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Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

That’s “happy birthday” for those of you who can’t read German.
This is a little birthday present for my little german girl, my Oma.
She had seen the portrait drawing I created of my late Opa and had since requested one be done of her. 36 more words

Pokémon fan art and an update

More pieces of fan artwork for Pokémon’s 20th anniversary. These are more personal to me and my experiences with the franchise. They were pretty rushed (especially the backgrounds) and I have MANY problems with them, such as the line work on the second picture and the utter failure of Charmander’s face on the first one. 64 more words


Iron Ore Dock Interior, No. 2

Here’s my rendition of the inside of an iron ore dock located in the downtown harbor of Marquette, Michigan. Based on an analog photograph from the 1970’s, this interior chamber has a length of approximately 500 feet, with a ceiling height of 60 feet. 75 more words


Digital Painting Practice

Trying to get back into digital painting is slow going, but enjoyable. I am trying to expand my understanding of colour theory and how colour correlates with grayscale values, and also get used to using brushes on Photoshop, rather than programs such as Krita. 24 more words

Digital Painting


I haven’t posted a non-original character in a while so here is a quick illustration from this morning based off of the beautiful Emilia Clarke. Basing a character off of an actual person can be very difficult so I had a hard time with this one and I think it needs a lot of work but for now it will do.