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Friday Flower Fiesta (10-30-15)—This is dedicated to the one I love

On this date in 2008, Jim and I got legally married.

Just 5 days later, 13,743,177 votes were cast in California’s general election.

7,001,084 of those votes were cast in favor of taking away the right of same-gender couples to marry, a right that had only been won six months earlier. 142 more words


Saving a Dragonfly

Dragonflies make great subjects; they are fierce, symmetrical, predacious aviators. And those eyes, of course. Relative to their bodies, the eyes are humongous and consist of thousands of “lenses” (known as ommatidia); they give the dragonflies close to 360˚ vision, quite the advantage for hunting prey and dodging assailants. 1,118 more words

Macro Photography

Friday Flower Fiesta (10-2-15)—Words of wisdom

I had a recent request from a Realtor to add to one of my pictures a saying that she liked.

How could I refuse?

That caused me to consider adding words of wisdom to some of my pictures. 34 more words


Friday Flower Fiesta (9-25-15)

One of the things that I really like doing in Photoshop is replacing the dull, boring, uninteresting, cloudy, overcast gray skies with beautiful blue, partly cloudy skies. 109 more words


Friday Flower Fiesta (9-11-2015)—It was fourteen years ago today

Well, the last time I posted a Friday Flower Fiesta I was trying to get a new job as Marketing Coordinator for DeepSea Power & Light. 282 more words


Advice from a tree

Moving is like archaeology in that you discover old things that were thought to be lost to history.

When Jim and I moved in May, I found many things that I thought were gone. 197 more words


Under the spell of succulents

When I came to San Diego in April 1993, I left all of my beautiful plants in the gardens back in Texas. Since I lived pretty much in hot, dry areas of Texas, and I intensely disliked paying water bills, most of my gardens and plants were cactus and succulents. 571 more words