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The Peculiar Irony of Digital Natives

I knew it! I’ve been keeping an eye on those young digital natives particularly since being back in Montreal and riding the crowded subways and buses. 441 more words


Digital Natives Vs Digital Immigrants

A “Digital Native” is somebody that is born in the mid 1990’s up until present. Thankfully, I am myself a digital native which means that I am a “native speaker” of the digital language of computers, video games and the Internet. 513 more words


Digital natives rule the world

Triggered by Prensky’s theory of Digital natives versus digital immigrants who suggests that ‘immigrants lack the technological fluency of the digital natives and finds the skills possessed by them almost completely foreign’, I am inspired to think of examples from my own surroundings. 566 more words


Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants

What is this all about?

Digital natives are the people who were born into a generation of technology and were born roughly from the mid 1990’s on. 819 more words

Social Media

Digital childhood today, online family tomorrow?

When talking to parents and teachers, a serious issue comes forth more and more often: both parents and teachers display increased problems inunderstanding children/students and many of them experience an acute feeling of helplessness when confronted with situations that seem inextricable. 463 more words

Digital native vs. Digital immigrant

With all facets of life there are people who have grown up with experience and knowledge and others that have no experience. For example if somebody grows up in the Sahara desert they are not going to be able to ski down a… 452 more words


T1: Reflective Summary: Digital “visitors” and “residents”

Let me start off by saying that this has been a very different experience for me, the whole module, the topic readings and the amount of interaction between collegues via social media needed in a week– just so Topic 1 can be finished. 242 more words