms of technology transform people’s everyday lives. Today’s students are growing up in a world revolving around technology. 414 more words

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