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Out & About—Not your typical San Diego stucco home

Probably my greatest deficiency in life is that I am interested in everything, a true Jack of all Trades. Sadly, there’s not enough time in the days, the weeks, the months, and the years to develop all of my interests, and just as soon as I get started developing an interest in one area, another area comes along and carries my interest away with it. 184 more words


Friday Flower Fiesta (2-13-15)—Happy Friday the 13th!

These are more Photographic Art, significantly photoshopped using Photoshop and various Topaz plug-ins.

The last two are my favorites this week.

For comparison, here are the original pictures of the last two: 19 more words


What comes out of the camera....

When I was living in Utah with my mom, stepdad, and six other children, we rarely ate as a family at the table. In fact, in thinking back on those three years, I can’t ever remember us eating together as a family. 703 more words


Friday Flower Fiesta (2-6-15)—Bromeliads

Spring sprung here in San Diego around January 2.

A sprung spring means that it’s bromeliad season.

The best places to see lots of unusual bromeliads are the San Diego Zoo, which is an internationally recognized arboretum and botanical garden as well as a zoo, and the Botanical Building in Balboa Park. 79 more words


Friday Flower Fiesta (1-30-15)—Epiphyllums, the orchids of the cactus world

My favorite flowers are those which are quite complex: orchids and epiphyllums. Epiphyllums often are called the orchids of the cactus world. They actually are succulents, which are basically cactus without thorns; while all succulents are cactus, not all cactus are succulents. 118 more words


Out & About—Manzanita Trail in San Diego's Pacific Ranch Highlands

Saying that something is located in San Diego can be misleading since San Diego stretches from the Mexico border to the Safari Park, a distance of about 70 miles north to south and a total area of about 372 square miles. 197 more words


Out & About—Pottery Canyon Natural Park in La Jolla, California

My wise old grandmother introduced me to the joys of gardening, so anytime I see a plant nursery or anything related to plants, including pottery, I tend to stop and take a look. 688 more words