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So What Happens to Social Media Data? Read the Terms of Service!

I am preparing to make a presentation to a group of well-informed teens at a school. In the process, I’ve reread the terms of service at a range of social media sites to remind myself about what can potentially happen to the pictures, comments, videos, and other content that we share on social media. 591 more words

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MediaTechParenting: Recommended in Time.com Article

So thrilled to see this recommendation and the blog visitors it generated! Thanks @StefanieFBrown!

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Don’t Be Afraid of Device-free Times in Your Family!

My March 2011 post, Five Tech-free Times for Families, discussed the importance of planning family time-out activities away from digital devices. Time away from screens, I noted, provides family members with opportunities to communicate with one another and enjoy activities that do not require technology (playing outside, eating together, reading, enjoying a game). 366 more words

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Bright Kids (and Adults) Still Make Social Media Mistakes

By Jamie Finch, Founder & CEO of Balanced Work/Life Solutions


I was recently speaking to a parent about social media and the college admissions process.  This parent conveyed to me that she was not concerned with her sons online activities and felt that this bright, 4.0 student whose IQ rivals the best of the best understood the permanency of the Internet and was not concerned about his social media presence. 616 more words


Play in the Social Media Sandbox? Decisions, Decisions!

Check out Nick Bilton’s New York Times  article, Letting Your Kids Play in the Social Media Sandbox. The February 18, 2015 piece shares Bilton’s experience as he considers how much initial access his nephew should have to social media, after the boy asked about signing up for a YouTube account. 142 more words

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Digital literacy should be 'as important as English and maths' (Wired UK)

This seems to make sense given the increasingly digital world we live in and the changes it is predicted bring about – or do you disagree? 28 more words

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