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Update to "We're Going Digital!"

Our experiment is not working out too well. Not surprisingly, we haven’t been able to find an objective digital replacement to our daily paper. But the most significant objection is that we miss the kinesthetic property of our old routine: opening the door before breakfast, picking up the paper, dividing the sections, and holding the paper in our hands, turning the pages as we read. 134 more words


The fundamental problem with newspapers’ online endeavors.

It’s no secret that the newspaper industry has been struggling with finding a lucrative business model to augment or replace the traditional print medium supported by subscriptions and advertising. 532 more words


Analysis: The future of news media

In 1981, this report from local San Francisco tv station KRON was released about a ‘new’ technology the San Francisco Examiner was employing to digitize their print newspaper copy and transmit it across the country via dial-up internet so for example a man in Columbus, Ohio could view that day’s stories right on his home computer. 626 more words


Top 10 Business Databases

Hey Business owners, we have free databases that will help you manage your business! Find customers, perform company, market and industry research wisely, train and manage employees, monitor business news and events, and develop your international business. 439 more words


Our Newspaper Archive!

Today (Friday, August 19, 2016), I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Hahn. He told me he and his wife, Edith Hahn, published the North Castle News for twenty years. 237 more words