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Are You An Infomaniac?

Do you ever feel there is never enough time to know all the stuff we all of a sudden need to know? This is coming from a person whose job it was for decades to compile information in a radio newsroom. 404 more words


SIN STARLETT: Hard'n heavy

It’s all a bit predictable, isn’t ìt? A band releases an album, and since they want to promote it as good as they possibly can, they say “yes” when you approach them about an interview.   3,035 more words

Long Distance Runners

Conquering Digital Distraction

Digital overload may be the defining problem of today’s workplace. All day and night, on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, we’re bombarded with so many messages and alerts that even when we want to focus, it’s nearly impossible. 58 more words


Is Lightweight Stalking on Social Media a Relationship Killer? Stop in 3 Easy Steps.

Have you ever wondered how much checking someone’s status updates/tweets/photo uploads is normal/harmless, and when does re-checking their online activity become problematic?  Most of us have caught ourselves clicking through someone’s social media activity because we have reason to be naturally curious  about them- maybe the person is someone we want to meet, or just started dating and want to know more about them.   855 more words

Look Up, Look Out, Look Around

The Baby-Bees have long been rolling their eyes when, over the years, I have shouted out from the driver’s seat, “Look guys! My favourite tree of all time!”. 471 more words


Feelings of excessive demands or restlessness? 3- minute solution

Do you know the feeling of being overstrained? You are giving your best to manage all your demands, your meetings in job and private life, your commitments in leisure time… 298 more words