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What Digital Risks Should We Worry About the Most? Digital Fear -- Part #1

When we teach and interact with digital kids about their hyper-connected lives, I wish we could de-emphasize the fear factor and re-emphasize education and understanding, helping young users become stronger digital world problem-solvers. 638 more words

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Traditional Toys, Electronic Toys, and Language Development

In December I read an article about a study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics describing how different types and amounts of parent/child speech interactions during infant play may increase or decrease, depending on the type of toys that the child uses. 567 more words

Parents And Technology

5 New Year's Resolutions to Improve Parents’ & Kids' Digital Literacy Skills

The New York Times recently published For the New Year, Let’s Resolve to Improve Our Tech Literacy, about the need for leaders, law enforcement officials and policy makers to increase their digital world literacy. 665 more words

Parents And Technology

Awkward Conversations: Please Don't Post Pictures of My Kids Online

As I mentioned in my last post, I am just months away from becoming a first-time uncle. This is an exciting time for my family as I’m sure you can imagine. 1,220 more words

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Survey - Smartphones Turn new Babysitters

A survey in Philadelphia finds that more than three quarter of kids have their own smartphone, tablet or iPod by the age of four without any supervision of parents, reported on Monday, November 02nd, 2015. 460 more words

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Digital Parenting 101: Preparing Your Kids For the Online World

I don’t post a whole lot of personal stuff here but this news it too exciting to keep to myself: I’M GOING TO BE AN UNCLE! 647 more words

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Bullies Don't Take a Vacation

I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older that each year seems to go by faster and faster. 2015 was no exception. I can barely remember Halloween and my tree is up and my halls are decked. 692 more words

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