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Parenting Our Digital Teens

Do you have teenagers? We should talk. How are you – how’s it goin these days? We pass each other, and sometimes I just want to stop for a bear hug! 642 more words

Technology Tips for Parents During Spring Break

Just when you thought the holidays are a distant memory here comes spring break, another long stretch in which you’ll have to find a way to keep your kids busy while they’re home from school. 755 more words

Digital Parenting


Everywhere we look, we are surrounded by technology. Whether you are at work or at your home, it is impossible to imagine life without mobile devices, Internet and technology. 451 more words


Oh No! It’s MOMO! … Psssst -- It’s a Hoax

Well my title says it all. I read, quite by accident, a crazy MoMo post by someone named Wanda —a scary, urgent, bang-on-the-drum essay. Then there was the video… I am pleased to say that my hoax antenna is pretty well-tuned, and my reaction was, “Here we go again.” In truth I also realized that something similar had been around the digital world a few times before. 439 more words

Parents And Technology

13 Conversations | Photos and Privacy

What is privacy worth today?

“It listens to me anyway. And Alexa.”

We laugh.

“Big Brother knows everything,


We don’t think twice anymore, most of us, am I right? 1,000 more words

Gaining Perspective | We Thrive Online

Hi there! It’s been awhile. Happy New Year + Hope all is well with you!

Our family moved across state this summer, and I took some time away from writing. 423 more words

New Devices at Home? Start a Technology Contract for Kids

Did your child receive new devices in the new year? Devices are often a tricky area to approach to navigate as a parent.

Digital Parenting