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Digital overload, choice and consequence

There’s been an interesting debate in the TEL-Team this week over online communication. It’s set me thinking about information overload and how many channels we can be expected to simultaneously manage. 425 more words

Digital Capabilities

Why YES?

Calm. Focus. Attention. Listening. Self-awareness.

I am concerned that these skills are falling away just when they are needed most desperately. So, the question that naturally follows is where do we learn the vanishing art of simply being present? 772 more words

Authentic Living

Reflection: My digital concerns

Our class discussion  on Monday was one that really got me thinking. Each student’s article and research about ethical dilemmas in and created by the digital world elicited a very strong reaction in most of us. 323 more words

Graduate Work

Reflection: Digital Overload

A week ago today, I tracked my online activity for a full 24 hours. Right off the bat, it showed me one thing I already knew: I spend way too much time on Facebook. 282 more words

Graduate Work

Are You An Infomaniac?

Do you ever feel there is never enough time to know all the stuff we all of a sudden need to know? This is coming from a person whose job it was for decades to compile information in a radio newsroom. 404 more words


SIN STARLETT: Hard'n heavy

It’s all a bit predictable, isn’t ìt? A band releases an album, and since they want to promote it as good as they possibly can, they say “yes” when you approach them about an interview.   3,035 more words

Long Distance Runners