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Under the spell of succulents

When I came to San Diego in April 1993, I left all of my beautiful plants in the gardens back in Texas. Since I lived pretty much in hot, dry areas of Texas, and I intensely disliked paying water bills, most of my gardens and plants were cactus and succulents. 571 more words


Friday Flower Fiesta (8-7-15)

I’m very close to leaving the home inspection industry, having had an interview this morning with DeepSea Power & Lighting.

I want to be their Marketing Coordinator, so if everyone can just repeat after me: 57 more words


Enjoy life. Make waves.

It’s rare that I see a lone mallard.

Either they are in a flock of a dozen or so, a pair during breeding season, or a mommy with lots of little ones. 42 more words


Suspension bridges right here in San Diego!

Ever since staycations became fashionable about eight years ago, I have been endeavoring to explore San Diego County—cities, rural areas, monuments, beaches, forests, parks, tourist attractions. 174 more words


La Jolla panorama at low tide

When you come to the San Diego area, check out the low tide tables and then make sure that you visit La Jolla.

The place is beautiful anytime but even more so at low tide. 33 more words


My Canon camera is never disappointed in Ocean Beach

It’s no secret that one of the most eclectic neighborhoods in San Diego County is the City of San Diego neighborhood of Ocean Beach.

As I was driving around Ocean Beach taking pictures of the rain this past weekend, I also was noticing business signage, something I’ve never done before during the daytime. 41 more words


Worst. Weekend. Ever.

This past weekend was my worst weekend ever since I arrived in San Diego on April 27, 1993.

Two consecutive days of rain.

Hard rain. 162 more words