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How to Raise Morally Sounds Kids in the Digital Age

Long gone is the time when an eight year old was innocent and viewed the world with enchanted eyes filled with wonder and mirth. Gone is the time when the little ones used to rush towards the playground as soon as the school ended and all pending homework was done. 688 more words

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9 Digital Parenting Back-to-School Tips - 2016 (With Printable PDF)

What can parents and teachers do to ensure that digital kids, with their hand-held devices, connected school activities, homework, and other online activities, get off to a good start at the beginning of the school year? 778 more words

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Pokémon Go Update Encourages User Safety

Okay. I’m sure at this point people are getting sick of me talking about Pokémon Go but I honestly can’t get over how much hate the app is getting. 778 more words

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What Parents Should Know About DisneyMix

Disney has thrown their hat in the social media messaging ring. This may come as a surprise to some but Disney has been in the social media business for a while with popular platforms like Club Penguin and Marvel Kids.  482 more words

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Tips for Mobile and Internet Child Safety

In today’s digital world, every house is filled with digital devices like cell phones, computers, laptops, tablets and many other digital devices that prove handy in facilitating the teens and let them enjoy.  505 more words


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While we are in cold and chilly in Melbourne. Yes, it really is cold now! The weather forecast predicts snow at 300m altitude (we are at 116m). 135 more words

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Dunia Digital Mama

Bagaimana dengan perkembangan dunia digital, menurut pandangan Mama belakangan ini? Informasi positif dan negatif, dalam berbagai bentuk, kini begitu mudahnya Mama genggam di tangan. Sentuhan jari membuat setiap manusia di penjuru dunia mana pun serasa saling berdekatan. 603 more words

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