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Exercise: Strength of interpretation (DPP)

Choose two photographs that I think would best suit the following adjustments:

  • A strong increase in contrast that will include clipping (loss of detail) in at least the shadow areas.
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Digital Photographic Practice

Exercise: Black and white (DPP)

Choose a subject, lighting condition or picture situation that you think may look better in black and white rather than in regular colour. Compose and expose for the black and white version that you will later process. 447 more words

Digital Photographic Practice

Exercise: Interpretive processing (DPP)

This exercise focuses on making interpretations for a creative purpose. Chose an image that you feel is open to different creative interpretations. Given all the adjustment controls available in processing software, find different ways of interpreting the image. 364 more words

Digital Photographic Practice

Assignment 2: Seeing Like Your Camera (DPP)

For this assignment we are to interpret how our camera see’s and processes different situations. We are to shoot in JPEG and no post processing is allowed. 2,559 more words

Digital Photographic Practice

Noise Levels - Vogue China Shoot Victoria Beckham

One of the previous exercises for this module was looking at noise levels. As a general rule, noise is considered to be distracting and unattractive in photography. 405 more words

Digital Photographic Practice

Exercise: Colour Cast and White Balance (DPP)

For this exercise we are to alter the white balance on several different scenes.

I felt like this exercise was very close to one from a previous module: 88 more words

Digital Photographic Practice

Beginning Context and Narrative

Welcome to my OCA Learning Log for Photography 1: Context and Narrative. My tutor for this course is Chris Coekin.

I have separate blogs for each course / unit of work, as it is easier to keep them separate. 575 more words