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Reading an image


a useful link for studying images. A basic introduction to looking at and critiquing images, that was posted on the OCA Level 1 facebook page

Digital Photographic Practice

Managing colour

this exercise involves working with software to adjust any colour casts in images.

The first image I shot inside a boxing stadium and deliberately set the white balance to give the image a strong colour cast. 286 more words

Digital Photographic Practice

The Brief - Outline - Assignment Five

My final assignment in Digital Photographic Practice required a personal project. To start this process I needed to work up a brief to outline what I hoped to achieve. 412 more words


Managing tone

This exercise works on practicing and learning the different methods to go through to make adjustments to an image. I mainly use lightroom for importing, categorizing and making adjustments. 147 more words

Digital Photographic Practice


This exercise is about finding the advantages of shooting in raw vs Jpeg when it comes to post processing. Taking three different photos one in normal daylight one in mixed lighting and the final image a high dynamic range shot, each photo with a copy in raw format and a high quality Jpeg and then each shot processed in Lightroom. 131 more words

Digital Photographic Practice

Assignment 2 reflection and tutors comments

I found this assignment a little hard to get going with at first, I think possibly looking too deep into what was required to the point it became a bit of a mental block, when I finally got out there and went with the flow a little it came together a lot easier. 1,368 more words

Digital Photographic Practice

Winds of Change

I find my mind is a rather turbulent place, it’s odd for a person who in work is very structured as a project and programme manager there is little room for this. 821 more words

Digital Photographic Practice