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I Love My Sonos Play:1 Wireless Speakers!

It’s great fun to think about how technology improves our lives, especially given how much people worry about digital world problems. For me one of the best changes in our 21st Century lives has been the new and improved ways that I can listen to music, podcasts, and radio programs. 458 more words

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Your Phone Knows a Lot About You: Even When You Think You’ve Secured It

Those of us who want to maintain a modicum of privacy in our digital and mobile phone lives, not to mention our 21st Century kids’ lives, may be interested in a… 168 more words

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Book is now available!

I haven’t written a blog post since Feb 2016 because I was busy writing a book!

It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. 836 more words

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Thinking About Digital Life in 2017? Consider Simon Sinek’s Ideas

As you think about parenting or teaching digital natives in 2017, check out this presentation, Millennials in the Workplace, by Simon Sinek, an author and business consultant who writes on business, management, and communication. 113 more words

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Can iPads Help Kids Stay Calm & Avoid Meds Before Surgery?

Sometimes kids get so ultra-focused on their iPads that they don’t notice anything that’s going on around them, and sometimes parents and teachers despair. There are, however, situations where 21st Century digital kids’ intensive engagement and concentration can be put to good use — even with a digital device. 384 more words

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Sexting Provokes Sexual Addiction

Today, I am going to explain with a story how sexting stimulates sexual addiction among the masses. These were the days when I was almost 28 and living with a friend of mine in urban areas. 500 more words