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On Freedom of Speech

There are many (many, many, many) issues with cyberbullying, but there is something that we don’t talk about enough: the false equivalency between freedom of speech and allowing anything to be done and said online without repercussions. 288 more words

What We Should Talk About

….when we talk about social media.

(Yeah, try fitting that on a hashtag.)

Those of you who have heard me present will know that I have very little patience regarding “the digital native”. 307 more words


Last time we talked about how outrage pays.

Now let’s talk about automatically facilitated viewing.

This is more true for very young children than anybody else, but it is very difficult to actually discover new and different things on social media. 196 more words

Outrage Pays

Understanding the role of algorithms in social media is important, because it impacts the kind of information we are given access to.

When someone posts on their personal profile, it’s for friends and family. 407 more words

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Youth Slang Words

If you’ve ever looked at your tweens’ or teenagers’ messages and social media and didn’t have the slightest clue about what they’re talking about, know this—you’re not alone. 758 more words

Can You Have an Online Presence & Still Have Some Online Privacy?

How do you develop a solid online presence while simultaneously having the ability to enjoy a social media account with friends and maybe even be a little goofy? 318 more words

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