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Parents Use Technology to Drive Creativity

There are a lot of stats regarding the use of technology by kids. Many caution that device and technology time can be a distraction versus an educational outlet. 317 more words

Digital Parenting

Parents: Technology Isn’t Just for Entertainment

Technology presents numerous challenges for parents with young children. From frequent tablet and smartphone product updates to new video games and cartoons, technology plays a prominent role in kids’ lives. 583 more words

Digital Parenting

Creativity 2.0: How Parents Can Encourage Creativity Through Tech

Remember when being creative simply meant drawing a picture of your family, writing a story or putting on a play? Times have changed, but our perception of creativity has stayed the same for the most part. 451 more words

Digital Parenting

Digital Kids & Parents Talk About Technology Rules

A recent study, about parents, children and the technology rules that families adopt will be a terrific resource for schools and parent groups to share. 628 more words

Parents And Technology


Happy Spring. Happy 2016. Happy Jazz Appreciation and Poetry Month. We haven’t been back here in a while  because our energies have been focused elsewhere. We’re going to TRY and see how much we can keep up with our posts  as we have so much to share. 551 more words

Building Habits of Moderation into the Conversation and the Curriculum

When my brother and I were growing up in the Midwest, my dad had a big sign — about one foot by two feet — with the word  624 more words

Parents And Technology

Screenagers: An Excellent New Documentary & Digital Parenting Resource

I just finished reading a New York Times Well Blog article about Screenagers, a new documentary that addresses the the challenge that too much screen time presents for families. 302 more words

Parents And Technology