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Digital Natives- a public art project

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Other Sights for Artists’ Projects and the City of Vancouver Public Art Program are pleased to announce the release of a book publication documenting the public art project… 330 more words

So You’re Going to Be a 21st Century Catechist!

You’ve caught on and realize that the students in your classroom are Digital Natives with a smartphone or tablet in their pocket or backpack.  In addition to figuring out the best web applications or apps to use with them, here are some points to consider before you plan your lesson: 887 more words

Educational Technology


When I took my first full time job in an academic library, I supervised student employees. I was shocked by the huge generation gap between my 18 year old students and my then 22 year old self. 605 more words

Flying as a computer game

The RAeS called its conference this week “Simulation-based training for the digital generation”.

One of the premises is that a full flight simulator is just a particularly immersive computer game. 475 more words

Taking Advantage of a Day Off: Editing my Senior Thesis

I don’t have to work today, so I am picking back up where I left off on Saturday, editing the first chapter the thesis that I developed in undergrad. 635 more words

Entry Three- Digital Citizens in the Digital Age

Researchers argue that the arrival and rapid proliferation of information communication technologies in the 20th century has fundamentally changed how learners learn and also how teachers teach. 503 more words

Principles Of Learning And Teaching

¿Quiénes son los millennials?

Los nacidos entre 1980 y los 2000 son optimistas y tecnológicos, pero tienen sus defectos

Es el 29 de junio del año 2013 y estoy en mi fiesta de recibimiento. 775 more words

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