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my graphic novel effort. pretty pleased.

I swear this is my favourite medium. No real boundaries so long as the story is told. And you get to whinge at your own inabilities in a corner of a dark room. 23 more words


samurai demon hunter

This is a depiction of a samurai Demon Hunter alone in the woods imbuning her weapon with some magic before an epic battle. main reason for this piece is to study how a single strong light source light up a person in a dark area. 36 more words

Digital Painting

some fan art

Yep, nowhere near finished digital paintings again. Shout out to one of my favourite games, may have to do FFX though! Since it is the best game ever. =)


Toon Link

Been a while since I posted something, I’m still trying to learn how to paint digitally and I’ve been busy with comics work. Squeezed this in today.

Norrie Millar


I’m not sure if I particularly like this one, but the lighting is cool.

Random Things


I’ve… seen things… you people wouldn’t believe.

Digital Painting