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Digital Overload


Yesterday went with my wife to Walmart to get a piece of fabric for a project. She found a piece that was on a thirty six inch wide roll. 409 more words


Gintas K - 2014

Christopher Nosnibor

It seems as if this release is designed to cause maximum confusion. It’s called 2014 and is being released here in 2017. It was ‘originally’ released by German label Attenuation Circuit on 8th August 2017, and has been – so far as I can make out – independently released by the artist himself, with the subtitle of Attenuation Circuit 2017. 563 more words


Notes on escapism

Let’s not deal with reality for a second or, better yet, a lifetime: missed calls, unanswered messages, scrolling down on an iphone home screen to read a whatsapp message without showing the receipts, a bag full of unorganized receipts, four years worth of natural hair under arrest under a weave, swipt left, swipt right, swipe up for maybes, maybe I’ll write today, maybe I’ll be famous, maybe I’ll finish that report so that I can get paid, maybe I should be more money minded, maybe I should be making more money, maybe I should start something, what do I like to do? 12 more words